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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎04-13-2012
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How do I switch the name on my account?

I am moving out of my apartment but my roommates are staying. The internet is in my name. How do I change my account to be under their name and take my name off of it?

Gold Contributor VI
Posts: 3,002
Registered: ‎09-15-2009
Location: Texas
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Re: How do I switch the name on my account?

name wrote:

I am moving out of my apartment but my roommates are staying. The internet is in my name. How do I change my account to be under their name and take my name off of it?

You need to contact Verizon at a time when you are both present and explain the situation. Options on their Contact Us page.

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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎06-27-2012
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Re: How do I switch the name on my account?

I am VERY frustrated!!!My parents have had VZ for years and switched to FIOS when they moved to the current address 6 1/2 yrs ago. Their account was in my father's name. He died May 22, 2012. My mother wanted the account changed to her name. It was a SIMPLE request. But VX made it completely complicated. NOTHING changed except the name on the account: you got HER social security number and date of birth. But the address, phone number, services were to remain the same. BUT VZ said NO, we want to make it difficult! The old account had to be closed and the TV, Internet and Phone had to be shut off for "up to 24 hrs". My mother is 84 years old, lives by herself(since my dad died), is handicapped and had to get a MEDICAL ALERT BUTTON/Service so if something happened to her, she could get help. BUT, VZ turned EVERYTHING OFF. So for 26 hrs, yes, 26 hrs, she was WITHOUT a means to call for help because her MEDICAL ALERT works off her phone that VZ turned off. Thank GOD, she did NOT need help. But I had to call after 24 hrs and find out WHY the service had not yet been restored. It took 2 more hours before that was done. Then when she tried to access her e-mail account, she got a message saying she had closed her account and needed to call to get it restored. I had to call to get THAT fixed. I was on hold 10 minutes after calling the number the message said to call to get the account reactivated. Then he said I needed to talk to a FIOS technician and he transferred me over. After being on hold for 30 minutes, Michael came on line. After explaining what had taken place the day before and the delay in getting her services all back on line, he did something and I was able to log on to my mother's computer and sign in to her account. HOWEVER, he said there was still an issue and he would call me back on my cell phone instead of my mother's house phone that I had called from because she may not understand what had transpired. He called back a few minutes later on my cell phone. He needed to verify the account. After several minutes of searching, I found a VZ bill from January and read him the account number - he said it was NOT correct. I said I read it straight from the bill so how could it be wrong. I verified the address(same as when my Dad was still alive and living there), the phone number( same as when my Dad was still alive and living there) and gave him the exact amount of the last bill that was paid the beginning of June for $xxx.xx and paid from the JOINT checking account that my parents had. He still could NOT straighten the issues out with the "Technical support service" that my mother had on the account under my Dad's name and was applied on her "new" account under her name. So after spending 105 minutes on the phone trying to get issues resolved, he said I would need to call back on Wednesday morning and go through the WHOLE issue all over again. To all of this I say BULL**bleep**!!! Why is VZ the only business that has caused all this trouble JUST to change the name on the account from my dad's to her's? TECO took the information from my mom and got the account changed to her name in 5 minutes - THANK GOD they did not have to turn off the electricity for 26 hours like VZ did with her phone, TV and Internet!!!!!!! I would like to speak with SOMEONE who can explain to me WHY all this has happened. And someone to apologize to my mother for the inconvenience and stress all this has caused her. She was so frustrated tonight that she was ready to switch to BRIGHTHOUSE!!!!!!!!

I tried to post this to an email but the message could not be delivered with certin punctuations such as (),~, <, >. I deleted all but periods and it STILL woud not accept the email. So I am posting it here in hopes someone can help me since Verizon obviously does NOT want anyone to contact them.

Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 279
Registered: ‎08-07-2010
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Re: How do I switch the name on my account?

I know of some students who had graduated and the new students moving in just called their local

Verizion FiOS store and had the change made along with getting a $250 gift card for the new

tenants (as new customers).


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