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Status: Acknowledged
by bdank on ‎11-30-2011 06:19 AM

I think it's way past their due..Verizon should be making Wireless set top boxes (HD and digital) available to their TV service customers. We, the home owners, should not be limited in our ability to place TVs in the household based on where builders place cable outlets. The technology is there. Why not make it available to your customers?

Status: Acknowledged
its a reasonable request
by Employee on ‎12-01-2011 02:21 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
its a reasonable request
by Ricker on ‎12-16-2011 08:31 AM

I've heard that Verizon is considering dropping WPGH-TV-Fox Network from the Pittsburgh lineup. Please be advised that Fox carries half of the pro football games that beam into Pittsburgh and I am not about to lose my viewing of those games. At times even the Pittsburgh Steelers are on Fox and I'm certainly not going to stop watching the home town team on TV. If all the other outlets are going to continue to carry Fox, there's no reason you can't do the same. If you drop Fox, I'm going to have to make other arrangements to watch the football games. Others I've talked to feel the same. I hope you'll reconsider and keep WPGH-TV-Fox in your Pittsburgh lineup.

by lifeb4kids on ‎02-22-2012 09:49 PM

We just switched TV service from Comcast.  The readability of the verizon screen is so poor & annoying - we are almost thinking of switching back. White narrow font on light blue background???? Its so disheartening to have to nearly squint to read their polluted screen.  And is there no "Title Block" on parent controls?

So far I've only found that I need to block the entire network instead of  one show.  ARG so far not impressed. Someone please teach them graphic 101's

by gwmgwm on ‎01-03-2014 05:10 PM

OK, so Verizon has acknowledged that they need to have a wireless set top box with 5-6 tuners in order to be competitive with AT&T U-verse and the satellite companies.  The question now is when are they actually going to have it available for FIOS customers?

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