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IMG 1.9 text is too small

Every since he upgrade I can't read what's on each channel without having to get up and go to the TV. The field takes up about a 1/3 of the screen but the text is tiny and is in a small area of that field. . I don't have a 50" TV unfortunately. Please enlarge this text, I liked it the old way were you just click on the info if you want to know more about the program.
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Re: IMG 1.9 text is too small

Thank you for the feedback. We have heard from some customers that the text in the current guide may be difficult to read, and are takijng that feedback seriously.


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Re: IMG 1.9 text is too small

For a “bigger menu” try the following:
1) Menu/Settings/Video Settings/Graphic Settings-Change to SD


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Re: IMG 1.9 text is too small

Thank you, Hubrisnxs!  That actually did make my guide much easier to read.


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