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Default Security on install

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by on ‎09-03-2011 06:28 PM - last edited on ‎09-13-2011 01:56 PM by Admin Emeritus

It appears that all the FIOS installs around here are defaulting to WEP (weak) and all are being installed to the same channel (6). Are the install technicians trained on implementing WPA, or it's derivates? If not, that's a weak point that should be addressed.

Status: Acknowledged
by Admin Emeritus on ‎09-13-2011 01:57 PM
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by Gold Contributor V ‎09-14-2011 01:38 AM - edited ‎09-14-2011 01:38 AM

The install techs don't set up the default wireless network; the routers ship already configured. They just make sure the router connects to Verizon.


If you want the security issue fixed, Verizon needs to demand higher default security on their routers from the vendor.

by Silver Contributor V on ‎11-17-2011 04:06 PM
The newer routers do use WPA2 as default. In fact for most of them it is the faster method as it is built into the chips in the routers. The installers should however mention something to the users about the default security, and tell them were to look to change security. If they are installing access on all the users devices, they should discuss and if requested use WPA2 rather than wep.
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