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Tech contact

Status: Acknowledged
by teeline on ‎01-28-2012 05:47 PM

I think that all techs that go out (understanding the service request is called a ticket) it should be required of them to contact the home owner to make sure their lines and/ or internet is working before they are allowed to close the ticket out. I think all tech should go to the house that is making the complaint before they go out to the line to service the problem so that the client know that they showed up instead of being told a tech is out but you never see them. Not only should the tech come to the house verizon should contact the cleints from the office to make sure the propblem is repaired before they allow the tech to close it out. my phone has been out since last Friday and i received a text 4 times stating the problem was fixed and no one came to the house was told 4 times they were coming back out and today 1/28/12 was told from 8am to 8pm and no one showed this time after 8pm was told no one recieved the ticket but I over paided my bill to be on top and they put me under tell me is it fare no phone, home alarm, internet  but their paid in fulllllllllllll............

Status: Acknowledged

When we were with Vonage for our VoIP phone service, we'd get emails of voicemail to our inbox, similar to the notification we get from Verizon...with one important and GREAT twist...along with the email of who it was from (via CLID, CNAM, etc), we'd also get a transcribed text in the email of the actual voicemail! What is exact? nooooooooooooooo...but it was most times close enough to get the gist of the voicemail w/out having to login to retrieve it. It also was very handy if you accidentally deleted one for another family'd have a rough written transcript of it anyway. This was a GREAT feature and we really came to rely on it as I'd even get the emails to my cellphone and I could see who left us vmail.

Verizon already has the technology and SW to do why aren't you?????

Status: Maybe Later
We agree that the technology has been evolving to provide more accurate voice to text translations. We're looking at options and appreciate your suggestion.

Last viewed menu

Status: Accepted
by tgmitchell3 on ‎01-27-2012 11:50 AM

Use the left arrow button to return to the last viewed menu.  This would include the DVR list, Scheduled programs, Settings menu, and the Guide.  This would save extra keypresses. 

Status: Accepted
on our development radar

Fix Verizon Perks - Closed Restaurants

Status: Acknowledged
by DannyKSRQ on ‎01-27-2012 08:43 AM seems to be unwilling to update the list of restaurants. Maybe they're unwilling to admit they have hundreds fewer restaurants than they claim nationwide. Just in Sarasota, FL I found 8 closed restaurants. Several weeks ago I notified about one of them and they responded that they don't deliberately list closed restaurants, but it's still on the list along with the others. I find it hard to believe their representatives who call on the businesses to sell them on advertising don't know this and haven't informed

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by k2graphics on ‎01-27-2012 03:24 AM

I do like it when your content descriptions include the date that the program will no longer be available on demand. I'd like to see it on the majority of programs.


Also, I'd like the ability to do a search/sort on the dates. For example, if I have a lot of programs in my Bookmarks folder, it would be very helpful if I could sort them by dated they'll disappear, so I'd miss out on fewer programs I want to see.


And when putting the date, please be consistent. There were 2 programs, one ending on the 26th & one on the 27th. But they disappeared from VOD simultaneously.


Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged
good feedback. we'll take a look.

This may have been asked but I couldn't find it. 


Just switched over from Comcast and was surprised that there is no way to delete a free rental selection from the "my rentals" in VOD menu.  The tech w/whom I was live-chatting said there "had" been one, but it was "removed".  Put it back, please.   Resume play, restart, add bookmark and rate this show aren't enough.  Need either a DELETE or CANCEL option, or both.   With four kids all vieing to watch shows, the rental list gets unmanageable.  Plus, if you have premium channels, there are just some shows you'd rather not have your kids know you were watching...


Status: Already Exists

Make core customers feel appreciated

Status: Acknowledged
by tjamestx on ‎01-26-2012 07:14 AM

I'm not sure this is where my idea and/or complaint should be placed but, I placed it here because Verizon dosen't make it clear where else this should be done.


I am a loyal Verizon customer. Every way I communicate whether it through the Internet, TV, Home phone, Cell phones, Business phones, it is through Verizon. I might add that I'm happy with the services.


What I'm not happy with is the customer service. For a month and a half now I've been trying to upgrade my home DVR to the new Motorola STB. I started by contacting Verizon Fios Customer Service. I was told I had to order it online and that I could do thatfrom the "My Verizon" page. I couldn't. I then re-contacted Verizon Fios Customer Service and asked what the website was. I was told I needed to order the STB from a Verizon Plus Store. I went to the Verizon Plus Store and was told I could only order it online. I asked for the website address in which I could make this order and was given the address. This address tells you it doesn't work anymore and options that take you to the new service ordering page at Verizon. I finally got fed up and called the Verizon new service phone number where, I finally got a hold of a Verizon employee that had great customer service sense. He told me I could order this box because they were out of stock from Motorola and wouldn't have any of the new STB's until March. He told me the website to order it didn't work because they were out of stock.


Here is my idea. Verizon tell you're employees to just be honest with your customer from the beginning! The last person I talked to realized I was a good customer, willing to PAY for what he gets and just needed to be told the truth.


Wake up Verizon, **bleep**-ing your customers especially, you're good customers is totally unnecessary. Think about your good customers (ones that exclusively use you and you only) and do your best to keep them, good customers.


I run a business myself and not only do my good customers get treated well they are given discounts for their loyal and exclusive business.


This experience has left me paying more attention to the competitors offers.


Just a thought from a good and loyal customer who would just a-soon stay one.

Status: Acknowledged

Please add Sprout HD

Status: Acknowledged
by YaakovMar on ‎01-25-2012 04:13 PM

I mentioned this to one of your reps. We saw Sprout in HD on Xfinity down in the West Palm area and were wondering when you might be putting this channel on Fios. We had no idea it even existed but we would very much like to have it as well. Thanks.

Status: Acknowledged

faster upload speed dsl

Status: Acknowledged
by jmuterspaugh ‎01-24-2012 07:03 PM - edited ‎01-24-2012 07:19 PM

currently have 7to15mbps hsi enhanced.i play online games with ps3 and it has terrible lag sometimes.u increase the download speed but leave the upload at a poor rate.there should be no reason why u cant offer faster upload speed.ur upload should ateast be 20 percent of ur download .im willing 2pay more money.please fix this issue.u could atleast increase it to 3 or 5.if its possible for fast download why not upload.please fix this issue

Status: Acknowledged

Phone follies

Status: Acknowledged
by StevenL on ‎01-24-2012 03:02 PM

Too Big to Think dep't. ---

How about VERIZON gives equal rights and direct contact to landline customers, and allows us to e-mail re service disruptions, snail-mailing for a PIN....especially when we have no Verizon phone to discuss the problem.

How about they perk up and get to work when a problem they thought was fixed - isn't (after two months of no dial tone, I had a working phone for a week and a half; and now I'm back again in the - priority? - line) ...


How about they try harder to keep their clients instead of telling us what THEY do or don't do.


VERIZON is a dirty word in NYC, and its representatives get the brunt of our anger. That's not right.

If VERIZON didn't own those landlines, I'd have gone with someone else by now, but it looks like all roads lead to VERIZON's copper wires..

BTW, a landline is the best thing you can have in a blackout, or a 9/11, to answer that question.


Status: Acknowledged

Paying on-line is very convenient,  but only customers with Bank Accounts can set a date when they want their funds withdrawn from their account. Not so with us who use Credit Cards.

Our Credit Cards are debited the day we make the "Payment", which means that when I made my payment today (Jan. 24) the funds will be taken out today -- though the payment is not due until Feb. 10!! So Verizon has my money for almost three weeks to do with as they wish. Not a bad deal, for them. Rotten for me.

Ah ha, you say: wait until Feb. 9, and then pay. Fine, except I travel a lot and could easily miss making the payment. And boy, the late charge!

Simple solution, Verizon, and one that others use: let us Credit Card holders decide when we want our funds taken from our account, and not when you want them. Thank you.


Status: Acknowledged

Gas price postings

Status: Acknowledged
by rexian on ‎01-24-2012 07:59 AM the time you get to the spot to actually see the local prices, there are so many ads that there is just room for 2 or 3 listings.   Whats the point of that?  It would be nice to scroll down and see a whole slew of prices....

Status: Acknowledged

1) during keyboard method of text search, add a shortcut symbol to the "space button" like you have for Clear=# and Delete=*

2)  during keyboard method: if you are travelling vertically down towards the "space button" in the DJP column it jumps to the clear button and then I clear stuff, which kills me, so it should instead jump to the 'Space' .  Notice that in the CIO column it does just fine going to "space". Keep the BHN as is where it jumps to 'Space' which is less harmful than going to 'DEL'.  The EKQ and FLR columns work for the CLR button.

3) I love the keyboard vs cell phone interface in settings for search and never knew it was there, so make others more aware of that like at the search screen post something like [To Change method of key input press "Next" button]


Thanks: I like how we can't accidentally exit from search by using LH arrow.  I see many good changes overall especially being able to delete a show from a room far away from the DVR .

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon Calendar

Status: Acknowledged
by dottiego on ‎01-23-2012 09:24 AM

I am VERY disappointed in Verizon Calendar. I don't like the format and more importantly it will not let me chose a repeat item for the 2nd of each month. It wants a date!  I don't have the time or desire to look up every 2nd of Jan. for the next ..........years. Why do I also have to have an end date?  If it is a birthday, it is ongoing....I don't want to have to update my calendar every 60 months. It is also time consuming to add an event to the calendar.....why do I have to go into add more details to put a time on the appointment?  After trying to switch everything from my MSN premium account, where everything worked so easily, this is very frustrating.  Any suggestions?



Status: Acknowledged

Recently ordered Premium Tech Support for $14.99 + from Verizon.  Was given a number to call when needing the service.  However, the number  first goes to a long recording requiring answers to different questions.  Then on hold until a real person answers and again a series of questions.  On hold again until P.T.S. answers.  Often at this point I get disconnected and have to start the process all over.  The first several times using P.T.S. they could not locate my account and again on hold or disconnected.

I am happy with the quality of service from P.T.S.  But why must I have to wait up to four hours to finally reach them?  Since this service is a separate fee, one would expect a designated phone number.  Please try to correct this problem.

Status: Acknowledged

Special Deals and Promotions Board

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎01-23-2012 05:20 AM - last edited on ‎01-23-2012 03:38 PM by Moderator

There have been many calls for promotions that relate to existing customers. How about we get rid of one of the unused boards, and dedicate a board just for this purpose. Listing promotions that are available to both Existing and New customers. With an emphasis on existing customers. Or perhaps Promotions for existing customers only. Now don't you think you would catch more fish if there were a pond in the community with this line? The Blog could have a promotional link to the My Verizon page with the available promotion, or special deal.


Verizon at home does not do this. It talks about new items and the latest news. But a place dedicated for items like the one posted below would help everyone. I learned about this special at the local retail store. Why not here?



Status: Acknowledged

Bring FiOS to the Pocono's (Canadensis, Monroe, etc.)

Status: Acknowledged
by ashcam on ‎01-23-2012 01:02 AM - last edited on ‎01-23-2012 03:39 PM by Moderator

I know that FiOS isn't available in my Pocono's area (Canadensis, PA) but it's EXTREMELY needed. There is only 1 cable internet company here, like a monopoly, and they charge high rates for poor service and worse of all they have bandwidth caps, the lowest caps I've ever seen. There are many people here who are crying for FiOS and will most likely switch to it if it were available due to the amazing service, packages and pricing. After running a Google search, I've seen residents requesting this since 2008, hopefully we can get it soon.

Status: Acknowledged

Allow these ports to be switched on or off by the customer, for newer hardware if they support gigabit. Allow customers to use the Ethernet ports if they support gigabit and the house is wired for it. MOCA can not achieve these speeds for multi-room multi-hub DVRs. Two streams are barely enough. Something better will be needed when we go to a home server as announced at CES. Now if they are only 10/100, on the newer hardware, than someone should have been thinking differently.

Status: Acknowledged
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