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Release FIOS apps ASAP

Status: Acknowledged
by chef616 on ‎01-18-2011 09:00 AM

The various FIOS apps that were demonstrated @ CES look great.  Please release these soon.  The ones I would like to see most would be for PS3, Tivo HD/Premiere, Roku, Windows, and the upcoming Motorola Xoom tablet.

Status: Acknowledged
It was definitely a future view... no timelines to share... appreciate the specific devices... Anyone else have their list?
by on ‎01-18-2011 01:06 PM

Fios TV is available with a TiVO Premier. All that is needed is a Cable Card. But I would like to see FiOS apps for the Tivo. I have a Tivo with FiOS, but you do not get the VOD, FiOS Guide, or Widgets. Now it those could be put on TiVO it would be great. VOD and widgets being the most desired. TiVO has its own guide. But I would say not likely you will see Verizon apps on a TiVO. Many of the gadgets are probably still being tested and maybe released later this year. Hard to say.

by Employee on ‎01-18-2011 06:34 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
It was definitely a future view... no timelines to share... appreciate the specific devices... Anyone else have their list?
by on ‎01-19-2011 08:21 PM

TiVo and Media Center.


I guess I would also add the 360 if it doesn't require gold otherwise it would be a pass for me. Once they raised their prices I quit my live subscription and sold all but one 360 since I use it as an extender in a spare bedroom.

by on ‎01-22-2011 06:19 PM

windows phone 7 app pleassssssse

by alexw on ‎02-26-2011 11:57 AM

I would like a VOD option for TIVO and/or PS3. 


I would support FIOS and use their service to purchase rentals, but I moved to a TIVO Premiere because I needed the HD recording space.  Now I've dropped that cash, won't be going back any time soon.  So only way for Verizon to get secondary money out of me on VOD stuff is to enable it through Tivo, or PS3. 


So long as price is close, and quality is there, I would always choose to pay Verizon over Amazon, Blockbuster.  I like the TV and Internet service, so I would support their other offerings if it was available through non Verizon boxes.


I'd even pay 2/3 bucks a month more (not much more, if any) to have access to the freebie ondemand through the app, plus access to regular rental costs for new releases etc.


Would not want or care about widgets or fios guide or anything else from normal box on these devices.  Access to retnal/purchase store, access to free/subscription ondemand, done.




by dimaster316 on ‎07-14-2011 09:54 PM

Please add verizon apps for the Windows Phone OS ( not Windows Mobile)!!!

by DBLClick on ‎05-16-2012 12:26 PM

I must agree,  FIOS is loosing ground with other competors like Comcast.   Adopting FIOS applications onto third party boxes will permit  it viewers the freedom to enjoy your content from any space.  By adding a FIOS On-Demand content to TiVo it will include the many users who are incapable of viewing on-demand content. 

by kinjo71 on ‎02-25-2013 03:14 AM

I'm just wondering if the R&D team is keeping up with what's going on with these gaming consoles? There offering apps for music libraries, live streaming from comedy clubs, viewer programming, and this has just started being offered recently: NEW MOVIE RENTALS THAT ARE $1 TO $2 LESS THAN THE SAME NEW MOVIE RENTALS FROM FIOS ON DEMAND! I have the ps3 console because it's capabilities (graphics, processing speed, bandwidth capabilities, ect, ect...) surpass that of the xbox. And from what i've seen, it seems as thought app developers are trying to create an environment where gamers would only need 3 things for all their entertainment needs; The gaming console, high speed internet access, and a credit/debit card/bank account.


Here's a list of the applications on the ps3:



amazon instant video

neon alley (anime/martial arts movies)

cruchyroll (anime/drama)

Laugh Factory comedy club

Crackle (Free movies, but they have commercials)

VUDU Hd movies



NHL gamecenter

SEC digital network (College Sports)

BestBuy CinemaNow (movies)


And from the playstation store, (Yes they have an online store) not only can the user buy games, they can also rent the afore mentioned NEW MOVIES THAT ARE $1 TO $2 CHEAPER TO RENT THAN THE SAME MOVIES ON FIOS.


Do you guys even know about this?


Is there anyway you can work with Sony or Microsoft to bring some of these interesting ideas and programming to FIOS?




by TechSavvy on ‎02-06-2014 07:15 AM
Chromecast app!
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