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early termination fee waiver?

My husband just lost his job and I've been unemployed for a while.  We really can't afford all of the fios services right now.  Is there anyway Verizon would allow a waiver of the termination fee under these circumstances?

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Re: early termination fee waiver?

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hi, sorry about the situation.  these are peer to peer forums, so we can only talk from experience, and I haven't had any experience like that, and I have known a lot of people that have kept and left fios equally.  they are pretty strict about the eearly termination fee, but if they won't let you out of it, maybe try making payment arrangements.  if you're keeping internet and tv at all - maybe talk to them about how you can do it the cheapest humanly possible.     other than that I think payment arrangements will be your best option.    Hopefully someone else has some better advice. best of luck..


you can also ask them about putting your service on vacation suspend.  some area's are entitled to it, so you can tell them you're going on a long vacation and how long can you put it on suspend,   maybe two three months will be enough time for you to get back in the game with saving some money to continue?   just a thought.


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