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Worst Service I Have Ever Encountered

I have verizon phone service and have always really liked it. I get good coverage, no issues. I signed up for internet service in western mass and it has been one of the most terrible service experiences of my life. Internet in western Mass is questionable, but the service and handling of my issues was truly appauling. The experience was so poor I have debated canceling my cell phone service as well. If you are in an area with spotty internet, I would avoid verizon. I called asking my bill to be adjusted and a representative advised me they could not do that until the technical issue was addressed, I have not had internet for almost the entire duration of being signed up. Two service technicians have come to my home. I asked for my financial information be removed from their system because I have an automatic draft set up and did not want to be charged. She advised she was the billing department and could not make those changes and I would need the financial department. I don't mind being transferred but I was placed back into the main queue after 10 minutes.


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