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NBC Sports Network

Status: Clarification Needed
by rebel007 on ‎01-02-2012 07:41 PM



Do you know if Fios will be carrying the new NBC Sports Network?


Other cable providers in the area already have it.


I imagine they will have a lot of Olympic programming on this summer.

Would be a shame to miss some of that.


Also thanks for making the NHL Network available.  Nice to be able to watch

some games that Versus doesn't carry.



by Gold Contributor VII on ‎01-02-2012 08:05 PM

Sure. Already on, it is the old Versus channel, 90/590.

by Silver Contributor III on ‎01-03-2012 04:59 PM

Depends on what he is asking for.

Yes they renamed Versus as NBC SPorts.

But there is also Universal Sports tht used to be carried as a sub channel to NBC stations.

They have removed it and are trying to get cable companies to carry it as a independant channel (not a local channel).

by Employee on ‎01-05-2012 11:59 AM
Status changed to: Clarification Needed
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