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There needs to be a plan communicated for long-term loyal customers to received upgraded equipment.

Status: Maybe Later
by MGrace ‎03-06-2011 07:16 AM - edited ‎03-06-2011 07:31 AM

I have seen acknowledgment here and on Twitter that Verizon needs to think about what to do for people who have had their equipment for a long period of time.  On Twitter, the only answer has been that there are very few DVRs out there in this category.  Well, I have one of those DVRs and one of those 6 series HD boxes that both struggle to use the highly anticipated software version 1.9.  I really think you need to start to communicate that there is something that we can do to bring our equipment up to date.


I know it has been said before, but I will say it again, asking your loyal long-tem customers to pay $40 to upgrade from a box that will barely function with the new software is terribly insulting.

Status: Maybe Later

A "long time" is defined as 4 or more years for our purposes.  For most of you that have had your equipment for less than that time the $40 does not cover the expense of swapping...  


Since FiOS TV launched in Texas in September 2005... a small number of you have had your DVR for a "long time".  So we'll look into options for 4+ year gang as the group gets a bit bigger.


If you would like to swap your equipment every two years or three years, then would you be willing to pay more per month?

by magnusfl on ‎09-29-2011 06:13 PM

when boxs were 500 dollars a box 10 a month was justifyed but now there under 200 they should be no more then 5 a box with the first one free

by magnusfl on ‎09-29-2011 07:01 PM

or at least lower the fee for it every year

by Silver Contributor III on ‎10-01-2011 12:45 PM

How do you know they are under $200? From what I hear the new ones are still $400+. Not to mention the work it requires to keep the software up to date (rental not only covers the hardware, but software too).

by magnusfl1 on ‎10-03-2011 11:45 AM

My friend works for Motorola commercal  acounts deparment and the last HD boxs that went out were 94 each in 1000 lot

by madredarlene on ‎03-27-2012 12:16 PM

I agree wholeheartedly regarding long-term customers receiving upgraded equipment. Their STBs do not have the capability to connect DVD players and/or OLD VCRs. How antiquated.

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