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Want to switch to dry loop and port phone # to VOIP

Well, I've made a few calls to VZ and the CS'R I've spoken with have been......less than helpful.  I currently have DSL and basic local phone service from Verizon.  I'd like to convert to dry loop and port my # to Vonage.  I've been told by 2 CSR's that dry loop is available to me, but neither seemed to really know how to do it or how much my bill will be when it's all said and done.  I currently pay $31.99 for 3.0/768 service.   According to this site -- -- they *seem* to be offering the same service, without a phone line, for $29.99. 


Has anyone successfully done something like this?  

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Re: Want to switch to dry loop and port phone # to VOIP

The dry loop DSL is usually around $10 more per month than lineshare DSL.  If you decide to port your TN just contact the company you want to port to and when they contact Verizon to request the number, you DSL automatically gets changed over to dryloop so you don't loose internet access.

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