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How about providing jobs in the US

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by teal_c on ‎02-15-2012 08:04 AM

I recently had an issue with my Internet service and I call tech support.  Not unusual, it happens.  My problem is that I could barely understand the technician and had to call 3 more times to resolve the issue.  Okay that happens too.  So today I get a call to see if my service was working and there were no more issues.  I explained to the person calling that my issues took so long to resolve because the technician had a heavy accent and had asked if there was someone else I could speak too.  I was told there wasn't anyone that I could speak to that spoke english better.   The person explained that if in the future there was this issue that I should ask to be transferred to someone in the US!!!! WHAT?!??!  i could not believe what I was hearing.  I have to ask to be transferred to someone in the United States.  It turns out the person who was calling me was in INDIA!!! I find this incredible that Verizon does this knowing that our unemployment rate is so high and our economy is in the tank.  


So my idea is this.  How about stop farming out tech support to another country because it may save money.  Or whatever reason they might have for providing such a disservice to our country.  The country they are based in and their customers are based in.  If I put in my phone number and its in the North East US then I should be speaking to someone here not 10,000 miles away.  Just a thought.  Maybe I am wrong and maybe I am just a jerk for saying it.  But I don't think so.  I think that all companies should hire people in the country their customers are.  Create jobs for those people who need them and perhaps use those services.  


Okay I will get off my soapbox and shut up now.  Have a great day America.

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by mja351 on ‎02-15-2012 12:38 PM


by Moderator on ‎02-15-2012 09:09 PM
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by annoyedinMD on ‎02-16-2012 11:20 AM
I had a similiar experience. It took me two months to get my problem fixed. Heavily accented techs in India kept wanting me to purchase a premium support plan for $15.99 / mo. because they supposedly didn't have the expertise to solve my problem. I think it was just a ploy to up sell my account. I firmly believe that tech support should be located in the country where the customers are. It is very BAD cusotmer service to have customers deal with someone they can't understand. Verizon needs to bring tech support jobs back to America!!!
by AngryNativeSis on ‎02-18-2012 12:52 PM


by donnajmeyer on ‎02-18-2012 07:29 PM

I agree with everyone!!

Why can't we just talk to an American that speaks English when we call for help!!!!!!!

What is wrong with the people that make the decisions to send this stuff overseas when we have so many of our own people that need jobs???


I just don't understand what is happening.

by on ‎02-19-2012 07:40 AM

That's outsourcing because it's cheaper for the corporations and this is one of the many long term consequences.  I can't stand dealing with that either because it's very frustrating and it wastes a lot more time.  There is nothing wrong with accents because I can always deal with that but when the person's English is poor and difficult to understand, it makes no sense.  I find also that at times, the phone connection is poor. 

by on ‎02-19-2012 10:48 AM

by questioning on 02-19-2012 10:40 AM
That's outsourcing because it's cheaper for the corporations and this is one of the many long term consequences. 
This is what happens when we as consumers overrate price as a factor in our decision making. Price should be held as a factor equal with quality, and not the sole arbiter of the equation. Value is what needs to be considered, and tech support that can be understood would hold great value to me. Others may not look at it that way.
by StraightShooter on ‎02-20-2012 06:46 PM

For whatever it is worth, I have always had a good service from verizon. Whether it be online or  in person over phone.

Several years back when I had called a Non verizon company for customer support on IT related problem,  I was on line with an American accented person  who I could understand perfectly  and vice versa but the person had no clue what to do or how to solve my problem. I had to hang up after several hours. Bashing people of a country is nothing but sterotyping of the worst order.

by Quizative on ‎02-27-2012 08:08 AM

I did ask for a  US agent and was refused and then disconnected.       So much for that.   All of these companies keep you at arms length.   You cant get a  live person,  just robots who keep saying they dont understand you...(CAUSE YOU ARENT REAL!!!!!)  and then when you get a  human,  they dont speak english.    If you call back you cant protect yourself or prove it happened.   


To the person blaming the consumer because we comparison shop...first you have too and second.....I could have  a  cheaper pkg but dont want the hassel of changing and because I have been with verizon so long....I dont qualify for the cheap pkgs that they use to lure people in!   I am paying over  a  $150/month.      I think that is enough to expect a  LIVE ~ English speaking person to answer the phone.    They speak english fine when they call to collect my bill!  They hire Americans for that!   Why?   Because they want to make sure that IS done correctly.  


These phone/internet cable companies have us by the nose and drag us and treat us anyway they want.   I think Verizon is the WORST for customer service.  

by swingle54 on ‎03-06-2012 06:47 PM - last edited on ‎03-06-2012 07:00 PM by Moderator

I could have not agreed with you more.this country we all live in need JOBS.we have all the qualified people here in America,not overseas.i have had that problem so many times with these people from another country trying to help you,but don't understand a freakin work you say,nothing **bleep** me off more than that.i just cannot stand these people.Verizon get Americans on your payroll,not some foreigner.  thank you    Also i would like to know if anyone out there has a problem getting FIOS internet.i have asked the company for 2 yrs now and they say that they are "working on it",that to me is **bleep**. i think i am going to switch to another provider if things don't straighten up at Verizon.  let me talk to the CEO please!!!!!!!

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