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Status: Already Exists
by Steves72camaro on ‎03-19-2012 11:32 AM
The Spam system needs a user controlled white list feature. Too much legitimate email is getting caught and flagged as spam. And, marking the email as "not spam" does not seem to help. Please add a user configured white list feature.
Status: Already Exists
by Gold Contributor VII on ‎03-19-2012 11:51 AM

There is one. l It is called Safe Senders and can be found in the Settings ==> Email Settings ==> Blocking, below the Blocked Senders area.

by on ‎03-19-2012 01:25 PM
Status changed to: Already Exists
by Brad1976 on ‎08-25-2012 11:18 AM

Safe Senders does not block those who are not on the list.  I'm not concerned about people I want to get through; it is those I don't that I want to block.

by NJ_FAN on ‎09-17-2012 01:44 PM - last edited on ‎09-17-2012 02:08 PM by Moderator



Along with this, how about allowing the creation of of e-mail white lists ?  Every other e-mail provider I use can do this.

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