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password for voicemail inbox

how can I not have to enter my password everytime i want to check my voicemail inbox?
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Re: password for voicemail inbox

Have you tried the voicemail FAQ page? There might be some information there, and there are also some phone numbers in some of the answers if you should need to call Verizon.
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Re: password for voicemail inbox

This answer does not help because the question is about a land line and the suggested link is for wireless.

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Re: password for voicemail inbox

I have been following the forum for a while and have not seen or heard of any way to do this on a land line thru Verizon.


Some phones have the ability to program numbers and delays into a stored memeory location.  Perhaps you could set up one to dial your voice mail access number, delay for a second or two, enter your voice mail access code, and then press 1 for new messages.

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