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Status: Not Likely
by animexsoldier on ‎02-15-2012 10:04 PM

You all are planning on dropping Funimation?  This is a very dumb move imo.  You have a ton of people that are Verizon Fios customers solely for this channel.  This is the only channel you are able to watch "real" anime and I along with alot of people from what I see just googleing "Fios to drop funumation"  came here mainly for that channel.  There are NO real anime channels beside this, how could the ratings possibly be that low.  This channel is no lie on at my house at least 8 hours a day.  This is the channel that runs even while I am on my pc not watching TV.  Go find another "actual" crappy channel to cut.  I can't imagine many people watch cartoon network anymore now that Adult Swim is filled with stupid shows a 4 year old could do a better job on and comedies that are the dumbest thing I have ever seen.  If you cut this channel Verizon I asure you, that you will lose ALOT of customers. 

Status: Not Likely
Unfortunately Funimation will not be coming back as part of the TV lineup. You can view some of the content in On Demand.
by Russmcfaul on ‎04-06-2012 07:39 AM

The main reason (other than the internet service) for getting fios in the first place.   Once my contract is up i will plan on heading to Uverse (even though AT&T is the devil).  Whats the point in staying with a tv carrior that gets rid of a channel that I had on about 90% of the time.  Is it a new fad for having large companies not paying attention to their customers?

by ssteele on ‎04-12-2012 01:31 PM

Funimation was the only reason why I got Fios

by winelips85 on ‎04-22-2012 05:43 PM

Please bring funimation back 24/7

by ssteele on ‎04-23-2012 05:52 PM

Funimation on demand can never take the place of the Funimation channel. It is not the same

by Kenji on ‎04-26-2012 03:37 PM

If you go over to forums, one will notice this idea WILL NOT DIE!!!!!! I mean, for heaven's sake....... How many people could possibly watch tennis!!!???? (Not to insult anyone jonesin' for the tennis channel)  I am just pointing out that there are most likely more anime fans missing their channel than tennis fans when they lost their channel, HOWEVER, Verizon gave it back! 


Verizon needs to reward us anime Otaku for our perserverance...... BRING BACK FUNIMATION!

by eastonma on ‎04-27-2012 02:01 PM

I miss the Funimation channel.  I selected a better (more expensive) FIOS TV option in order to receive this channel.  Now it's gone.  What gives???   BRING IT BACK!!!

by ssteele on ‎04-30-2012 05:57 PM

I'll quit bugging Verizon when I get my Funimation channel back. That's all I want. 

by SaladDiagnastic on ‎05-02-2012 05:36 PM - last edited on ‎05-02-2012 07:43 PM by Moderator

bring it back

by Russmcfaul on ‎05-03-2012 02:52 PM

I WANT MY FUNIMATION CHANNEL BACK!!!!!!!!!.  So I can watch funimation on their website, but I have to watch it on a tiny computer screen than my 40" TV.  Sorry that is a no go.  Verizon just admit you are wrong for taking down a channel that had a large following and bring it back.  I payed for a larger package so I can get Funimation Channel I am willing to pay extra again to have the channel back.


These comments will continue until you bring back the Funimation Channel.  Verizon you have customers who are not happy with this decision and a good amount of them because bringing back Funimation is still a hot topic on your forums, facebook page, and twitter.  So I can continue telling you how upset I am with you I am going to make a twitter account and tell you I am unhappy and I want Funimation Channel back

by KimXWP on ‎05-03-2012 05:13 PM

Funimation needs to return to FiOS!! There was no clear reason for its removal. Don’t even try the low viewership ploy. If that’s what’s being claimed then, as a customer, I would like to request a spreadsheet with all of the channels listed showing each ones scores. I also have some questions about scoring:

1. How do you tally the votes?

2. I have 2 TVs with set-top boxes so do they both count?

3. If both of them don’t count then which one does?

4. Is DVR recording time taken into account?     

5. Do you obtain your numbers from constant monitoring or do you perform a spot check here and there?


In my house, one of my TVs had nothing on except Funimation. It was being watched directly, recording programming or recordings from it where being watched. The other TV had Funimation playing from the time it was turned on in the morning until 5pm – 6pm in the evening. So did any of this count toward your totals?


Another point I’d like to make is that Funimation is a very unique channel. All of the other channels that you have can be readily replaced by another but not Funimation. And, no, watching it online isn’t the same. The main reason its irreplaceable is because its anime.  The programming is very addictive and you gain a vested interest in it. Every week you get to look forward to new episodes of shows you’re already watching. Every month there are new series to begin watching. On top of that there are the movies, specials, etc. Add to that the comfort you feel from just having the channel on and you can see there is no comparison. I never realized how ridiculous TV was until you took Funimation away. I can’t stand to even turn it on.


I truly hope you aren’t looking at Disney or CN as replacements because if you are you are sorely mistaken. Cartoons are one thing anime is totally different. Have you ever watched either of them? Never mind, I take that back, because if you ever did watch anime you would have never removed Funimation in the first place. Leaving your viewers with what you offer now is truly buying into the ‘dumbing down ofAmerica’ theme. Just watch a few previews for shows on all of the Disney channels and CN channels and then tell me I’m wrong.


You know, if you wanted better viewership all you had to do was run a 30 second commercial for Funimation on the other networks, like is done for other channels, and I guarantee you’d get your wish.  


Please bring Funimation back! I know you can find room for it. You have dozens of sports channels, dozens of foreign channels, dozens of news channels and so on and so on. With all of this you can surely find room for one more channel. One more channel that is unique, incredibly entertaining and comforting!

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