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I am an alumnus of a SEC school but I live in VA.  I currently have Preferred which means I cannot get the SEC Network in my area and watch my school play.  Your decision to remove stations from Preferred if I upgrade to Extreme has put me in a Catch-22 position.  There are 3 stations my family watches quite a bit during November and December (ABC Family HD and the two Hallmark movie channels).  If I were to upgrade to Extreme so I can get SEC Network, I lose all three of those stations.  So I have to choose between my family's holiday movie watching desires and my desire to watch SEC football (both of which occur during the same timeframe so I cannot switch back and forth between plans at different times of the year).  The only way I can get all of them is to pay for everything, which I cannot afford.


Please consider changing the Extreme tier so it includes ALL of the Preferred channels PLUS the extra sports and other channels.  We should not have to choose to give up channels in a lower tier when we upgrade to a higher one.

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Stop w/ the pop-ups ads!

Status: Acknowledged
by selotmani on ‎09-22-2014 05:24 PM

I got rid of Verizon internet 5 months ago. I uninstalled everything on my program list with "Verizon" in the title, but I am STILL getting Verizon pop-up ads to update my software! This is SO annoying. FYI, Verizon, consumers take note of these things and remember them when they need service again. I, for one, will not use Verizon as a provider again..

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by AlvisWu on ‎09-22-2014 09:23 AM

Rename from the old name from FiOS Quantum to the new name to FiOS Quantum Internet speedMatch so everyone can know this new speed

Status: Acknowledged

I don't watch sports of any kind, I don't buy anything from home shopping networks, I don't watch soaps. But I do watch all the nerdy channels, such as the History Channel, Science Channel, Military History Channel, etc. Why not offer a TV package for nerds like me? You make your money on sports, but you could make nerd stuff pay, as well!

Status: Acknowledged

DVR Series Management

Status: Acknowledged
by DefenseNDepth on ‎09-20-2014 05:23 AM

When replacing a DVR have the following options available:

  • Upload recorded series programs from the My Verizon web portal>TV>DVR> Manage to the new set top box
  • Upload recorded series programs from the old set top box to the Cloud>download programs and not just settings, from the cloud to the new set top box
  • Use an external drive to download series programs from the old set top box
  • Once an old set top box is returned, verizon downloads the recorded programs to the new set top box

We put so much effort into recording programs we miss either due to work or school. The fact that a techncial error with a box can wipe out all those efforts is unnecessary with the technology we can leverage today.

Status: Acknowledged

Thru a process on 8 hours of phone calls and 5 DVRs sent me before one was usable.


You are sending poorly refurbished ones with major dents and fans that are so poorly cleaned that they will not turn.

I had to go thru numeras calls with long holds and out of service for severl weeks before I received a used one in decent shape. Then you charged me rental on the ones I received and returned.

It took two calls to billing and 2 hours total time to get those credited.


next time if I have a problem, it will be easier to discontinue service, send back equipment, and then start up service again with all new equipment with a competitor. That includes three phone lines, internet, and top of line TV package.

I guess you have gotten so big that service does not matter to you anymore.


If you care to takl to me about -- you have my number

Status: Acknowledged

Easier to use Guide & DVR

Status: Acknowledged
by kevinandchris on ‎09-16-2014 03:47 PM

It would be great to filter redundant SD channels.  Currently you can only filter to HD which will not show you channels that are SD and not avialable in HD.  DirecTv permits you to selectively remove any redundant SD channels.


When paging through channels on the guide, the highlighted channel is not at the top of the page.


No option to delete a DVR program after watching or during watching from remote one button


Search should show guide, dvr and ondemand at one time, not one at a time.





Status: Acknowledged
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Status: Acknowledged
by scottjammin on ‎09-15-2014 05:33 PM

your fios mobile app needs to support google chromecast.  Truth is you should be moving away from these 1980's STB technology and providing all content by some form of  streaming, modern networked  TV's have the capability. reserve the STB for customers with  older TVs 

Status: Acknowledged
I request Verizon to wait until between 3am and 6am the next morning of a scheduled free preview (ie. Starz, EPIX, etc.) to cut the feed or at the very least allow for the conclusion of films that are airing during the free scheduled preview. Other cable companies usually wait until 3-6am EST the following day of a scheduled free preview to disable channel authorization.

Many providers including FIOS participated in a free preview for EPIX this weekend:


Wolf of Wall Street premeired on Sunday 9/14 at 10pm EST. The film is 3 hours long, so the airing concluded on 9/15 at 1:05am EST. However Verizon cut the free EPIX feed at 12:25am on 9/15 as the film was airing. As a result, my DVR was unable to record the entire film which I had been looking forward to recording/watching during this free preview weekend for quite some time. What a slap in the face to FiOS customers.

Status: Acknowledged

new product ideas

Status: Acknowledged
by dmaxfan on ‎09-15-2014 09:11 AM

Why doesn't Verizon invest in pcell technology if their concern to the customers and fcc is bandwidth and spectrum on their network?

Status: Acknowledged

Let me watch the movies Ipaid for on whatever device I choose as long as I log in

Status: Acknowledged
by fgomez4000 on ‎09-10-2014 10:47 PM - last edited on ‎09-11-2014 05:52 AM by Moderator

Why are you putting restrictions on device to watch movies from my purchase history?


I bought more than 100 movies through flex view, and I come to find that I can only authorize/deauthorize a specific device twice a year???  What the hell s that all about?


I should be able to watch my movies when I want to... where ever I want to.


You shouldn't be blocking devices I paid for!  I'm heated right now, and you're closed, so I'm up **bleep**'s creek.

Status: Acknowledged
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Catholic channel ny

Status: Acknowledged
by Mimidaze on ‎09-10-2014 10:17 AM
I think you should have Net tv ny on your lineup and not only on demand . Your demand does not list all the shows . For net tv coming from a catholic family it is nice to be able to watch your msgr host their own cooking show breaking bread . And Iam disappointed that you guys are not showing this show. Our msgr jamie is a very active person in our community . All the other cable networks air it and I think you guys should do the same
Status: Acknowledged

On Demand Movie Rental Pricing

Status: Acknowledged
by cookec on ‎09-10-2014 03:56 AM

Change the pricing for FIOS On Demand movie rentals. 


I think changing the pricing will increase movie rental volume.


My suggestion:

  • Standard Movies Non-HD: $0.99
  • Standard Movies HD: $1.29
Status: Acknowledged

I'm so fed up with the bookmarking system for VOD. I have to keep clicking hundreds of times to access them. Then if I view a show list, then I have to click another hundred times to get back to my bookmarks. Then I have to scroll through ALL of them to find what I'm looking for because there is no way or put them in any kind of order. Then come to find I have 2 or 3 bookmarks for the same show. How can that happen???!


The following would make them much easier to use:


1. Assign a shortcut to immediately access "My Library>Bookmarks" such as one of the useless colored buttons or double press the "on demand" button

2. Allow us to change them from thumbnails to a text list

3. Allow us to put them in alphabetical order, or an order of our choice

4. Disallow/block duplicate bookmarks


These are very easy programming changes and would make VOD so much easier to use and navigate.

Status: Acknowledged

You should implement the option to sign up for 2 factor authentication for Verizon webmail. While not 100% foolproof, in the current world we live in it's one of the best options we have for securing our email accounts. 

Status: Acknowledged

Channel Guide: DESCENDING order

Status: Acknowledged
by anonymouscoward ‎09-07-2014 09:12 PM - edited ‎09-07-2014 09:17 PM

Please add an option to show the channel guide in descending order.  Currently it is quite confusing that pushing the "up" button while watching TV goes to a higher numbered channel, but "up" in the guide goes to a lower numbered channel!  The two should match, by default.  At least give me the option to make it coherent.


In the guide, if you see a show that's listed down a few rows from your current channel, then once you're back to full-screen TV it's intuitive that pushing "down" should get you there!  But it doesn't, because up/down is inversed in the guide.

Status: Acknowledged

Add Retro TV in Richmond, VA?

Status: Acknowledged
by SharonGS on ‎09-07-2014 06:43 PM

I just discovered that Retro TV shows classic Doctor Who and will soon be showing the classic soap 'The Doctors', but I don't see a listing for the channel on FIOS in Richmond, VA.  Could it please be added?



Status: Acknowledged

I have FiOS for TV/Internet (no phone). My service is currently out, and Verizon Support has assigned me a ticket number. Supposedly I can go to to manage my ticket, but the first thing I have to do there is enter my Verizon phone number, which I don't have. My actual phone number doesn't work, and there is no place to enter the ticket number, which is the obvious thing that should be the solution.


This has been a problem for years. Any time I want to contact Verizon, they ask for a Verizon phone number. Getting support when you don't have a Verizon number is an enormous pain. It would be trivial to fix this, if Verizon actually cared about providing support for their customers.

Status: Acknowledged

I can barely read the online channel guide and the various listings in the DVR and other sections. I can't be the only one with this problem. I already set parental control to YES on something by mistake and cannot find how to turn it off without creating a pin and actually setting parental controls!! I had no intention of using those at all! If I can't read the notations on the screen of my TV without getting up and walking toward the TV, I might as well go back to Comcast!

Status: Acknowledged

Guide/TV Listings

Status: Acknowledged
by BucsFan1 on ‎09-06-2014 08:39 AM
Get rid of the commentary and just tell us who is playing. I do not want to read a paragraph to find out who is playing.<br>Or at least start off with the match up. example; Missouri vs Toledo...then add the commentary if you must.
Status: Acknowledged

Automatic email sender deletion

Status: Acknowledged
by Kristenaid on ‎09-06-2014 07:11 AM
My email inbox gets so full with retail emails or breaking news updates. I want the emails for the short term in case I will be shopping and need a coupon etc., but they clog up my account. Wouldn't it be great if I could make a list of senders that will AUTOMATICALLY delete in say one week. That way my inbox doesn't get too full and. I get what I need short term. This would be a great addition.
Status: Acknowledged

Much too hard to get a PDF of a bill.

Status: Acknowledged
by a-ron on ‎09-05-2014 01:03 PM

First off, when a user signs up for paperless billing and creates a Verizon profile for the sake of dealing with said bill, they should have full access to all aspects of that bill.  If my bill is online, I should be able to see any and all information regarding that bills, including PDFs, printing, etc after the initial profile setup.  It should be an electronic version of my paper bill.  Nothing missing, no fewer options.  I didn't do anything "extra" after creating my profile because at the time, I didn't know I was missing out on any features and I was able to login, pay my bill, see how much I owed, etc.


HOWEVER, after I cancelled service (you will NOT take my net neutrality without a fight, sir), I needed a PDF of my final bill.  Couldn't get it.  Couldn't get a temporary pin emailed because, even though I had been emailed my bill for YEARS, the fact that it hadn't been verified, and remained verified for 30 days, meant I couldn't have a temporary pin emailed to me.  Getting a temporary pin sent to my mobile phone was not an option.  The only options were to have an automated service CALL my associated Verizon service number.  Only was a DSL number for which I did not have a phone.  OR we could trust in the good ole USPS to send me a temporary pin in a week or so.


Why is this process so RIDICULOUSLY archaic????  If I'm on the phone will Billing, they've asked me all the security questions, why can they not just TELL ME a temporary pin to get the silly "Full Access"?  Or... strike that.  Why do I not have full access when i first create my online profile?


#so #mad

Status: Acknowledged

Customer Technical Support

Status: Acknowledged
by iapage345 on ‎09-05-2014 08:22 AM

Customers need to be aware of any related charges before the service is provided.

Case in point: I called in about a diminished signal and even after the technician had me go through all they can do, it was not fixed. They said all that can be done is have a technician come to my home. They stated further that if any inside wiring needed to be repaired I would be charged $91/half hour because I don't have inside wiring insurance. I asked how do I get that insurance and was told because I don't have a phone that I can't get the insurance.


I said send the technician, please. He came out and reset the top box and made some changes to the outside connection wiring and the problem was solved. (He stated that the tech who installed FIOS when I first got it should have removed the old Comcast connections and connected the FIOS directly; as a result, he had to correct his colleague's poor workmanship.)


A month later, I reviewed my bill and saw a charge for $91; I called to ask what it is for and found out I was charged for the technician's work. The customer service rep said she would look into it and get back to me; she didn't ...probably forgot.


Two weeks after that, I called to follow up and was told that all customers who have to have a technician come to their home are charged $189/hour.


My first idea:  Inform a customer that they will be charged $189/hour if they elect to have a technician come to their home to fix a problem with their service equipment.


My second idea (related to the first): Allow persons who choose not to have a phone to buy insurance to cover when / if a technician has to come out to fix the Verizon equipment.


Then the customer will not be surprised when the charge appears. Or the customer can elect not to have a technician come out to their home and try to correct the problem themselves by researchning on the internet.

Status: Acknowledged

Seriously....there are so many threads that I either skip over or have a hard time following because there is so much venting and negativity and there are complaints posted about things that really don't interest me or that I can't possibly understand being an issue.  Some of them are so long and emotional and wordy that they're really hard to respond to.  I'm not singling anyone out but posts like that often don't provide me with any useful information. 


Perhaps if we had a section asking customers to comment on the positive things about their service, I could learn something new and interesting about my service that I never knew about before and to show more positive support, instead of attention for all of these negative things.  Fios is a very good product for the price I pay and I could always stand to learn something new about it. 


Status: Acknowledged

Fix the extreme liberal biased Verizon Home Page

Status: New Idea
by foremanml on ‎09-03-2014 04:03 PM - last edited on ‎09-03-2014 07:04 PM by Moderator

The verizon home page wreaks of liberal biased media garbage. The news that is posted is appears to come straight from the pages of the National Enquire and Celebrity Magazines. Ther is no real world news or Happenings here. It appears that your company is afraid to post the reality of what is going on in the world. You will never learn anything useful from the celebrity gossip and glamor garbage posted on you home page. Why do you not look into some conservative real news and post that, so that people get a clue as to what is really happening in the world. Fox news would be a welcome source. The world is allready staurated with celebrity and sports garbage and oponions. It does nothing to motivate people to become well informed productive individules. Save the glam and freakshow happening for the tabloids. Your news {please keep it relevant}.


Edit online content properly

Status: Acknowledged
by Bethwoods on ‎09-03-2014 11:34 AM

Calling all copy editors!! It is really embarrassing to read content on your pages with so many words that are not spelled correctly, grammar that is wrong, and typos everywhere. 

Latest example - Kim K releases her own risky photos. Honestly?? I think you mean risque. 

I can't believe you do not have college educated staffers who could copy edit your online content. What you have online is so sloppy and unprofessional. Step it up if you want educated people to use your page.


Status: Acknowledged

FiOS Mobile app for MAC

Status: New Idea
by ksegura86 on ‎09-02-2014 03:01 PM

There should be a FiOS mobile app version available for desktop for MAC. Optimum has an app and the channels are live not just recorded. I believe an app would be best instead of having to go to everytime we wish to watch tv online and not all the networks have live streaming. 

I thought Verizon would want to know about an email I received, supposedly from Verizon, requesting my sign-in information. But there's no way that I could find from the Verizon website to report it.  If you don't want to see such emails, perhaps you could still have information online on how to report these to the FTC or other entity that might care and be able to take action against a crook.

Status: Acknowledged

For a telephone company, Verizon has very poor telephone service and it does not explain its complicated services on the website.  For example, I want to set up voicemail screening. But, the website does not explain how to use the service once it is set up. I tried and failed to find out how to use it.  Verizon needs to explain its services more carefully and include more information -- not just about sales and setup but also about how to use the services.  It is almost as if, all Verizon cares about is the money we pay -- the rates are very high--but not about the services delivered.  

I tried calling you on the phone to get this information as well and hit a wall.  Your service took me to a place where someone would call me back... but that was also so complicated and difficult that I never got to specify a time for a call. 


Any other business which did this would be out of business soon because of poor phone service. But Verizon is a telephone company so of course you don't have to have good telephone service.



Status: Acknowledged

FIOS is making a big deal out of Upload and Download speeds and how they should be equal.  To me it's ver hypocritical that something like that is only for FIOS and not all Verizon internet products.  DSL should also be allowed to upload and download at the max speed capable for a user's system.

Status: Acknowledged
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