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Status: Not Likely
by animexsoldier on ‎02-15-2012 10:04 PM

You all are planning on dropping Funimation?  This is a very dumb move imo.  You have a ton of people that are Verizon Fios customers solely for this channel.  This is the only channel you are able to watch "real" anime and I along with alot of people from what I see just googleing "Fios to drop funumation"  came here mainly for that channel.  There are NO real anime channels beside this, how could the ratings possibly be that low.  This channel is no lie on at my house at least 8 hours a day.  This is the channel that runs even while I am on my pc not watching TV.  Go find another "actual" crappy channel to cut.  I can't imagine many people watch cartoon network anymore now that Adult Swim is filled with stupid shows a 4 year old could do a better job on and comedies that are the dumbest thing I have ever seen.  If you cut this channel Verizon I asure you, that you will lose ALOT of customers. 

Status: Not Likely
Unfortunately Funimation will not be coming back as part of the TV lineup. You can view some of the content in On Demand.
by Firemarshalbill ‎02-24-2012 08:20 AM - edited ‎02-24-2012 08:24 AM

As people have stated, there are plenty of other channels that could go.. i doubt keeping funimation channel is going to make a diffrence in keeping our bills down.. besides , since when does verizon even care how much we're paying for the service,  i have 5 set-top boxes in my home, all of them which have funimation channel running most of the time,  Funimation channel, Adult swim, ID channel, Fuel TV, TNT, USA, AMC and G4 are the only channels i watch, and from what i've seen in your channel lineup, i'm not missing much at all.


I don't have a contract with verizon atm, so i can and i will cancel if this channel goes. according to you guys i can just watch the funimation episodes on funimation's website, may as well just pay for a T1 connection then i'll have no need for verizon, i can just watch all the TV i want online.

by JimRivera on ‎02-24-2012 08:47 AM

I waited for years to get fios, mostly for the funimation network, plus better than cable.  As soon as i get the **bleep** thing, they take out my favorate channel.  The Anime Network is a joke, just a bunch of VOD content, plus you can only see a few episodes, so its impossible to watch a whole series.  I could watch it online, but there are times I am working at home and I just want somehting on for background noise and occasional entertainment.  I live on this channel.  


FIOS does not understand that there is a small ,but very loyal fanbase for this channel.  The can lose subscibers over this, and if i find another provider that has the channel, I'll be on of them.

by DannyVC on ‎02-24-2012 03:34 PM

Please don't take off Funimation, it's a great channel, I watch it all the time.

by DannyVC on ‎02-24-2012 03:46 PM

I watch this channel on a regular basis, pelase don't take off the air.

by LDG on ‎02-24-2012 05:06 PM

I knew this was coming.  I bought my son the Black Butler series & the Chobits series for Christmas gifts.

And a Black Butler t-shirt.

Companies never seem to know when to leave things alone.

Funimation Channel stays on constantly in my home & it has even inspired my son to want to learn Mandarin Chinese.

There are plenty of other channels Fios can cut & I am not talking about Cartoon Network or Boomerang.

I only keep my bundle because of Funimation Channel & BBC America.


by jhoule18 on ‎02-24-2012 09:55 PM

Verizon fios should not take away funimation because its the only channel for anime. This is my opinion. You should let people decide if they want funimation in their programming.

If funimation gets taken away:

  • your going to have a lot of people complaining 
  •  your disappointing a lot of people who watch funimtation
  •  I don't have any channels that I like more than I like funimation

Just by seeing this message and many others I hope you reconsider taking away funimation.


by pdfierro01 on ‎02-25-2012 12:38 AM
This is just wrong my kids love this channel. That was the main reason for me leaving dish network. I might as well go back if you drop Funimation channel
by fred7112 ‎02-25-2012 02:25 PM - edited ‎02-25-2012 02:47 PM

pl. don't remove funimation you have more channells to play with so play with channell like mtv, 18, 24, 26,to 30

so i can have a show to came home from work i like to watch big windup, yu yu hakusho, basilisk, phantom,

 soul eater, dragonaut, the sacred blacksmith, darker than black, sekirei and witchblade so pl. don't remove funimation

by randijuric1 on ‎02-25-2012 07:18 PM
FUNIMATION is the only real anime channel. Have you ever seen an anime convention?!?! It makes a ton on money, believe me this is a market you don't want to cut out on. Honestly I wish you had more and in HD. There are plenty of other channels no one cares about you can cut, take your customers advice for once, your already a terrible company and provider I can't remember the last time I didn't have a problem with your service. We know what we like. My apartments only allow Verizon, if it weren't for this channel and a select few I'd rather not have your **bleep** service. DON'T CUT WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT. We want FUNIMATION and more if you can. If you had an anime package it'd be one of your top sellers. Not commit business suicide because you don't see the force and potential behind anime channels you NEWBS!!!
by jagiya on ‎02-25-2012 08:07 PM
I feel that Verizon Fios is being utterly narrow minded, short sighted and ridiculous! Fios has an astounding amount of sports channels, yet they give us just ONE 24 hour anime channel - Funimation Channel. Now they have the audacity to take it away. How brainless can you be Verizon?! There is so much garbage on TV now. DO NOT take away something good!
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