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Wireless Employee Emeritus
Posts: 55
Registered: ‎12-02-2009
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What if I have a Community Only User ID and a My Verizon Wireless ID and I want to only use My Verizon Wireless ID to access the Wireless Community?

[ Edited ]

If you have the same email address listed in both My Verizon Wireless account and your Community Only User ID, the first time you try  to access the new Wireless community we will attempt to merge your Community Only User ID profile into your My Verizon Wireless ID.  You’ll be prompted with this opportunity in two ways: when signed in to your My Verizon Wireless Account and navigate to the Verizon Wireless Community, or if you sign directly into the Verizon Wireless Community using your My Verizon Wireless ID. We should recognize that you have both a Community Only User ID and a My Verizon Wireless User ID and offer you an option to have your existing profile migrated to your My Verizon Wireless User ID. Please note,  you will only be given one opportunity to do this.


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