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TV Guide Content should be more immediately direct and concise.

Status: Acknowledged
by MartinesM on ‎01-15-2012 02:55 PM

Who writes and submits the program descriptions that are displayed in the FIOS TV Guide? Does anyone edit the descriptions before they are displayed?


Given the limited space for each entry, it is frustrating to see that multiple programs begin with the same redundant phrases.

The following examples are taken from the guide on any day:

- Archived material and expert commentary is brought together ...
- Interested viewers are present with ...
- Dramatic reenactments depict ...
- Viewers are offered ...
- A look at the ...


I'm not impressed with 'creative writing' on the TV Guide. I expect to see, at a glance, something about the program that allows me to decide if I want to read the expanded description. I'm not at all interested in knowing that the program is 'offered' or 'presented'  to 'interested viewers'.


They need to be Clear, Consise, and to the point. In other words: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Status: Acknowledged
by Moderator on ‎07-13-2012 04:45 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
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