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Status: In Progress
by summersjulie99 on ‎05-23-2011 01:43 PM

In today's economic times I inquired with Verizon about an economy pack for my TV services.  I was very willing to lose channels but did not want to go down to only local digital services.  I was told the LaConexion was an economy package.  I was unable to make this change online due to registration issues so I called back, got another agent who told me La Conexion is a spanish speaking package.  Hmmm...I asked for economy and was told a Spanish speaking package.  To me, that indicates only spanish speaking customers can benefit from an economy package which as a customer I find to be prejudicial and discriminatory.  The 2nd agent I spoke to chose her words more carefully and did not call this an economy package.


My suggestion is that in these economic times, your competitors are offering buy outs of contracts + economy packages.  I was offered this.  But because I trust Verizon's internet service which I rely on for my in home job, I will not change.  But I am VERY disappointed that Verizon does not acknowledge the needs of their customers during these economic times and offer an economy TV package with basic cable channels instead of all the bells and whistles.

Status: In Progress
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