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Change in Set Top Box Rental Fees

I have two SD Set Top Boxes, for which I have been paying rental of $4.99 per month.  I just received my current bill and see that the rental fee went up $2.00 per month per a box as of Apr. 25.  The new rental fee is $6.99 per month.  When I call Verizon, they told me that notifications were mailed out.  I never received one, and there was no notification on any of my bills. 


I was also told it only went up $1.00 from $5.99 to $6.99.  When I told the rep that I had been paying $4.99 per box, he told me I was "lucky" because I should have been charged the higher rental of $5.99 all along. I didn't particularly care for that attitude.


Can anyone tell me if they received this notification, and if so, when they received it?



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Re: Change in Set Top Box Rental Fees

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I got something in the mail in the sealed envelope probably early in April mentioning the increase, but I am already paying $9.99 for HD Set-Top rental.

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Re: Change in Set Top Box Rental Fees

The notice went out with the bills.  For those who pay their bill online or receive their bill electronically, it's been on the account page (where you view your bill) for at least the past month.    You probably just missed it.


It's $2/box across the board according to the ntoice.  The $9.99 HD STB's will be going to $11.99 and the older cheaper boxes are going up as well -- from $4.99 to $6.99 if you had one of 2500's -- unless you are in certain locations (which I don't remember what they were at the moment -- only that they didn't include my area).




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Re: Change in Set Top Box Rental Fees

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It varies by area.  Its not $2 a box across the board.  As mentioned HD STB is NY area went from $5.99 to $6.99. Similarly for DVR.


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