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Westell 6100 - very slow dsl speed??

After going through with the verizon support.  I still cant figure out why it's so slow.  My setup is westell 6100 modem to linksys wireless router.  One wireless laptop, one hard wired desktop.  Both very slow on internet.  Laptop new.  Still was slow before linksys and laptop were added?  Any ideas.



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Re: Westell 6100 - very slow dsl speed??

#1 What is the model of that Linksys router?

#2 Did you follow this FAQ?

All DSLR ( FAQs » Verizon Online DSL FAQ » 4. Hardware » How do I use a router with t...

#3 What security software do you have on your computer?

Some examples are.. Avast, the Firewall built in Windows (at least version XP), Spybot - Search & Destroy..

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