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Drop SD version of HD channels - Make room for more HD channels!

Status: Maybe Later
by forum11 on ‎02-28-2011 01:14 PM

I would like to see FiOS TV drop the SD version of any stations that are available in HD. It is a waste of coax bandwidth to have both SD and HD versions of the same station. As for customers that still have SD displays, in my experience I have not had issues viewing the HD channels on an SD display.

Status: Maybe Later
The highest volume boxes out there are 2500's... so while I concur.... there are a couple million viewers that wouldn't at this point
by thefoxbox on ‎02-28-2011 04:51 PM

I honestly miss DirecTV's way of doing it... it automatically detected if an HD stream was available for that channel, and if it was, HD was automatically displayed (as long as you had an HDTV). Having two sets of channels to check is really a mess... a very painful mess... 

by ‎02-28-2011 06:15 PM - edited ‎02-28-2011 06:15 PM

As the QIP-2500 boxes become more obsolete along with the digital adaptor, I think this is a great idea. The HD channels do scale down nicely on an SD set.



by Employee on ‎03-01-2011 04:04 AM
Status changed to: Maybe Later
The highest volume boxes out there are 2500's... so while I concur.... there are a couple million viewers that wouldn't at this point
by on ‎03-01-2011 10:13 AM

I don't think I want my costs going up to support the change.


Good answer Joe.

by forum11 on ‎03-01-2011 04:28 PM

Thanks for the info Joe. I am surprised that there are so many non-HD boxes in the field. I don't know how accurate this other statement is, but I read somewhere that FiOS just stopped offering non-HD boxes in January of 2011. I find this amazing considering the FiOS HD marketing campaigns (TV, radio, billboards, door-to-door sales, etc) I have been seeing for years on end. Three years ago I was helping someone setup a Comcast install in a neighboring town, that still doesn't have a complete FiOS rollout, and it was like pulling teeth just to downgrade from a DVR HD STB to a non-DVR HD STB. I think they would have laughed hard enough to sustain a hernia if I asked for an SD STB.


At any rate, I still hope that the non-HD boxes can go by the wayside sooner rather than later. If Verizon had just provided HD boxes all along (or cut over to them sooner) the issue would be non-existent or significantly lessened.


And prisaz, I know it can't affordably happen overnight, but I would think there must be some sort of roadmap based on existing budgets to get everyone over to newer STBs at some point. Of course maybe the plan is to bring everyone over to HD IPTV, when the time comes, and skip pure HD QAM. Or am I giving the powers that be too much credit for long-range planning?

by ‎03-01-2011 06:02 PM - edited ‎03-01-2011 06:07 PM

Yea I upgraded to the HMDVR with HD boxes. Turned in 2 2500s, went back a few days later to try to get one back, and was told I couldn't. So does that mean once you turn one in it is retires? If not I think it is a bad deal. After three rooms the cost goes down. Why not a forced upgrade and make the customer pay the bill for the newer box. I remember an idea to provide an HD price at the same price as the SD box like in NY. $5.99. Instead we got a HMDVR bundle deal to promote the DVR and then discounted boxes based on the count. Why not just lower the cost some on the 7100 P2. Based on the design, the manufacturing costs must have gone down.

by Employee on ‎03-03-2011 04:10 AM

Lots of houses have at least 1 HD box... but most homes have more than 3 TV's... and those other TV's are most commonly SD (slowly becoming HD)

by forum11 on ‎03-03-2011 05:56 AM

Joe, we’ve certainly established that a home may have a mix of SD and HD displays. This is not an issue as the HD STBs do a fine job of down-converting the HD channels to SD. The issue, as you already pointed out, is that there are so many SD-only STBs out in the field. As I noted, this is something Verizon could have better handled by phasing out SD STBs in new installs and for replacement orders years ago. I think the issue is understood. I don’t expect much more detail to be provided in this forum, but I again will reiterate that I am surprised Verizon wasn’t more aggressive about getting SD-only STBS out of the field. Now I am just wondering what the longer term plans are (target for all HD QAM, maybe skipping it and going to IPTV, etc).


Unless there is more official info about the roadmap for FiOS TV that can be posted here, I suggest this thread be locked for further comment and just left to let people vote on rather they support dropping the SD version of channels that are also available in HD.

by on ‎03-03-2011 06:06 PM

Yea what forum11 said.

by kspinka on ‎03-06-2011 05:11 PM

It seems everyone missed the transitional compromise that thefoxbox was getting at.  If the STB is configured for HD output, why can't the SD channels that have HD equivalents be hidden throughout the STB?  This includes, the EPG, etc.  As for bandwidth and upconversion quality, well, the latter is an issue that FiOS is having trouble getting under control.

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