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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎04-09-2012
0 Kudos

Yet Another Slow DSL Issue - Speed No Better Than Dialup?

I consider myself fairly computer savvy (as I work with them as a profession), but must admit that Internet Connectivity is not my forte...


I currently subscribe to the Hi Speed DSL Enhanced - lately, the speed has degraded to not much better than dialup. I have had this service for several years - nothing has changed on my end hardware-wise, so this event is not assumed to be from my end.


I am running:


Westell 6100 Modem (Transcever Rev Version

NetGear RangeMax Duo Wireless N-Router #WNDR3300


(2) computers are hooked up:


(1) XP - hardwired directly to the Westell modem

(1) Win7 - hooked up via wireless


  • Both computers are running latest version of OS, IE and all software is up to date.
  • Both computers use Kaspersky Internet Security (internet speed the same whether it is ON or OFF)
  • Absolutely NO Maleware/Spyware or Viruses on either computer
  • I reboot the modem several times/day - with no result in increased speed
  • (2) phones installed in home - both with appropriate filters installed

My 1st resort was to call support - I can tell you that will be the LAST time I utilize that 'service'  I have come to the end of my rope with waiting extended periods of time, only to be connected with a foreign country, with a poor connection, with an operator that barely speaks english, only to have them read thru a script telling me to do ridicuously stupid things like 'reboot the modem' (no kidding) or swap my hardwire CAT cable from my computer to modem end-for-end?


Next resort was this forum - infinitely more helpful!


Ran a Transceiver Stats Check as a baseline - Speed (Down-Up) was a crappy 96 Kbits/sec by 448 Kbits/sec


Then I tried a couple suggestions from this forum - my new Transceiver Stats:


Transceiver Statistics


Transceiver Revision: 
Vendor ID Code:4 
Line Mode:G.DMT Mode 
Data Path:Interleaved 
Transceiver InformationDownstream PathUpstream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)608448
Margin (dB)8.013.0
Line Attenuation (dB)63.531.5
Transmit Power (dBm)14.711.9


HUGE improvement eh?


One thing I did notice when attempting to check for newer version of modem firmware - when trying to update from web it gave me a 'Cannot Connect to Server Error'?


Speed is noticeably increased - but is it still where it should be?


If not, what other fixes should I attempt?


And finally, why is it that every time the weather gets even slightly inclement (sky clouds over, rain, thunderstorm, etc) our DSL goes off entirely?


Thanx for all your help in advance!

Platinum Contributor I
Posts: 6,224
Registered: ‎12-15-2010
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Re: Yet Another Slow DSL Issue - Speed No Better Than Dialup?

Can you fill us in a bit on what you did to improve the synch speed on the modem? Did you find some advice around here to connect the modem to your NID or did you investigate for damage to the home wiring? Your line should be running at a higher speed, which for what you seem to have is 1184kbps down, 448kbps up.


Do you also have voice service with Verizon? If so, how is that, especially during storms? Getting any noise on it? It could be possible if the line is not having issues due to corrosion, somewhere along the line shielding could be missing, and in comes a storm CRC'ing the line out of service.

The first to bring me 1Gbps Fiber for $30/m wins!

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