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What to install on a new Win 7 PC

My old Windows 2000 Pro PC that I used with Verizon DSL crashed.  

I bought a Windows 7 Pro PC.  When I tried to install software from the Verizon High-Speed Internet DSL CD, I ran to a point where Java machine was required.  I agreed to install it at which point the process hang for ever.

Verizon on-line support took 2 hours but I do not think they even understood my problem.

Is there a installation CD available that would work on Win 7 Pro, including putting in a Java machine if that is what they require?


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Re: What to install on a new Win 7 PC

The Verizon CD is usually needed to set up your DSL accounts for the first time.  I recently purchased a laptop computer with Win7 and the Win 7 automatically set up my connection.  Thee was no need to use any installation disk.  This should be the process whether using adirect ethernet cable to the modem or a wireless router.  Give it a try.

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Re: What to install on a new Win 7 PC

Same here.  DSL loads fine in win 7


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