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What If I Don't Renew the Contract?

I have the triple FiOS bundle, and my annual contract, or "agreement",  expires next month. Then I was wondering what happens if I don't renew the contract. So what does happen? Does the price change? And what's a price guarantee?

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Re: What If I Don't Renew the Contract?

you're pretty much a 50/50 on this.  you really should call in to find out if it goes up.  It depends on the plan that you are on.  Some don't change in price, and simply go month to month, so that means little to no real affect on you. 


some go up quite significantly in price, and I don't know what the rhyme or reason for that is, so your best bet is to call.


This is more of a peer to peer forum, so we can only tell you from our experience, and I've seen people not get any change, and I've seen people see a significant change, so I am not 100% sure. 



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Re: What If I Don't Renew the Contract?

As Hubrisnxs says, YMMV, so you really need to call and ask.   In my case, my contract simply went month to month at the rate I had been paying all along.   A few months after my contract expired, I received a notice that my rate would be going up by $10/month.


At that time, I called in to check on what was available and discovered that I could actually juggle some channel lineups around and boost my internet rate and still end up paying about the same amount per month as I had previously -- understanding that I would have to commit to another 1 year contract.   No problem here for me, so that made perfect sense.


So, it's probably a good idea to see whatthe current packages and rate plans are and see if there is something which better fits your requirements for the same or perhaps even less per month.




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