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Forwarded calls dropped at exactly 15 minutes, every time

I have my Verizon land line set to simultaneously ring my ATT iPhone so that when I'm out I don't miss calls to the home phone.  Happed to review phone logs and noticed that every time a call is made to home phone but picked up on cell phone it is dropped at exactly 15 minutes, every time.  Happens with multiple callers, not just one particular person.  Anyone else experiencing this?  And idea why?

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Re: Forwarded calls dropped at exactly 15 minutes, every time


We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem.  Unfortunately once a call is answered, we are not in control of that call that was forwarded.   You are able to look at the log and see the call because that is where the call originated.  You may need to reach out to your mobile company to see if they can provide any assistance.



Thanks, Tonya C.


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