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Temporary Identification Code

We have been attempting to gain "full" online access to our account for over three weeks and been stymied at every turn. For some ridiculous and totally idiotic reason, people NOW have to get a  Secret Code  that can only be sent to your voicemail or via the USPS. We don't have voicemail so that means we MUST get it by mail? But, after requesting a code be sent to us by mail on numerous occasions we have gotten NOTHING. That is, until yesterday. But... there is a new problem now! When we entered the temporary identification code that came in the mail an error message is displayed saying the code doesn't match Verizon's records.


To "PROTECT" us, Verizon refuses to give us the code over the phone, or by email. Nevermind that we are asked fifty security questions to prove we are who we claim to be whenever we call Verizon. That evidently isn't enough "protection" for us? Protection from what? From gaining full access to the MyVerizon website?


So, what is my question?


I guess I'd appreciate getting information on who I can call at Verizon who doesn't say "I'm sorry. That's Just the way it is."


Perhaps the private phone number of Verizon's CEO or even the phone number for a janitor who might be able to actually HELP a customer???


I understand that companies have rules and procedures. But we have tried over and over again to follow the procedures and haven't gotten anywhere.


I've not been able to figure out why I ever switched from Comcast VOIP to Verizon. The complete lack of Verizon Customer Service is far beyond anything I've ever experienced. All I want is to be able to view my bill online. I don't even care if the whole world can see my bill. It's NOT a top-secret classified document...





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Re: Temporary Identification Code

Hi Frustrated,

Sorry you are having difficulty gaining access to your account online. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.


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