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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎08-27-2011
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Can't receive collect calls



I hope this helps someone avoid the frustration I have had to endure and hopefully it'll also help you not to miss phone calls from loved ones in need. I was just told by a technical rep and he had it confirmed by a supervisor that if you have Verizon digital voice calling, one of the glitches is that you cannot receive collect calls with digital voice calling. You have to call and downgrade to regular voice or Fios Voice calling in order to receive collect calls from anywhere. Or so they tell me..............Could it be a another dead end or will our heroine solve this problem?? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion.........same time.......same channel.........sorry, had to end on a humorous note.




















Posts: 6
Registered: ‎01-10-2012
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Re: Can't receive collect calls

I know they tell you about this now when you sign up - but they don't say WHY.  Does anyone know if there is a technical reason for this or is it strictly a business decision?  I was told by the Verizon rep that Digital Voice is **not** VOIP.


Platinum Contributor I
Posts: 6,554
Registered: ‎12-15-2010

Re: Can't receive collect calls

[ Edited ]

Digital Voice does not go to the PSTN, which in essense means it is a VoIP Product. Collect Calling gets tricky and is supported only by certain VoIP Providers. There isn't a technical limitation stopping you from receiving a collect call from any number, but the problem may lie with the Collect Provider trying to identify where you are located based on location so the charges can be done accordingly. Technically with VoIP Verizon could have servers anywhere, making Area Codes unreliable and as such the collect call would have to route to one of those servers over XYZ Communications or ZYX Communications, based on which server your call goes into. The endpoint could also be anywhere in the world as well. It's basically a billing reason and not so much a technical reason, hence the ability of not being able to receive them.


The reason why Normal FiOS Voice works is due to it being tied to the PSTN, in essense making it as close as possible to POTS service. POTS is a lot easier to identify as the PSTN is based in a Central Office located in your area and is tied to a specific area and code. You can't move it unless you want to assign it all new numbers.


This is from my understanding on how they operate.

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-31-2014
0 Kudos

Re: Can't receive collect calls

[ Edited ]

I know this thread is old but..This is true. I just went through this. I have two people in my family who call collect. two sons. They have called collect to me here in Florida since 2010. About two months ago I could no longer receive these calls. I have had digital voice for a very long time. I called Verizon and at first they(the rep) didnt know about the digital voice/Collect call thing. But its true, so I wanted to downgrade to a copper voice line. So now I have to drop my triple bundle(phone/TV/internet. So now my monthly bill will go up $78.00 because I now longer will have a triple bundle. I refused this because I think its just way too high. I guess what bothers me is, I received collect calls for several years on Verizon digital voice, right up until the beginning of November(2014). So how did that happen all of this time and now all of a sudden it stopped? Nothing changed in my service and I do understand Digital voice does not support collect calls but why did it support it for years before? I asked Verizon this and I got different answers from 5 different people, so they really do not know.


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