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Our "Meet The Expert" session with Lorena Mccalister has ended, but...

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Our "Meet The Expert" session with Lorena Mccalister has ended, but it will still be available in this read-only format.  Lorena will come back and leave replies for the "follow-ups" as promised.  So, please subscribe to the threads that interest you or keep checking back.


You can still post questions on our Email board (or any of our other boards) and I am sure one of your fellow Verizon Community members will be able to help you.  Our Verizon employees and even Lorena_VZ herself will be checking in from time to time. 


Your Verizon Community Mgmt team appreciates all the great partcipation---and many thanks to Lorena for all the great information.


We look forward to future "Meet The Expert" sessions with you. 



---Jaime Lee


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