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by Duxdad1 on ‎10-19-2011 01:47 PM - last edited on ‎10-28-2011 09:28 AM by Moderator

Have had Fios about a year, bill is up to $162, just switched to Xfinity for $115 including HBO and Stars. I liked Fios and maybe Xfinity is not quite as good but with three kids in college the $47 is better in my pocket than Verizons, it's all about the money.

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by Silver Contributor III on ‎10-19-2011 05:11 PM

Obvious question is: Is that a teaser rate or what the rate will be? And for exactly the same service?

Understand that cheaper is cheaper, but will it stay that way?

by keresastraia ‎05-15-2013 12:35 PM - edited ‎05-15-2013 12:40 PM

My mother and I are low income, and all that's around here is FiOs and it keeps being pushed on us..It's so expensive, why can't you make it affordable for lower income since it is the largest network after all.


by Morph on ‎08-12-2013 11:40 AM

Two issues:


  • Put a full price out there for the services not just part of it.   It's very misleading.  You say your triple play is $89 but in reality it is more then twice that.  
  • Lower your prices to be more reasonable.   My payments to Verizon are more then half of my mortgage.   And the 2nd highest bill I have even over my electricity.   By lowering your prices you won't have to lie about your prices and fix the problem of my first bullet at the same time.

Honesty and carrying customer service is always the best policy.  If Verizon doesn't change these things their customers will and will go elsewhere.

by Moderator on ‎12-09-2013 03:51 PM
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by NJRedsFan on ‎04-19-2014 01:30 PM - last edited on ‎04-23-2014 02:10 PM by Moderator

Here's and idea, stop overcharging your long time, loyal customers. This way you won't be forcing them to drop your services to get a better price. In almost every other business model long time and loyal customers get better pricing than new customers.

The absorbitant fees you charge for your cable boxes, which you require to make your services work, are criminal. $40/month, forever, for equipment that cost Verizom less than a couple of hundred dollars is one of your biggest problems. And then, to top it off, you have to jump through hoops when you are made to return the equipment. Figuring that I have paid off the equipment 10 times over I should own it by now!  $240/month for what Cablevision is now cahrging $120/month. My advice to everyone, be cuthroat and dump your provider as soon as your initial term is up,

by on ‎04-19-2014 10:48 PM

Instead of complaining in this forum, switch to Cablevision then next year you can complain about your Cablevision bill being twice as much as Verizon.  This is the way cable an telco companies treat all thier customers.

by Silver Contributor III on ‎04-20-2014 02:00 PM

Lots of service companies do priocing like this.

How many people get teaser rates on mortgages, credit cards, cell phones, etc.

Does suck, but most people are too lazy to keep switching every time whatever teaser rate they get is up.

by antfuzzy on ‎04-21-2014 11:14 AM - last edited on ‎04-23-2014 02:08 PM by Moderator

I have to agree with a lot of others.  But the main thing is you need to take care of your existing customers.  It seems as though only the new customers get the good deals.  If you want to keep the established customers, throw us a bone now and then.  Give us a break on our bill.  Give us free on Demand movies.  Anything!  Comcast used to do it all the  time.  Then I switched because everyone said FiOS was better.  You have a great product.  Don't just throw us aside just because we've agreed to a contract.  Continue to give us a great product!

thanks for listening to me rant!

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