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How to increase signal strength of wireless network in the house

does anyone know the best way to increase the signal strength in the house? It's very weak now, and I cannot connect well in other rooms.  Also, does anyone know what it takes to move the router's location?  Is it difficult?  Must one have Verizon do it?  Thanks. 

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Re: How to increase signal strength of wireless network in the house

most fios connetions are coax driven with regards to the internet.  That means you can take it to any room that has a working coax connection to a TV. 


You will need a 5-1000Mhz Splitter and an extra rg6 coax cable.


The cable will come into the room, and immediately plug into the splitter.  One cable will go to the set top box, and one cable will go to the router.


If wireless is important feature for those hard to reach rooms then moving the router is a good idea, and or getting wireless access points.  


If wireless is not important and you can live with a ethernet connection in the room, then follow this guide.



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