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No Dial tone with dsl but I have internet access

I have  DSL service in my house. During the storm we lost dial tone but we still have internet service. I do have dial tone at the outside interface.  That seem very odd to me.  Is there anyting I can do other than the usual drill of unplugging everything and plugging back in one device at a time?

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Re: No Dial tone with dsl but I have internet access

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If the NID outside is delivering dial tone, the problem is obviously inside of your home somewhere from the NID to whatever endpoint in your home. Double check all of your phone jacks to ensure nothing is bridging or shorting out, both inside the jack where the metal pins are, and behind the jack where the connections are made. Also see if you can rule out particular devices as being the culprit for either leaving the line off the hook or causing a short. DSL has the tendency to work through conditions like these, however at reduced performance. Considering how violent of a storm the Hurricane is (I assume you're talking about it), the possibility always stands for damaged appliances or cabling.


While you're out and about at your home, stop back at the NID and ensure both telephone wires are connected to the module inside of your NID which houses your line's test jack. It's possible that may have come loose during the storm and knocked out phone service only. Reconnecting those typically involves nothing more than a flathead screwdriver since the connections are generally "Bridges." If you're unsure about this and cannot locate the problem indoors, for sure get a Verizon tech out to inspect the NID. There may be a charge if he performs inside wiring repairs for you, but at minimum, he should be able to point out where the problem is.

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