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Reporting Phone outage during a Storm

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by Chilly4 on ‎11-03-2011 05:36 PM

Please consider a new way to report a landline phone outage during a storm. Currently the only way to report a landline problem is to go through an automated phone system or go online and there is no place to indicate that it could be storm related. I recently had to report our landline phone being out and it made me actually schedule an appointment for a technician to come out to the house. Obiviously the problem was corrected as the storm related wires were fixed. I still had an appointment scheduled for a week out. I received a call from a Verizon rep today asking if we were still experiencing the problem and to call back to indicate if we still needed a tech to come out to our house. Since I didn't have time to waste on the automated tech line, I went online and cancelled the service repair. Seriously, this could all be avoided if Verizon used a similiar system that National Grid uses to report outages. National grid let us report our address outage on the phone and then indicated which towns were still out and an approximate time that power would be restored. Can't verizon figure out a way to do this automatically instead of having customers wait in frustration trying to report a landline outage and wasting a scheduled appointment? 


Just a thought.



by Webfeet on ‎06-27-2013 07:25 PM

good idea!  too bad Verizon didn't think it good enough to act upon

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