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Hey Verizon, stop sneaking shows in my house without my permission!

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by ssmith161 on ‎04-02-2012 02:08 PM - last edited on ‎04-02-2012 02:42 PM by Moderator

I am a very long term Verizon customer using mobile, home, internet, and tv services.   That means I pay you a lot of my money so I hope you are paying attention.   I am writing this after a very unsatisfactory telephone call to Verizon today.  Here's the problem. 


I recently renewed my contract, signing a new 2 year agreement.   The television package I selected included HD channels and Showtime.   I specifically did not chose HBO as I do not like this company and do not want any of their programming in my house.   Last week, suddenly without warning, HBO channels were suddenly unscrambled in my house.  I contacted Verizon and despite talking to several customer service agents, no one knew why HBO was in my house.   When looking to my bill to see if my order had changed, they insisted I provide my account number or the amount I paid on my bill last month?  Really?   I'm calling from work during a break.  Is there no other way to verify my authenticity?  Come to think of it, is there some crime wave of people calling to ask questions about other peoples cable tv practices?    The one agent told me someone might call to change my service options.  Really?   My neighbor is mad at me because my dog barked too late last night so he's going to call Verizon and pretend to be me and add HBO to my account?  


What exactly have we come to?  This isn't airport security, with terrorists trying to infiltrate.   Will I have to be strip-searched sometime in the future just to get service with Verizon?   Wake up, you're not guarding national secrets and this pseudo-security is a joke which irritates more than protects your customers.  


Back to the issue at hand.   As I said, I do not want any HBO content in my house.   You can thank one disgusting Bill Mahr for most of that attitude but they are so full of the liberal agenda - anti Sarah Palin shows, make believe drama's glorify Valerie Plume, to name a few.   Regardless of the reason, I want you to understand:  I am the customer, you work for me, this is my home.   You do not have carte blanche to pump any programming into my house without my permission.   I was basically told this was a free trial offer and I should be OK with this because I wasn't being billed for it.   That is an ignorant response to my concern.   I wouldn't pay for it if I didn't order it but this does not give you permission to send me shows you think I might like.   Maybe one day you'll think I might like some X-rated pornography - and I should relax if you just decide you won't bill me. 

I maintain you need to ask my permission first.  


What has happened to this arrangement is out of control and on the verge of a major reset.   Television used to be free to the user, all we had to pay was to watch the obnoxious barrage of commercials.  Then, we were offered better quality reception through cable services however the catch was, we would have to pay.   But, the added benefit with paying for cable was we wouldn't have to suffer through commercials SINCE WE WERE ALREADY PAYING!   Now, I pay, I pay more than ever, and I am assaulted with more commercials than ever and to add insult to injury you now are pumping HBO into my house and telling me I should be grateful because it's free/no charge preview????  


Verizon, get with the program.   I'm a customer, you work for me.   Void our agreement and I don't pay you any longer.  I can and will seek other arrangement.   I do not give you permission to jam programming into my house without my permission and I'm sick of the never ending assault of your pursuit of financial gain.   I pay for viewing and the barrage of commercials is an insult.  


Get your act together, educate your customer service reps how to know and control what comes into my house, and do this now or risk losing a long term customer.




{edited for privacy} 

Status: Acknowledged
by inachu on ‎04-14-2012 06:35 PM

I totally agree with the hate shown towards verizon they keep uppping my bill and my latest bill is $400 and I never recieved the last one?!?!?!?!   **bleep** is verizon doing?


I think verizon is going ghetto on us and thinking they can slip in mor shows and bill me more when they feel like it.



But the crap stop tonight.


I am canceling everything except internet.   Verzion you pushed me too far.


by ‎04-16-2012 06:45 AM - edited ‎04-16-2012 06:48 AM

Wow, just WOW!!! This thread would be a  prime candidate for that vote AGAINST idea. I am a life long Republican, I absolutely despise Bill Maher as well but I find this idea and Original Poster to be ridiculously offensive!!! I hate Bill Maher, so you know what, I JUST TURN THE CHANNEL when I see he is on. I find anyone promoting censorship to be offensive in my book.


Pathetic, this whole thread and idea is pathetic.. 

by smokegr on ‎04-17-2012 04:38 AM

Why are mad at someone just because they need to verify who you are.if you are so naive to think that no one try's to mess with others accounts.then you need to climb out from that rock your under. Their are a million ricky smith in the world and therefore they need more info..not a big deal

by TampaNinja on ‎04-17-2012 11:58 AM

    As a Republican, I feel that promoting HBO or any other network by providing days where you can view this optional content for free is an all American idea! Who are you to berate a company operating in a free country for practicing capitalistic ideals? You make conservative Republicans look bad. And as for the bleeding heart liberals that have seen fit to add their nonsense to this thread.........just.......move to Canada. Please. Go. They have commi-care over there! You won't have to work or pay insurance premiums! Just taxed to death to support others whom wont work as "smart" as you, or at all. And thank GOD I don't have your first and last name @ssmith, I would fight to have Verizon stop verifying people's information JUST so I can add HBO and Skinimax to your account. I mean, how DARE they take it upon themselves to protect our accounts and personal information! The nerve........... :smileywink:


    Oh, and Palin is an opportunistic sell out. 



Vote Gingrich, if he can keep Bill Cliton in line (notwithstanding sexual exploits), imagine what he could do for our country! Better than Romney................

by WillinWW ‎04-18-2012 06:20 AM - edited ‎04-18-2012 06:27 AM

How does a posting area for Verizon and Verizon services turn into a political forum for extremist moral and/or political views on both sides?   Here's something you CAN get incensed about ...  Accessing Verizon internet email or homepage has turned into a circus of delays, error messages, and refresh/reboot exercises. 


My PCs and router are fine.  My virus programs are up to date and screening is done on a scheduled basis with no reported problems.  So much for speed and reliability.  I've had to change my homepage to Google and am now setting up gmail going forward.  So how about we stop the faux hurt feelings and dramatic sense of moral outrage and focus on getting the actual promised service in terms of speed and reliabilty.


Here is how you deal with unwanted content ...


-  Call Verizon and TELL them to drop whatever you want dropped ... just TELL them ... do not go off into the weeds crying over your personal invasion of whatever standards you think have been compromised.


-  Verizon and all cable companies DO have automatic free periods for various premium channels. Have you noticed for example that when some brand of say bottled water goes on sale in one supermarket that it is often on sale at another chain?  Same thing for cable channels.  There is no evil intent on the part of a cable company to sway you to the dark side with these free offers.  These offers generally involve ALL cable companies at the same time of year.  So you can then do this ... don't watch ...or just set up a parental block. 


I HAVE to make a final comment ... I hate the expense and quirks of ALL cable compnaies but that's life.  We can vote for better service with posted requests or with our dollars.  But cable per se is a similar process anywhere and anytime.  Nothing is perfect.  But you can make a point on improvements by sticking to the actual issue. 


It must be really hard being some of you out there since you come across as being raised in a closet and mad at everything most of us deal with daily and with a simple shrug or switch of a channel.  Grow up.  Thanks, I feel better now!

by Bolmtasni on ‎04-19-2012 11:22 AM

When I read this post from the orginal poster, my instant thought was The Exorcist head spin at a much faster speed when the name Bill Maher is mentioned or the start or any parts of his show is being displayed in the person's home. I don't like Fox "News" Channel, but I won't come on here making a post about it.


Here's a friendly tip, block the channel yourself using Parental Controls as a temporary means. That way if or when Verizon places the channel on for free, you will never be able to see it either way.

by Mistaya on ‎04-23-2012 10:01 PM

I am shocked at what I read in these threads that someone needed to turn to politics. I am also a Republican and if you don't like Fox change channels like I do when ever I see Bill Maher. Now as far as getting channels you don't want how about me who does not have any premiums but for some reason I am recieving porno on mine and if I put a parental lock on it and ask it to hide it it hide otherr ratings too not just X rated. As for the original poster all or most of all cable companies do free previews of those channels at times. Just keep an eye on your bill and make sure there is no charge for it then that is a reason to get upset. As far as security it can get upsetting when you have to make a call from somewhere besides home and you can't verify an account #. They should set up a pin system or something.

by pkegney on ‎11-19-2012 03:53 PM
Just my 2 cents... While I understand OP's argument surely in this day and age we should be able to have more control over what enters our home, wether it be innocently or forced upon us. We are after all in an age where we pay now for the privilege to watch television. Sounds crazy!!! We should be virtually commercial free by now with the exception of public access or free air TV. Why would any subscriber pay to watch commercials? Advertisers are envading even pay televised programming.and we poor suckers are paying them to advertise... Can this be so... and why must I pay for the content I will never ever watch. To the responder "...just block out the content you don't want ", have you ever done this? For instance I personally haven't watched a 'sporting event' in 30-40 years, I now have literally hundreds of sports channels that I pumping into my home. Why? Don't I have a say in what I pay for? You say block out the content I don't want... Well theres over 300 channels of this crap I would love to have deleted from my account but because Verizon offers no such packages without this content I am forced to accept my lot. And blocking out 300 channels is just senseless because when the STB get a reset all my efforts are deleted as well. So your argument how little water. As for OP, I enjoy the plethora of movie channels, I wish there were more. And I can always simply change a channel to something that I like. I don't care much for the new 'series broadcast' nonsense by thown into my movie channels resulting in more commercialization of them and the interuption of what use to be seemless movie broadcasts. I hope someday these cable carriers would offer a non-sports package, I'd jump on it in a second.
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