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Voice Mail Access Number

Does anyone know the voice mail access number you call to retrieve your voicemail?  I have tried dialing my number with no success, I have tried *86 no success. I live near Charleston WV area and need the local number for accessing Verizon home voice mail.  Thank you.
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Re: Voice Mail Access Number

it should have been included in the voicemail manual that gave you (and if you are like me, that went straight to the trash).


I'm sure it's on their website somewhere though.  I know that for my area, it is the same first 3 digits, and then 6400.  but yours could be different.

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Re: Voice Mail Access Number

If you try this link, you'll be asked for your phone number, and then you'll be given the access code.




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Re: Voice Mail Access Number

Hey, for some reason is down...just a FYI - Best way is to call into the FSC and they can tell you your access number.

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