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New TV Guide is a bust

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by tgoelz on ‎07-06-2011 01:43 PM

Sirs,  I came home from work and had to wait to find out you upgraded the TV Guide (if you want to call it an upgrade).  I personally think it is two step backward and closely resembles the Comcast TV Guide of a few years ago.   Not only is the TV Guide poor programming choice but it also does not hold to the "Favorites" when the box is turned off.  In these days of resources conservation, I think that leaving the box turned on is a waste of resources and not very green thinking.  I wonder who the "airhead" was that OK'ed this (so called) upgrade.  I feel with this new TV Guide you've really screwed up.

Status: Acknowledged
by mgm1018 on ‎03-27-2012 05:43 PM

I love it...dont change it fios.  Maybe allow for customization of skins more like the old guide for all you people that have a hard time seeing the new one.  But two skins would be perfect keep the snazy new one and add a higher contrast one like the old guide I guess

by gdwhite62 on ‎04-09-2012 03:35 PM

I looked at guide today and am disgusted with their comments for Sports shows. Tonight on ESPN is Milwaukee vs Chicago, yet what do I see in the bar- "Shaun Marcum (0-0) vs Chris Volstad (0-0, .000) and no mention of the teams. How unhelpful is that!!!!!

by devonac on ‎04-12-2012 02:50 PM

I'm new to Fios, having had a satellite tv provider for many years. The competition's guide is SO much easier to use and read, I really miss it. Their guide shows three hours of programming and several more channels. Also pay per view channels are grouped and movies have ratings. Movies also have cast and crew information which I used frequently. I think Fios' guide stinks; I personally hate it.

by devonac on ‎04-12-2012 04:12 PM

also, satellite provider's guide lets you click on a channel as you're looking at the guide and then scoll down and click on another channel instead of clicking only on a program and then having to reclick on the guide to view other programs. For a channel surfer like me, I miss that feature. And I find it a real nuisance to have to go three layers in to record when the satellite lets you record with one click. Find the program on the guide or through search, hit record once, it's set, twice the series is recorded.

If anything breaks the deal with Fios and sends me back to the satellite company, it'll be this stupid guide. How am I supposed to find the programs I like?


by ‎04-13-2012 11:35 PM - edited ‎04-13-2012 11:38 PM
by AnnJ on 04-14-2012 02:32 AM

devonac - I agree about movies lacking cast information.  I also miss knowing who the director is.  This improvement  has been suggested before and I hope that someday will be included.

I also agree that it is annoying to click on a channel (or on the Info button) and find that you've been taken out of the guide and have to find your place again.

However, perhaps I misunderstood what you wrote, but the one-click recording/two-click series recording feature exists already.  I just tried it to make sure.  You use the red REC button.

by Gold Contributor VII on ‎04-14-2012 09:09 AM



1) Many of the movies do include cast information. You typically have to hit the Info button a second time to get the more complete cast, but it is frequently (but not always) there, at least in my experience. I do agree that having the Director would be nice.


2) When you are in the Guide and click on the Info button, either once or twice, hitting the Left Arrow button either once or twice will take you directly back to the Guide, no need to find your place in the Guide again.


Now it makes a big difference what happens if you are looking at the current time of day in the Guide (ie, the program that is currently being shown) or not: if yes, clicking on another channel takes you out of the Guide and to that channel and program - that is exactly the way it is designed and the way I want it to work; if however, you press the Info button on that different program in the Guide, it displays the info about that program, and pressing the Left Arrow then takes you back to the Guide, just like you might expect.


To avoid confusion, unless you really want to immediately switch to the program on a different channel, just always use the Info button and the left Arrow button and all will be well with the Guide :smileyvery-happy:


3) You are correct about the Rec button, one press or two presses records the current episode or records the series, when you are directly on the DVR. However, if you are using the multi-room DVR support from another STB, the one press for Record works but the two presses for recording the series does not work, maybe he was referring to that, I don't know.



by on ‎04-14-2012 04:08 PM

Justin -

1) Yes, I have noticed that occasionally the second Information level provides the movie cast, but it's not often enough.   Since it's unlikely that someone at Verizon sits there all day looking up each movie and deciding what information to give us, it must depend on the source of the information.  One of the (very few) good things about C****vision was that they always provided all of it as a matter of course.

2) I just went to try out your left arrow solution and realized that I was already doing that.  It's actually instinctive.  But I also know that I am sometimes thrown out of the Guide.  I finally figured out that this happens when I click OK on the remote when I'm already in the information pane.  This takes me back to live TV.  It also happens if I click Info a third time.  I just have to remember always to use that left arrow.

devonac -

If you haven't already done so, I recommend reading Justin's guide to the Guide at

In fact, I think I'll go back and take a look at it again to remind myself of some of the really helpful hints I've forgotten.  

by Gold Contributor VII on ‎04-14-2012 04:49 PM



1) The Guide data is provided to Verizon by FYI Television: There have been numerous complaints about the Guide data quality for years; it seems to me that it has improved some, but there are still lots and lots of errors, plus what you are talking about, a lack of cast info, etc. Supposedly Verizon has put in place a process to improve the data, I don't know, maybe it is working a little. But there have been numerous recommendations to Verizon to change providers, mostly to switch to Tribune, who apparently is one of the best if not the best, but I think maybe the Tribune company is in bankrupcy.


2) Yep, that is what happens if you hit the OK button or the Info button an extra time. I think the OK button is really the right action, but I think hitting the Info button an extra time should keep you in the Guide.


And of course thank you for the kind words for my document. If it is easy to read, understandable, and reasonably accurate, you are one of the reasons, you helped me a lot by proofreading it before I posted it, so once again thanks for that help.

by Mistaya on ‎04-23-2012 09:35 PM

I also have problems reading the guide. I even asked the installer if there was a way to make the font bigger but he said no. I told him that doesn't do any of us with any kind if vision issues any good, we can't read it. When my husband came home he was exicited and wanted to see what Fios offered that was different and the first thing I hear when he brought up the guide was "I can't read this". Some on e further back many many pages made a statement that not everyone can afford HDTVs to read these guides. Wel I have two and you still can't read the guide. Also you are right about the guide and the info it gives. I never saw such poor info in my life. I did find that to get back to my guide after I am in info on the 2nd push on the info button to hope for more information, if I push my info button again I exit back to guide right where I was.

by jdgrammy on ‎05-02-2012 09:59 PM


I just had cataract surgery on my eyes and my vision is great.  However, I have trouble seeing the GUIDE.  What about bolder typewith better contrast.  Font could be larger.  Also, It is very hard to see when you have a reminder set.  I believe most people feel the same.  :smileyfrustrated

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