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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎09-23-2010
Location: Dallas, TX
0 Kudos

Trying to get customer service to change my service plan - not a good experience

It takes a lot to get me to take the time to write in, but here goes.


I received my bill this past month to find I got a price increase on the Cable portion of my bill, which is not good, but that's not the problem real problem.  Next, I spend several phone calls and a lot of time trying to find out what my options are and hopefully lower my bill somewhat from this new price increase.


I finally decide I need a bundled internet / TV package and that TV Extreme HD is the package I want (which is more expensive than my prior service, but less than then new price increased service).  I call into customer service and explain that I would like to change plans and the TV Extreme HD bundled internet and cable is the plan I want at $119.99 per month.  The customer service person tries to talk me into other plans and contracts that I don't want.  I say no thanks, I just want TV Extreme HD and I want to be on month to month.  She finally says okay, the change is made and we end the call.


Five minutes later, I get an email saying I am now signed up for TV Ultimate HD at a cost of $134.99 per month.  This is not what I ordered so I call customer service again.  They apologize for the error and try to go in to make the change which they can't.  They explain I have an order in process and they can not change that.  They then explain that I will have to call back the next day to make the change.  I try to explain I didn't even order that, but that does not seem to matter.


So, fast forward to today.  I call customer service again to try to change my service plan to what I originally ordered.  I explain that I ordered TV Extreme HD and that is the package I want and somehow I got TV Ultimate HD the more expensive package.  The service guy explains that I was given a $15 credit and that my bill will be $119.99 just like the TV Extreme HD.


Now here's the problem.  My guess is this credit is a one time, one month credit, and my bill will go back up to the $134.99 per month bill next month for a package that I did not order, nor want, and apparently is very difficult to get out of since I have tried twice now to correct my order, but somehow have failed.


IF I have to call back in next month when the credit does not show up in month two, I will have to cancel and move to Time Warner Cable.  I cannot spend time trying to change my bill to accurately reflect what I tried to order several times now.  If they want to put me in the higher bill, I have no choice but to cancel next month right?  They obviously refuse to change my bill to what I originally ordered the TV Extreme HD.


Wow.  I'm pretty dumbfounded by the whole situation.  I can't imagine how a business would survive operating this way.

Silver Contributor I
Posts: 402
Registered: ‎07-07-2010

Re: Trying to get customer service to change my service plan - not a good experience

" I can't imagine how a business would survive operating this way."


Simple to explain. For the most part, they survive because, in general, the rest are worse in at least some ways. I was a Brighthouse/TW customer until 3 months ago. They had the most wonderful customer support manner I ever experienced. However, that nice syrupy efficient manner kept telling me that they could not fix my poor television how. I really had no choice but to leave. It was too bad because they had just issued me a new 40 hour HD DVR. But 40 hours of crappy picture and sound is not better than the 20 hours of good picture and sound that I have now. Every company has it's weak points and, believe me, Verizon's customer service system is the pits. But there is simply no way in hell that I am going back.

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎01-12-2012
0 Kudos

Re: Trying to get customer service to change my service plan - not a good experience

Oh the horror stories I could tell you about dealing with Verizon Customer Service!  I have called them so many times I have lost count.  My home phone still doesn't work if there is any kind of damp weather--high humidity, rain, snow, etc.  I went over a week with no service and had to call and demand a credit for the time I was without a phone.  Then there is the horror of trying to cancel wireless phone service.  I haven't received my bill yet this month, but I have been trying since October to get one of my wireless lines cancelled.  The representatives are so friendly and accommodating when you speak with them, but they sure don't follow through to make sure the corrections are made.  I guess they are just overwhelmed with unhappy people!

Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 201
Registered: ‎09-28-2010
Plan: Ultimate HD, 35M/35M
0 Kudos

Re: Trying to get customer service to change my service plan - not a good experience

Might I suggest using the Verizon Upgrade and Renewal center to make plan changes in future? You can make whatever service level changes you need on that site; change your TV, Internet and Phone plans, review bundle offers, order or return set-top-boxes and other equipment, add or remove premium channels and so on, all without waiting on hold or talking to a rep.


It's fast and easy, and changes are generally applied next-business-day.


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