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Change back to old way on Webmail....

Status: Acknowledged
by warrenhottie on ‎12-22-2011 05:44 PM - last edited on ‎12-22-2011 06:52 PM by Moderator

Configure Verizon Webmail back to where if you read a message it goes to the next message and automatically opens to where you can read it. Instead of going after you delete the read message, back to the list of complete emails that remain open. Whoever thought of this should be  fired! CHANGE IT BACK! I want somebody calling me back to assure that it will go back to the old way of doing that. Also still get a not supported method after signing into the Email & more overview pop up box that appears & you have to go back & hope it works the next time which still IS NOT FIXED! . And get somebody to reviews this and fix it



Status: Acknowledged
by Moderator on ‎12-22-2011 06:52 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
by fairlane on ‎12-22-2011 09:04 PM
Hi. I've emailed the verizon web team once before (not through these channels though) about sending an email bill notice with the due date within the body of the message. Thanks for its review. I'd like to acknowledge warrenhottie's request about the "Not Supported Method" error that shows when logging into our webmail. I don't know what her/his machine specs are but I am using Chrome 15.0.874.121 on a Mac Pro with Lion 10.7.2. I use LastPass to autologin or to autocomplete the login credentials (v1.80.3) and I am getting this same error periodically. I've noticed that after I clear out my entire browsing settings "from the beginning of time" within Chrome, and retry to login, it works as expected. I have no idea why this behavior keeps happening, but as warrenhottie points out, its a pain and annoying.. The second "wish" I have, and its not critical, but may help users who are not savvy enough to check their attachments, but Verizon hides, by default, the file extension of attachments within emails. I find this not good security practice, since most malware propagates through clicked on email attachments.. Granted, after you actually click on the word "Attachment" next to the paper clip, then the file extension is shown, but most people won't know to do that, plus, the word isn't actually highlighted as an active link, even though the Download word next to it is; and speaking of that Download word, if you click it it automatically starts to download, there is no prompt to ask: are you sure? I'm not positive if this is mitigated by the user's browser or if its a javascript command that Verizon can insert in between? In the name of security and to protect Verizon's users, I respectfully request that any attachments' file extension show by default. I believe this will help mitigate the spread of malware and minimize infection of user's machines. Philip
by seeconspiracy on ‎12-28-2011 10:57 AM

I have no clue as to the reason for the changes to the E-Mail  except for what I see

and have encountered when trying to sign in . I called and was told that my system

doesn't support the new system and to wait a few days and it would be OK. Well I still can't use the

E-mail without All the "advertisements". So it occurred to me that "we customers are targets for their

advertisers . I have decided that this is unacceptable to me  and have been using GOOGLE CHROME

to access my E-Mail  then I notice that "VERIZON" uses GOOGLE also . I am not TECH LITERATE but I am

 a conspiracy theorist and  this whole situation with  VERIZON is starting to" REALLY SMELL"

by Roofus57 on ‎12-29-2011 10:21 AM

I too made the mistake of changing over to the new e-mail, and heartily regret the move.  The new e-mail is slower and more cumbersome.  Verizon should give users the option to switch back to the former format.  I am retired after having  workied for Verizon for over 35 years, and am no longer forced  to embrace 'Change is Good'.  Change for changes sake is not always a good thing.  I tried to use the 'feedback' function shown at the bottom of the screen to indicate my displeasure at the new e-mail, but of course that is not functional. 

by kjf1 on ‎12-19-2012 04:59 PM

In this age of change- Verizon has tried and continues to try to REINVENT the wheel . It seems the younger generation is where the change starts from Everyone thinks and wants t to be the one that created the change. Its a shame they can't figure out what's wrong with what they have and correct that but to throw out what they have and to start all over again. I called to get info on a recent change and was told to create a new 4 digit password that would allow faster access to the info which I did. And its not faster its slower as everytime I get someone different on the phone I have to go thru the id process all over again. If Verizon didn't make all of these changes I wouldn't have to call to get info and they wouldn't   have such a long wait to get someone on the phone for customer support for something that one shouldn't have to do in the first place. VERIZON you are going backwards. Ask your customers

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