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WiFi MAC Filtering List Firmware Behaviour (MI424WR)

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by Markusr on ‎09-22-2011 11:54 AM

When one/a person, adds Mac addresses into the MAC Address list. It works just fine.  However when you came back later in a new session with the Router, and add an extra one or more Mac addresses, the firmware deletes all the previously entered addresses and stores only the new ones added in this latest session.   Very Irritating.


Suggest that you fix the bug to not overwrite / clear all the existing Mac Addresses, AND/OR allow a long string of Mac addresses to be pasted into the add field, with addresses separated by another delimiter character, like space or '/'.  In this way one can maintain a list of valid Mac addresses in a notepad txt file and simply cut and past once.


by MVP dslr595148 MVP on ‎09-23-2011 09:03 AM

The problems with using MAC Address Filtering are:


#1 MAC Address(es) are always sent in the clear, regardless the type of encryption used.


#2 MAC Address(es) can spoofed/cloned.


#3 If data is not protected by encryption, even if the attacker (or attackers) do not know how to spoof/clone the MAC Adress, your data can be seen.


Since MAC Address Filtering is so broken/flawed, it is not worth the time.




#1 Please use WPA2 if your equipment supports WPA2.


#2 If your equipment does not support WPA2, then use WPA.


#3 If you use WPA, to be secure use a long and random password.


#4 If your equipment supports only WEP OR does not support WEP, then it is time to upgrade your equipment.



by on ‎03-25-2013 05:14 AM

mark check this page out for great passphases

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