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Get rid of the STB! TV/Mobile app for On-demand . . .

Status: New Idea
by Maak on ‎11-17-2011 12:32 PM

My buddy has Comcast and they have an app that delivers all on-demand programming on his iPhone for free. All the shows from the premium channels that he subscribes to on his iPad. What a convenience! Just like having a spare TV in the house less the cost of an STB(Set-Top-Box). This is awesome. . . Never have to sit in front of a cable box again. Carry your TV with you everywhere. Same content on other devices.


It makes perfect sense because we pay for service at home already. Then cost of the HD STB(Set-Top-Box) on top of it (unnecessary.) App on the TV/Devices (Sony, Samsung, Vizio etc . . .) is a lot more energy efficient and functional. Who wants to see a cheesy looking box in their living room? Not me . . .  I have Netflix on all (3) of my TVs and it's excellent. No reason why Verizon FIOS Digital TV can't do the same. Also, Comcast is moving in the right direction with that type of content delivery mechanism. I'm sure they are playing around with the iPhone app to figure it out.


The convenience of carrying all the content on the road and off is awesome on the iPhone. Another reason we need to move away from old technology boxes!

by on ‎11-17-2011 03:07 PM

why would verizon want to get rid of their set top boxes when not everybody has a iphone? i do not have an iphone & have no intentions on buying an iphone or giving up my set top boxes.

by Maak on ‎11-18-2011 07:45 AM

I'm saying Get Rid of the STB for people who don't care for it.


I'm not saying to get rid of it all together. The option will be there for people like you who want to keep a STB at a cost to you.


Currently, everyone has to pay for an STB whether they need it or not. Verizon pricing will be a lot more competitive if they made this option available. They do an excellent job on all other fronts compared to Comcast, DirectTV and Dish! Why not take a leap here and liberate their consumers. It will be a Win Win all around:smileyhappy:



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