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Create an easy way to report downed wires

Status: Acknowledged
by scroggjm on ‎01-29-2011 08:29 PM

Add a link for reporting downed wires to your web pages.


Add a response for reporting downed wires to your telephone menus.


Treat people attempting to report your downed wires with some respect.  Don't make them sit on hold for hours or jump through multiple hoops trying to find a way to send Verizon a message.


Fix your wires that have been haning seven feet above my street for three days and blocking trucks and snow plows.

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for pointing this out. We're working to have someone contact you to take care of this.
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Get rid of MAC Address Filtering

Status: Acknowledged
by MVP dslr595148 MVP on ‎01-29-2011 05:26 PM

As you well know, wireless routers offer MAC Address Filtering.


However, there are serious problems with MAC Address Filtering:


#1 MAC Address(es) are always sent in the clear, regardless of the type of encryption (Wireless Encryption = WEP/WPA OR Higher, Connected already encryption = SSL).


#2 MAC Address(es) can be Spoofed / Cloned.


#3 If an attacker does not know how to spoof / clone a MAC Address, all data sent not using encryption is seen.


Please get rid of that feature, so users do not waste their time trying to secure their wireless networks using it.



Status: Acknowledged
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Extra asterix symbol for router log-in

Status: Acknowledged
by MVP dslr595148 MVP ‎01-29-2011 05:16 PM - edited ‎01-29-2011 05:18 PM

When ever user try to enter the password to their router there are asterix symbol(s) poping up in the field as they type.


#1 If someone has a keyboard logger on their computer, then that feature will not prevent the keyboard logger from recording what they type.


#2 If the user do not use SSL to log-in (for exampe an URL that starts with https), then someone with a sniffer can see their info in the clear.


My suggestion(s):


#1 Please get rid of that worthless feature.


#2 Or if you find that feature is not worthless, then at least allow the users to turn that feature off in the router ( for example in the router at Advanced ).



Status: Acknowledged

Get rid of from all your page loads!

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎01-29-2011 04:23 PM - edited ‎01-29-2011 04:37 PM

Get rid of from all your page loads! Privacy is important to me and hitbox seems to be the first thing that loads on EVERY Verizon page. Not Verizon but hitbox. Give up what you have to offer. Give us what we ask for. Let us choose what we want, not what you think we want by spying.

Status: Acknowledged

Provide current loyal customers with access to the latest equipment, not just new customers

Status: Launched
by transon on ‎01-29-2011 12:46 PM - last edited on ‎01-29-2011 01:30 PM by Moderator

My DVR is the old 80GB model. The new 500GB model has been available to "new" customers for some time now. Current customers can only get on a "someday" waiting list. Full story below. Incidentally, this is the worst treatment I get from any service I pay for from any vendor. If I could get fiber from anyone else, I'd dump Verizon.




Status: Launched
To be precise only new DVR customers had a chance to get a 500GB (new to FiOS or not was not the criteria). New customers were just as likely as existing customers to get the 500 GB DVR or the previous model. If an existing customer orders a new DVR (i.e. another one or their first one) then they are just as likely as a new customer to get or not get the 500GB DVR. Swapping an existing DVR for a new one required us to build code to manage the processes involved in moving boxes all over the place, it was not a slight to existing / loyal customers. And we needed to know about how many folks would swap (hence the registration), so we can buy enough new units to satisfy the demand. Now you can request an upgrade.

Add IFC Films to On Demand

Status: Acknowledged
by lindawilliams85 ‎01-29-2011 12:00 PM - edited ‎01-29-2011 12:04 PM

Add both of the IFC Films programs to the on demand service.


IFCFestivalDirect and IFCInTheatres


Comcast and Time Warner have both programs in their On Demand content.


The programs offer access to movies that don't always end up in wide release in theaters, on tv, or even on DVD

Status: Acknowledged

I realize this idea won't make it into the next few releases of the IMG, but the next big leap I would like to see is pointer like control for the guide.  Scroll, scroll, scroll, is old.  Take the Nintendo Wii console for example.  Using simple IR technology, an on screen pointer can be used to select items on screen.  This is a lot more intuitive than scrolling through items.  Another implementation could be to expand the FiOS Remote app for cellphone, tablets, and home pc to be WYSIWYG. So for the PC for example I could move my mouse pointer and I would see a mouse pointer move on the TV screen.  I could type in a search on my regular keyboard and it'll type in on screen simultaneously.  Smartphones and tablet applications would be touch based instead of a pointer, but the idea would be the same, what I do on the device simultaneously comes up on screen.  So instead of scrolling through the guide by pressing the arrow keys, I could swipe my finger across the touch screen and the IMG on the TV will move accordingly, or I could even swype in my searches.

Status: Accepted
Our senior executive in charge of software development loves this idea... he has been its champion for several years now... we are definitely looking to provide alternate options to the painful arrows and scroll through lists. But as you indicated this will take a bit more time... the good news is the IMG 2.0 is on the drawing board.

Verizon Support Call back feature

Status: Acknowledged
by fttp4me on ‎01-29-2011 09:13 AM - last edited on ‎02-08-2011 01:12 PM by Admin Emeritus

Many times when calling Verizon the hold times can be extremely long.  In my opinion the customer who is completely out of service should have a higher priority than the customer who needs a simple question answered that can wait.  The problem is, I have no idea of knowing when I can call where I could get through to a support rep with minimal hold time. 


Thus what I would like is a feature where I can do the following:

A)Nonessential support - Text message Verizon to call me back -- So I could text "FiOSTV repair" to Verizon and someone in the FiOSTV repair department will call me back sometime by the end of the day (or I could specify upto what time they can call back, e.g 11pm), same goes for other departments, I could text "Billing" if I have a billing question, "Sales" to place an order, etc.


B)Essential support - When I call Verizon, if the hold time goes past 2 minutes, I get prompted to enter my callback number and can hang up but I keep my place in the queue so my phone rings when the rep has gotten to my call.  This way I don't have to eat up my cellphone minutes, or keep my ear pegged to the phone.


I know some support is given via e-mail or chat, but the few times that I've used it was completely useless and I ended up having to call and speak to a live person to get my issue resolved.  So in those cases where I need to speak to a live person it would be handy if there was a way to make it happen without having to wait on hold for more than 2 mins.  Most people would say hire more support reps, but I understand that doesn't always make business sense if there are times when employees are idle, so an automatic call back system can solve many problems.  In addition it could actually increase revenue for Verizon because I wonder how many people have called Verizon wanting to order a service and have given up because they were on hold too long and simply buy from Verizon's competitors.  I know of at least 1 case where someone wanted to order FiOS but couldn't get through so they just stayed with the cable company. Yes, they could've ordered online but they had a question they wanted answered before signing up, and since they got tired of holding, they just gave up on it.

Status: Acknowledged
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faster internet speeds

Status: Acknowledged
by savemoney on ‎01-29-2011 08:28 AM

I was wondering when Verizon was going to up the speed for their residential internet. I would love to switch my internet and tv over to Verizon but they can't compete with the speed currently offered by my cable company (10mbps). I have phone service with Verizon and hope that someday they can provide for my internet and tv as well.

Status: Acknowledged
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Fios TV over the emerging 4G network

Status: Not Likely
by mark4386m1 on ‎01-29-2011 08:21 AM

It would be nice and cheeper for verizon to install small antenna's on people's houses and link Verizon Fios TV over the 4G airwaves that would allow everyone access to Fios TV and not have to spend millions of dollars in fiber optic deployments

Anyone have the same idea I do, and If I am correct you wouldnt need a franchise agreement.

It is totaly capable to do.

Status: Not Likely
FiOS TV would melt a wireless network... hundreds of MB's of data are sucked down everyday by FiOS TV viewers... there will certainly be FiOS TV content delivered over 3G / 4G, but not as the primary until more spectrum is available (Obama working on this spectrum thing based on his public statements)

Verizon Idea Exchange on the TV widget

Status: Maybe Later
by fttp4me on ‎01-29-2011 05:50 AM

I know a very large number of FiOS subscribers in my area who have no clue about the Verizon Idea Exchange and the few who do find it too cumbersome to see if an idea they have has been submitted to add their votes to it.  So I propose a few things:


#1 - Add an announcement either in messages, widget spotlight, etc. letting more subscribers know that the Verizon Idea Exchange exists. The more subscribers using it, the more you can truly listen to your customers.


#2 - Create a Verizon Idea Exchange widget. 

         a) First part of the widget includes a programming vote board suggested by prisaz here: that would show a bar graph of the most wanted channels with each subscriber being able to place a priority vote.  So for example I may place one vote each for FSC HD, FSC+ HD, BBC-AM HD, CTN HD, TCM HD, and G4 HD, but that doesn't necessarily tell you which one I want the most and therefore would like to see added first.  That's where the priority vote comes into play, I can assign upto 5 stars to my single vote for the channel I most want, 4 stars for 2nd most wanted, 3 stars for 3rd, 2 stars for 4th, and then 1 star means I want the channel but I'm willing to wait until my other choices are added first.  Of course the priority vote would be able to be changed in case my preferences change and the channel has not been added yet.  By making this available on the TV screen in such a simple intuitive manner I think you'll hear the opinion of a much larger subscriber base, because out of everyone on my street, I'm the only one who uses the Verizon Idea Exchange since some people won't make use of something unless you pretty much spoon feed it to them.


         b) Second part of the widget lists other ideas that have been posted here on the web, and simply lets subscribers add their votes to them.  Again no comments allowed since I agree that text entry with the remote is cumbersome.  But this way there is greater potential for the more than 3 million subscribers to view some of the ideas, versus the few hundred or maybe thousand that actually view this board.


I see the benefits of this being two-fold. The customer benefits because they get a simple interface that let's them be heard and let's them know where to go to add their own ideas, and Verizon benefits because a customer that believes they can truly influence what content they can access or will be able to access in the future is bound to stick with Verizon versus jumping ship to another provider because they aren't aware of what's coming down the road. Also, Verizon can really see what their own subscribers want and how much they want it.




Status: Maybe Later

This is a compound idea... so always difficult to put a status on multiple suggestions.


So letting more people know about Idea Exchange through the TV... absolutely.


For 2a (this one is not likely)... truthfully just not ready to make that investment... on the TV or web... between existing research VZ / content providers do, tools like VZ forums and twitter, customer requests through old school things like snail mail / calling and even emails to Ivan... we have no shortage of data on exactly what content our customers want...


but this... "Verizon benefits because a customer that believes they can truly influence what content they can access or will be able to access in the future is bound to stick with Verizon" definitely gives me something to chew on.


For 2b (status "maybe later")... I could totally see a best of Idea Exchange type of Widget... take the ideas with the most comments and / or votes... collects votes from the TV screen... pretty cool. Some bigger dragons to slay ahead of this one... (assume you have read other posts here)


Emergency back up batter

Status: Acknowledged
by mes5123 on ‎01-28-2011 12:23 PM

Here in the Washington DC area, thousands of us have been without power for days.  This isn't atypical – power outages due to summer or winter storms often last days --  not hours -- days. And that means that the FIOS emergency battery backup is useless. If power goes out during the night (as ours did) you will be able to make only one, short phone call before losing phone communication. And, of course,without electricity, you can't charge your cell phone. To add insult to injury, many streets have not been plowed.


 So having FIOS means not just being stuck at home in the cold but also being stuck without any means of communication.  


I raise this because it's a safety issue .  And because I was assured by Verizon sales people before signing up for FIOS  that the battery would last for hours of phone use.  Yeah, I know I shouldn't have listened to sales staff.  But Verizon's technical staff were also stunningly indifferent to this problem when I called for help (using up my valuable cell phone charge).  


There must be better batteries available.  Why does Verizon install such a ridiculously inadequate one?  Or better yet allow us to keep our reliable, old land line?  I don't need speed for my phone calls.  That shouldn't be technologically impossible.  At least be honest with customers about the limitations of your battery.


Yes, it's nice to have fast internet and high def TV.  But it is essential to have communication during an emergency.  This never, ever, happened with our old copper lines. Why should we have to sacrifice reliability and safety for FIOS?  


Status: Acknowledged

i understand updates to the status of minutes used on international phone plans are done every two weeks.  That is a very long time considering this is the age of technology.  I was charged extra for phone calls even though I checked the status prior to making calls.  I had no idea it was not updated often.  Recommend more current updates so the customer is aware of how many minutes are really available for use without incurring additonal costs.

Status: Already Exists
Data should be updated within 24-48 hours. Someone from Verizon home phone is going to try to investigate this issue for you.

I have a few channels that I always watch, so I know their numbers. The other day, I wanted to see what was on Epix in the guide without changing channels. I could not figure out an easy way to do this. I went to search, entered Epix, saw that is was 394 (I may be mis remembering the actual number), exited search, went to the guide, entered 394, and saw what was on. I really would like to be able to search by channel name in the guide. Is this possible and I just do not know how to do it?

Status: Already Exists
type in Epix -> right arrow over to the channel after entering text and then arrow over again... see what's on...

FOX Sports TV Format

Status: Acknowledged
by FOXsportstv on ‎01-28-2011 07:39 AM - last edited on ‎01-28-2011 06:35 PM by Moderator

Verizon: The FOX TV network started to broadcast all their sports programs in a wide-screen format a few months ago. If you don't have a wide-screen TV or an HD TV, you can't watch the football games, particularly the upcoming Super Bowl, without missing part of the picture. The part that gets eliminated is the box with the sore, time remaining, down info., etc.


Please start cropping your picture as your competitor, MediaCom, does in my area. I can watch FOX sports on my community center's TV because they have MediaCom and not Verizon. MediaCom adjusted to this new FOX format and Verizon has not. Very frustrating if you're trying to watch a game and don't have a wide-screen TV or an HD TV. My primary TV is a 36" state of the art flat-screen TV by Sony when I bought it a few years ago. My HD TV in the bedroom works fine for FOX., but not my flat-screen. PLEASE ADJUST TO FOX'S FORMAT before the upcoming Supoer Bowl. Thank you.


William B. Jenkins

Lewes, DE

{edited for privacy}


Status: Acknowledged

I have DSL and MacAfee powered security Suite. I keep getting a pop up that says my computer will be unprotected if I don't activate the Security Suite by 1/31/11. I hit the button to activate, the wheel goes around, then an activation error message comes up saying Verizon Security Suite cannot be activated now and to contact Verizon Support. I contacted Verizon Support. They tell me this is a MacAfee problem, not a Verizon problem. They tell me to look at all sorts of web sites, including, I feel, I've spent hours and hours looking at these websites, and still don't have a solution. I'm new to using my own computer, and am so frustrated, I'm thinking of chucking the whole thing.


I'm struggling to install Verizon In Home Agent and MacAfee Automated support. You made it all look so easy when you sold me this stuff.


If I do not solve this problem by 1/31/11 (3 days from now), I will not be able to search the web safely. I have a lot of important work to do. I'm thinking of canceling the Verizon MacAfee Security Suite, taking the computer to Easy Tech at Staples, and having them install Norton .As a relative neophyte, I'm extremely frustrated by this **bleep** techie stuff. I ordered the Verizon Security Suite. It is currently  scanning, but I feel this is Verizon and McAfee's problem, not mine. Why should I be wasting this enormous amount of time trying to solve it.


I suggest you reduce the number of and greatly simplify your websites. I resent so much space is used up on these websites trying to sell me a lot of nonsense instead of helping me with my very annoying problem.


I also suggest you have specialized tech support for various services, such as dsl, and the Security Suite, make it easier to get to higher, more sophisticated levels of support when the problem can't be solved easily, and stop bouncing people around between marketing//billing and tech support..


Verizon personnel were very nice to me when they wanted to sell me my current services. Now I feel they and the Verizon organization don't really give a **bleep** what happens to me and my service. Am I dealing with a big, uncaring,fouled up, **bleep** organization that cares more about profit than people?

Status: Acknowledged

Quick Tune channels for On-Demand content

Status: Accepted
by fttp4me on ‎01-27-2011 08:19 PM

Currently channel 900 connects directly to On Demand. (Personally I just hit the On Demand button on the remote).  What I would like is a feature where tuning in a specific channel number can take me directly to a certain category or folder in the On Demand library.  So whereas channel 900 takes you to the front page of On Demand, channel 2000 could take me directly into the HD Free folder, 2001 might take me directly to the HBO On Demand folder, etc, etc.  This way I don't have to navigate to On Demand, then scroll down, the scroll right, then scroll down, etc. etc.  Even better would be a system where I can enter the regular channel number preceded or followed by the * or # key to go to the On Demand folder for that channel.  So for example *340 goes to Starz On Demand, *365 goes to Showtime On Demand, *400 goes to HBO On Demand, etc. etc.  If its technically difficult to program the IMG to use the * or # keys for this, then I would settle for 2340, 2365, 2400, etc. or maybe use the 9000s to leave room for when channels start reaching the 2000 range.


While we are at it, please remove channel 900 as On Demand and move it to something like channel 9000.  It is awkward that for almost all FiOS channels the HD counterpart can be found by simply adding 500, so 2 is 502, 4 is 504.  But HBO which is 400 is relegated to 899 because On Demand is holding the channel 900 spot.  Also fix Disney HD. it makes no sense that its at 780 and 781 instead of 750 and 751.  Of course I still want the autotune to HD feature that has been highly requested, that way I don't have to remind my family members to tune to 780 instead of 250.  However, certainly moving the channels around so they all follow the same pattern shouldn't be too difficult.


Status: Accepted
Not exactly as described... but I think easier than you suggested (of course interested if you agree). Tune to an existing channel - 400... click an option to see HBO on Demand content associated with that channel (optionally link to other Time Warner content, like Cinemax on Demand)... I think it is easier to link from existing channel than add a ton more channels to the line up... On the second part of your request (which is not under the accepted status, but rather maybe later) I would really like to see a day where the customers can pick the channel assignments... make Disney and HBO whatever channel numbers you want them to be

New Modem/Router For FiOS area DSL Customers

Status: Acknowledged
by ARKx on ‎01-27-2011 12:45 PM

To Whom It May Concern:


Hi we have VZ DSL in Philadelphia off of your PHLAPARE/Regeant CO North of Lehigh Ave.  The trouble is we don't qualify for FiOS yet but those from Lehigh Ave and points South do, so I know we'll be qualifying the "near future" just don't know how much longer.  We've also been bumped up to ADSL2+ on our line mode, and I assume the rest of us in the city will be too gradually.


One thing that will help would be adding a new Modem/Router to the FiOS area DSL customers from Actiontec the V1000H.  It is a 1 for All modem/router; it has 1 RJ-11 ADSL2/2+/VDSL phone port, 1 Gigabit Ethernet WAN, 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN, 1 HPNA v3.1/MoCA Coax port, and an 802.11bgn Multiple SSID Wi-Fi wireless network capability.  This is the best I've seen it supports everything.  This way you can deploy this modem/router to current DSL customers where FiOS will be coming that have been moved over to ADSL2+ or do so when this router/modem is sent out to a customer.  Then they keep the same router and make a few WAN side changes when they get FiOS and that's it no major LAN infrastructure changes like a new router.  Here's the product page:


I look forward to seeing it as an option through your site.


Status: Acknowledged

FiOS Digital Voice Customer Education

Status: Clarification Needed
by ARKx on ‎01-27-2011 12:29 PM

Hi again,


I've been looking through your FiOS DV sites and haven't noticed anything on network diagrams with a detailed comparison between FiOS DV and POTS voice.  Namely how it differs from the CO and out to the national phone network, the CO to the Customer premises is actually covered as part of the FiOS network diagrams, but a newer updated version wouldn't hurt with more detail.  All this would be nice to see in a PDF/Visio Document.


Thanks again,


Status: Clarification Needed
We don't usually publish those types of things due to their proprietary nature. Where did you find the FiOS network diagram you referred to?

Digital Voice

Status: Clarification Needed
by Csonka on ‎01-27-2011 11:11 AM - last edited on ‎01-28-2011 02:52 PM by Moderator

Verizon should really educate their staff (technical & billing dept.) as to who is suppose to help

customer's instead of bouncing them back & forth!


I have twice to technical support & they transferred me to billing, then billing told me that what I

was calling about is for technical support. Really? I was transferred 4 times one day & the next

time I called, I was transferred 3 times...


Educat, educast, educate!!! That's my idea.




Status: Clarification Needed
@Csonka - I'm sorry to hear about your experience and I apologize for the delay. Was this situation that prompted the idea ever resolved to your satisfaction?

I could not find if this has already been suggested, but when I had a DirecTivo, if there was space available on the DVR and it didn't conflict with other recordings the DVR would automatically record shows that it would think I like based on my current series recordings.  It was a nice way of discovering new shows that fit the category of things I liked, in addition it was good for having something to watch as sometimes there wasn't anything compelling on at the time and I already viewed my recorded shows.  Also, I don't always want to spend $$ for On-Demand especially when I shell out $20 for a MRDVR. 

Status: Maybe Later
This is a very hard feature to get right. My experiences with brand X DVR's is that the auto records were rarely is ever something I wanted. I would do if we could make it really good... and not just based off historical recorded shows and keywords in their descriptions (e.g. if I record a movie with horses in it... I don't want westerns... which was what brand X does for me)

We have indoor plumbing. When can we get modern phone/internet/tv service?

Status: Not Likely
by splashroy on ‎01-26-2011 11:43 AM - last edited on ‎01-28-2011 08:44 AM by Admin Emeritus

We live in Los Angeles County, CA, in an area of 21+ custom built homes that have been around for decades. It used to be an AT&T service area, but quite while ago was taken over by Verizon. Last year many (not all) of the old decrepid phone lines were replaced on the street. However, they were replaced with the OLD copper a special order price of $9,000.00. The linemen told us they had to wait until that special order came in to even install since they dont make those wires regularly anymore.  They also informed us that Verizon could have spent $900.00.. Nine HUNDRED vs nine THOUSAND...if they had installed FiOS !  The main FiOS lines run right past our street & homes..but you installed the crap lines instead! WHY?

A mile away is a military base/airport..they have it. Homes a mile away..they have it. Why not us??

Going to the availability link, and typing in our addresses, just tells us our address doesnt exist!  WHY?

We do have indoor plumbing in our homes..we do have modern amenities..we are in the 21st Century here too.

Every day we are bombarded with Verizon mail, internet ads, tv ads about Verizon service in our area..but youve refused to include us.  I know it doesnt take that long to install FiOs.

I dont want to hear 'its coming soon'. Last year you could have run the newest lines..instead you replaced our lines with the old fashioned crap.


Please don't label this as 'acknowleged'...I'd like a live rep to contact us and explain to us how this is allowed to occur and when it can be remedied. Reps reading from a script via twitter or chat are not acceptable.


I would like someone to tell us exactly WHEN this will be rectified and when ALL services can be installed in our small area...not just basic landline phone service.  Since Verizon skipped us when doing everyone else, it behooves you to correct the problem.


Thank you.

Status: Not Likely

I am wondering if Verizon has any plans to support IPv6 on FiOS and DSL even as a public beta before World IPv6 day.


Verizon Business has been quoted in Network World as participating. So far, Comcast has made you all look really bad regarding IPv6 support. They've done public trials, while Verizon has done just a tiny little employees-only trial.


If this is such a new and advanced network compared to the cable companies, why should it be hard for you to enable FiOS and  DSL for IPv6?

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Providing high-speed Internet to our community would be a large untapped market when the current local service and Hughes Net are sorry and overpriced.  What I don't understand is if its a new development and Verizon own the phone lines and all the phone services why not install the fiber optic for Internet. New communities/developments are being development annually and it would be a large market for the service. Our community is sadly overlooked. We live in a "rural" area receiving many of the same benefits as the "city" but lack high-speed service. Verizon could gain several thousand new customers and potentially several business customers if service

Status: Already Exists
Have you checked to see if high speed internet is available in your area?

Customer created widgets

Status: Maybe Later
by fttp4me on ‎01-26-2011 10:23 AM

It would be cool if customers could create their own widgets.  Similar to how tech-savvy people can create apps for android.  The widget can then be submitted to Verizon for approval to distribute to other FiOS TV customers.  Since the STBs seem to have limited resources, initially the widgets could be limited to requiring the software run from PC (similar to media manager, youtube, etc.) Eventually custom created FiOSTV widgets could be targeted more towards tablets/ipad type devices.  This may even speed deployment of new widgets by using the collective knowledge and ability of the techies out there instead of just relying on in-house personnel or partners.

Status: Maybe Later
So we continue to work our way toward way more developers putting apps on FiOS TV. Currently we can process several apps per month, but to do this we need to be able to process dozens / hundreds / thousands per month. We are putting more components in place now to do more app certifications... and progressively we can on board more developers. Wish there was "probably later" status... that's a more appropriate status

analytical info for DVR

Status: Accepted
by newtp on ‎01-26-2011 09:09 AM

would love to get analytical info on shows being recorded. I see there is a "what's hot" tab for live tv but would love to see "what's hot" being recorded so I can find new shows to record. I see there is a "Top Recorded" on the DVR page online but it's mainly spanish shows :-/.

Status: Accepted
May take a few software releases... but this is a great idea to add to What's Hot! Most popular live, on demand and then recorded... I dig it.
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Request Please!!!

by frank33 on ‎01-25-2011 04:40 PM - last edited on ‎01-28-2011 07:31 PM by Moderator

I'd  like to request criss- cardio by sherri Jacquelyn  for exercise TV please Its a great video and everyone whom trys it will enjoy it very much!!!

It would be simpler to have the non-HD channel followed by the HD channel. For instance, channel 2 followed by channel 2 HD instead of having channel two then having to remember that channel 2 hd is channel 502. This would reduce the numbers used and make it simpler to find your channels. Also you can add the option to show only HD channels because in most cases for those that have the HD boxes most of the channels watched probably have the HD channel.



Status: Already Exists
Two ideas... second one exists. Set favorites to HD and in settings select "flip by favorites". See nothing but HD. There are also some cool filters for finding shows if you hit the right arrow... In our next guide software release if you select an SD channel.... you'll see a prompt to quickly click to the HD version if one is available...

More 3D content

Status: Accepted
by KJB86 on ‎01-25-2011 11:39 AM

Fios seems to be dropping the ball when it comes to 3D content. It seems like every other service provider has carried tons of 3D content lately (ESPN 3D Channel, Winter Classic, Sony Open... etc.), while Verizon only had regional sports events not available in my area and some On Demand content that I can already get from multiple other sources.  Is there any news on when Fios will be getting ESPN 3D? I know it was already announced for "2011" but if it is any later than the spring, I have a feeling that Comcast will be getting a few new customers in my area. Also I know that Sony & the Discovery Channel are launching a 3D channel soon... any chance that Fios will get this?


Thank you

Status: Accepted
First up are 3D movies from FiOS on Demand
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High-Speed Internet Needed Near Lake Bryan (Bryan, TX)

Status: Acknowledged
by chris77807 on ‎01-25-2011 07:36 AM - last edited on ‎01-25-2011 09:43 AM by Admin Emeritus

Providing high-speed Internet to our community would not only benefit us, but Verizon as well.  High-speed service is available approximately 2 miles from us, but we haven't received any notification that we will ever receive service. 


Our community is sadly overlooked.  We live in a "rural" area receiving many of the same benefits as the "city" but lack high-speed service.  Verizon could gain several hundred new customers and potentially several business customers if service can be provided.  With the city's Lake Bryan several miles down the road, it's potentially another business draw as well.


Put out better Digital HD Boxes. TiVo sells TERABYTE boxes and FiOS is still distributing 160GB boxes. I know that you have the 320GB and apparently have been putting 500GB drives into some of the QIP7232 boxes as well. Make drop shipment of these boxes available. My STB has shut of 15 times tonight. I know that eSata is a solution but I feel that if I am renting the box anyway it should come with more storage and work great! Also the OnDemand is no where near as good as Comcast and I hate to say that because I dont like Comcast at all. If the Digital boxes had more horsepower the menu system as well as the OnDemand could look alot nicer. As it is right now the star button on the remote is like hitting a pdf landmine on the internet. You try to avoid it at all costs because of the sloww load time. The content also takes longer to get to OnDemand, most services have the programming the next morning. I cant wait for the FiOS sling boxes and Live TV coming to the iPhone/iPad. FiOS in my honest opinion is the BEST service out there with outdated equipment. If we had better equipment it would be even better! Please take into consideration all things addressed here. I do not believe this is a duplicate because of all things covered in this.

Status: Acknowledged

Wow... idea exchange overload... I would assert multiple duplications... but since you took the time to write... you deserve a response better than just duplicate status. So piece by piece.


Tivo is delivering a box with a terabyte, but over 3 years it will cost you over $1,000 compared to $540 for FiOS TV DVR (so I would consider that an Apples to Oranges comparison). Second we have introduced a 500GB DVR. There is no 320GB unit. We are just about to offer existing customers storage upgrade options (sign up at -> My TV -> set top boxes -> right column "get more from DVR").  Last Tivo will offer you a trade-in for old Tivo to get a new one... but you are still spending hundreds to upgrade.  


Your On Demand experience will get much faster with our next guide release (IMG 1.9). It will all look a lot nicer as well.


I would love nothing more than more powerful boxes... the real question is whether you are willing to spend almost twice as much for the equipment (i.e. Tivo reference above).


Last I suggest maybe you contact VZ support to make sure your home network is up to snuff and your box is OK... some of what you are reporting is atypical.  My On Demand takes slightly over a second to launch and video starts in about 800ms (slightly more than blinking you eye).   In IMG 1.9 On Demand launches in less than a second...

I need to switch remotes to set the volume on my Audio Receiver - and no, the STB volume doesn't work if you are using PCM audio output or Optical audio output from the STB.


I also need to control my TV to switch the video source between DTV (for HD content) and DVD (for SD content). I cannot do this without a learning remote that deals with the TV for more than on/off and volume.


OK, lot's of folks want a basic remote - I agree, that should be the standard offer. But how about a more sophisticated remote that is available for a premium of $20?



Status: Already Exists
I would suggest you go buy a Harmony remote control... if you know with PCM Audio is... then do yourself a favor and spoil yourself with a $50 - $100 remote.. you won't regret it.

How about a Search for Actor feature?

Status: Already Exists
by torrmundi on ‎01-24-2011 09:12 PM

I would love to search of all content that has a particular actor in it.

Status: Already Exists
Not only can you type in any keyword, including actor... but once you find content... say a movie... you can play the Kevin Bacon game... scroll down to see other actors in the movie... click that actor and see other content that actor performed in...

Listen to your consumers on where services are needed and make it happen.

Status: Acknowledged
by wardellwedlock on ‎01-24-2011 10:17 AM - last edited on ‎01-24-2011 01:57 PM by Admin Emeritus

I live in Winchester Va At Mountain Falls area, this is right next to Shawnee Land. We can get verizon land lines (house phones) but not else in our area's. I've reached out to Verizon and Comcast on several occassions to get cable or fios services only to be told that we live to fare out. Well I got a great idea. We have HOA's in our area so how about reaching out to them Verizon and setting something up, run your fiber how ever you have to do it and scoop up some customers that would eagerly jump and sign up since we lack any great internet or services unless you're telling us that DISHTV and Direct TV is better that whatever you can provide. You got that capitial but  ya scared to spend the money or what ? Or is it that ya just don't give a gimp about extending your services to the fullest extent to all customers and leave us folks 15 ta 20 miles out of Winchester Va in the dark ages.

Status: Acknowledged
We are committed to completing cities / town where we have already started to build FiOS. We added seven figure homes in the last year to the FiOS network. If you town / city does not have FiOS at this point... then unfortunately you'll have to wait a bit longer while we finish what we have on our plate (assume you would understand we have to finish existing commitments before creating new ones). And by no means are we afraid of investing capital... FiOS investment is $23B and counting and in 2010 we invested $10B in our 4G wireless network... so we are big fans of building the best and most innovative networks. Appreciate your interest in FiOS.
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when I click on "view bill" . . .

Status: Already Exists
by thrst on ‎01-24-2011 09:55 AM

 . . . your website should allow me to view my bill, instead of insisting that I create a temporary PIN

Status: Already Exists

Publish the port forwarding rules and requirements for customers to use the features they pay for! Don't tell us we must use the Verizon Buggy router. Every provider out there publishes the rules required to make their features work. Is it that the Verizon TV hardware is that unsecure it must be kept top secreat and proprietary?


It seems as if anytime I set port forwarding on my router for anything other than the Verizon default custom ports, all the Verizon custom ports go disabled. I added nothing that should conflict and only added the custom rule shown. Is it because the custome rule is also called an application? Any Ideas? I hate to keep reseting my router and or STB and DVRs to get these rules back. If Verizon is going to require these rules, they should at least allow the customer to enable disable the rules. Or is it that the smoke and mirrors disables the edit features on these? Any Ideas? Can I reset the router and manually add these back so the work? All these rules for remote DVR and CID have always been a pain, and never stay operating if anything is touched on the touchy router!



Status: Acknowledged
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Status: In Progress
by FiOS_MAN on ‎01-23-2011 08:49 PM

It would be great to be able to access and watch recorded programs from my dvr on my smartphone through the DVRManager App.

Status: In Progress
Definitely we will make more content from FiOS TV available on mobile phones, computers, tablets... we have over 2,000 choices and growing today. On the computer there are more than 10,000 titles (coming to mobile soon). However it will probably not be your DVR content unless we have gotten permission for that content to be watched on devices beyond the TV screen. So some options you will find you can watch else where, while some shows will remain trapped on the TV (hopefully for not too long)

fios tv -- houston

Status: Maybe Later
by kimmik on ‎01-23-2011 06:56 PM

I'm fairly certain I already know the answer to this, but is there any chance FiOS TV will be coming my way any time soon? I mean, I know the economy's not so great (although it's making a come back; I can feel it), but seriously, Houston? It's only the nation's 4th largest city! I love verizon. My cell is through them, my FiOS internet is through them, and I don't have a land line because I don't need one, but if I did, I'd go verizon. I hate my DirecTv (I know they are affiliated with verizon) and my contract is going to be up soon. My only other option here (besides Comcast, who I'm fairly certain just about everyone hates) is Dish. I don't hate Dish, but I'd soooo rather have FiOS TV. I'd even be willing to wait some time for FiOS TV, if only I could be reassured it's coming. I just can't believe a city as huge as we are doesn't have it yet, especially when smaller cities in Texas (Dallas/Ft Worth) do have it. It seems slightly backwards and somewhat illogical. I know most people in my area have verizon for internet/phone/wireless, and I'm pretty sure they'd be all over FiOS TV. So, is there any chance?... :smileysad:


PS -- I say Houston because it's simpler and it is the greater Houston Metro, but I actually live in League City.

Status: Maybe Later
We just launched a couple markets in 2010, like Palm Springs... but have no immediate plans for Houston.
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Consistency/Customer Service

Status: Acknowledged
by taurus14 on ‎01-23-2011 06:15 PM

I couldn't find a spot for customer complaints, so this will have to be the spot.  I must say that I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in Verizon.


I called at 7:39 p.m. to cancel my HBO/Cinemax package to order the Movie Package.  If you turn to premium channels & you are not subscribed, it says " You are not subscribed to this channel" & then it gives you the phone number to call & order the services & then says " A Customer Service Representative will add your channel & you will be able to instantly watch the channel". THAT'S A LIE!!! The customer service rep removed the HBO/Cinemax stations within 10 seconds of my request.  I couldn't access the channels I ordered & after speaking with 4 customer service reps, I was finally told that my order wouldn't be completed until 24 hours in which I placed my order.  It's now 9:07 p.m. & I was finally transferred to someone who informed me of this.


Also, I understand charging for the premium channels & pay per view and stuff like that, but what's up with these packages that don't include simple channels like Lifetime, Tv One & Crime & Investigation? I feel that Verizon can come ALOT better than what they are.  You should not have to upgrade your package to include those channels that other carriers automatically provide in their standard package .  My contract is up January 2012, and I don't see my being a customer with Verizon beyond that.  I also feel extremely terrible about the 5 referrals that I've done.  Those customers are not pleased with Verizon either.  One is actually going to pay to cancel her contract & I'm contemplating that also.

Status: Acknowledged
taurus 14-

Sorry to hear about your customer service issues. Your post has been escalated, and you should hear from a Verizon rep ASAP. If you don't please send me a personal message here in the community (DougVZ) and I'll follow-up for you.
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I think it would be really simple if all of the websites was just all togethor like just or something like that because it was annoying how i had to make an account for and my verizon

Status: Not Likely

Better support for home

Status: Clarification Needed
by kekoa1969 on ‎01-23-2011 11:29 AM

I have a question about my home service so I went to the "contact us" section. The 3 most convenient & ways of contacting you (ask Verizon, email, live chat) are for wireless customers only. I could call you, but I don't feel like waiting on hold for an hour just to talk to a customer service rep in India who speaks very broken English & is therefore so hard to understand that it **bleep** me off to the point of me just saying "forget it" & hanging up. Do you think that home service customers don't have problems or questions too?

Your idiotic Verizon spam filter is erratically stopping me from sending email to various addresses.  I just found that an email I sent last night was labeled as spam and blocked by Verizon from going to a single person.  My email does not contain anything that could remotely be considered spam!  This is incredibly frustrating since I never know whether my email is going to be transmitted.  If Verizon does not stop blocking my email, I will terminate my account!

Status: Launched
Bug was identified and fixed.
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