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Provide a path to transfer DVR encryption code to new DVR

Status: Under Review
by on ‎08-02-2011 07:36 AM

Trying to get this idea rolling early, before anyone needs it. 


As I understand it, when you are running IMG 1.9 and have an external drive connected to your DVR, the recordings on that drive are encrypted so they can only be read by the DVR the drive was first connected to. While I wish this weren't the case, I understand that it has to be, since the content providers are, as always, frightened of technology.


Since the external drive is used first for recordings once connected, people are going to have terrabytes of content stored on them, and if their DVR dies, they'll be completely inaccessible.


Why not create a way to transfer the encryption code from one DVR to another so that the external drive remains usable if the DVR is replaced? It could be a backend process where the new DVR is only sent the old DVR's code once the old DVR has been returned to VZ, which should be enough to keep content providers satisfied -- I'm sure you can work out the tech issues required and whether it needs to be done manually when the box is handed in, or if there's some other way -- but the point is to get this ball rolling so it's there when and if we need it.

Status: Under Review
Good point... not sure if it is technically feasible... but definitely to research...
by Employee on ‎08-03-2011 04:20 PM
Status changed to: Under Review
Good point... not sure if it is technically feasible... but definitely to research...
by Silver Contributor III on ‎08-07-2011 07:26 PM

I would think having a single code per account would work. Would allow me to move external drive between STBs as well as support replacement drives.

by BOSS01 on ‎05-10-2012 08:17 AM




.  I lost over 100 hours of recordings on my external HD when it was hooked up to the replacement DVR.  No one at FIOS could give me a solution that could have saved the recordings.

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