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Implement Technology for DVR to Automatically Record Entire Shows Without Cut-Offs

Status: Not Likely
by SarahT ‎10-19-2011 06:45 PM - edited ‎10-19-2011 06:51 PM

I've seen other suggestions here that get into the details of how this might be done, but I'd like to say that I don't care about the technical issues. That's not my job. I'm the customer and I want a show I've scheduled to be recorded to be recorded, in its entirety. I don't want to have to schedule the show after or add time to the end because these work-arounds are primitive, annoying, and have negative impact on my ability to program other shows. 


For instance, if I add extra time to a show with an advertised 9pm end time, but want to record two shows with a 9pm start time, I can't because I've had to waste an entire block of time just to get the 90 seconds that would otherwise be cut off of the 9pm end-time show.


If this is related to making us watch commercials, it's pointless. Many of us will change the channel, leave the room, read the paper and/or mute the sound (which I do any time a commercial is loud) when they come on anyway, so trying to force us to watch them by screwing with our ability to record a show is infuriating.


Verizon and the Networks make a fortune and need to find a way to meet the demands of their customers. Obviously the ability to record an entire show without hassles is what we want.

Status: Not Likely
PajamaGuy +1
by PajamaGuy on ‎11-12-2011 01:16 PM

Yeah, I know every DVR user forum has this request, and I know there's issues with the broadcasters, not an option the vendors (FiOS, DirecTV, XFinity) can implement themselves - but it would be nice!


by Employee on ‎11-15-2011 01:35 PM
Status changed to: Not Likely
PajamaGuy +1
by jbahlman on ‎01-01-2012 08:48 AM

But what about automatically adding a minute or 2 on the end of each recording to catch the extra time, but if you have another timer set afterwards it will not do the extra time?


I came over from dish network and the default was 3 minutes i beleive, but if you had back to back timers, it would automatically stop to start the next timer, so very rarely did you miss the end of a show.  It seems like i miss the end on most shows with verizons setup.  Sometimes i have to watch the on demand later or go to the website to see what i missed in the last seconds of a show.  

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