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by ThomasR on ‎04-02-2012 01:07 PM

I switched to Fios about 5 months ago based on commercials.  Comcast was not my favorite cable company.  However, since moving to Fios I can't believe how poorly it compares to Comcast.  The picture quality is just as good but not better.  The channel guide is terrible.  Really terrible compared to Comcast's.  You have to click, click, click down into the menu to get any information.  Want to know who's in a program?  Click, click, click.  Why not just have the actors and year and genre listed so you don't have to drill down?  The iPad app is really bad compared to Comcast.  You can't stream from channels you already pay for unless you get still another app.  HBOGO for instance.  I used to watch TCM on comcast but now I can't.  And the App guide is worse than the TV guide.  PUT WHO IS IN THE MOVIE ON THE APP GUIDE.  PUT WHAT YEAR IT WAS MADE.  Is this really so difficult? 

The Customer service is a joke.  Fios seems like it is the old foggy of cable instead of the young newcomer. 


The internet cable is slower than Comcast.  this website I'm on now is clunky and slow.  Why? 


Must say that I'm very disappointed so far with Fios.  I suspect I'll switch back to Comcast in the near future. 

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by Technokat on ‎04-04-2012 12:08 PM

Too bad--I LOVE it. Fiber allows more information to be sent to each location, so I love getting all the info. You have to get used to it--took me a few weeks.


The best thing about FIOS is the DVR access from any room. LOVE this feature. And having so many more channels of interesting stuff is a perk. Comcast was lame in every aspect. The equipment was always failing, and the machinations you had to go through every time the service went down were annoying.


My ONLY complaint with verizon services is that they are not always compatible with Apple products. I miss getting my mail on my iPod touch. I wish verizon and apple would come to an agreement for hand-held devices already--and no, I don't mean the agreement that verizon carry the iPhone. We need more compatibility between platforms on all devices.

by fizos on ‎04-05-2012 09:19 AM

You couldnt pay me to switch to any cable company.  Fios HD picture quality is number one anywhere and the internet blows away cable.  The comparisons aren't even close.  Research the facts on JD POWER, Consurmer Reports, or the recent FCC study on what bandwidth the cable companies are really giving you.  If you are not seeing these differences clearly then you may need to update your technology.

by on ‎04-07-2012 12:28 AM

Yes, Verizon's Internet speed is very quick.  Over time, I have also been watching more channels in HD as opposed to SD.  The only thing is that even though I have a flat screen TV, the right STB, and the HDMI cable, it's hard for me to see the difference between the picture quality on my STB vs. the picture produced by Cablevision's cable box.  They really both look the same to me.  Maybe it's a minute difference that I'm missing?  And mind you, all of my technology at home is as updated as it's going to get.  Maybe it's a slight difference in the contrast and brightness with the fiber optics? 


I will say, though, that the IMG program is very good and it's like having computer software right on my TV.   It really allows for more latitude and flexibility with navigating the numerous TV stations and grouping together a list of my favorites, among other things.  Comcast, the cable competitor in my area, would definitely offer a lot less than that, which I was able to see for myself on the Comcast website.


by on ‎04-07-2012 06:24 AM

To ThomasR,

Verizon's website on my computer isn't clunky and slow at all.  It sounds like your computer might be infected with viruses.  Also, temp files and cookies and your browsing history can slow it down if they're not periodically deleted.  Disk cleanup and defragmenting the hard drive also make a difference.


by dlefever on ‎04-10-2012 05:23 PM

Thomas R,

I TOTALLY agree with everything that you stated and I have been a Verizon FIOS customer for at least 5 years!  The people who have responded to your post must be Verizon employees!  The worst part is that Verizon keeps getting WORSE with their services year after year!  Verizon picture quality is fine, but the whole customer experience is just horrible.  I MISS my DirecTV!!!!  Here's just a short list of a few annoying Verizon things that I have experienced just this week.  Some may be repeats from yoru origianl note, but I'm not concerned at all about repeating another BAD Verizon customer experience:


1) Set top box "freeze" while the promotion information is preparing to display on my screen

2) Inability to subscribe to a new channel from my set top box. 

3) Insufficient information on the website to understand what new sports package I had just purchased.  The websites stated "no channels available" for my new package

4) Customer service rep who put me on hold repeatedly because she was not able to answer my questions

5) The FIOS marketing is annoying as HELL!  Every time I turn on my TV I cannot avoid getting gobs of promotions for additional services crammed at me

6) Now VOD channels are mixed in with the channels that I already pay for. Just more annoying marketing

7) Verizon website is so confusing to use, I think it must have been designed by monkeys!


I could go on and on concerning my dissatisfacation with Verizon.  THe worst of it all is that I do not see Verizon listening or taking our complaints seriously.  Listen to your customer, Verizon!

by dlefever on ‎04-11-2012 04:46 PM

This is CLASSIC!!!!  So I'm on teh phone talking to a third person at Verizon tonight while they try to figure out why I am unable to view any one of the 10 channels in a sports package that I recently subscribed to.  They dont't have a clue, but Verizon sent me an email to confirm that I am getting billed for the new sports packagae...than I cannot view.  Just while killing on hold with Verizon while le While on hold for Verizon to speak to the THIRD person to resolve my problem.  Here's what I read on the Verizon site tonight...this is classic!



"Recently some updates were made to the Verizon Community. Unfortunately during the course of this update, a few functions were impacted, including the ability to post new ideas to the Idea Exchange. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused and we hope you find things in good working order again!"

by ktm1977 on ‎05-03-2012 02:19 PM

@Technokat There is no reason why you should not be able to get your Verizon mail on your iPod or any Apple device (or any other device). It might not be able to automatically determine the settings, but you can configure them manually.


See here:

by Moderator on ‎06-26-2012 02:12 PM
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