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Verizon Website Changes

Status: Acknowledged
by Kennethbac on ‎02-03-2012 02:53 PM

I have just spent 6-8 pnone calls to find out your website will no longer allow payment of 2 accounts from one website access. Prior to this so called upgrade I could pay both my bills with a single ID and password. NOW I need 2 ID's and passwords. You must have fired the previous website designers and hired a bunch of incompetent designers. Than I get on the site with 2 ID's and I can not access my bill without a PIN --- which I have no idea what your website designers are thinking but I would fire the whole bunch and rehire the ones that have left. Regarding the attempt to make one use paperless billing I will never accept paperless billing after the approach you are using to force acceptance. If you think the present website is an upgrade you are badly mistaken. I have an electrical engineering degree along with a computer science degree and I have never seen anything so poorly destroyed and than call it an upgrade. YOUR WEBSITE JUST BACKED UP 10 YEARS. SORRY BUT YOU DESERVE THIS CRITIZISM Ken

Status: Acknowledged

How about....

Status: In Progress
by on ‎02-01-2012 05:16 PM

...some real responses to real suggestions, instead of roboposting Status changed to: Acknowledged 


all the time.

Status: In Progress
so instead of marking this acknowledged, would it be more approriate to say it's an item in progress?

I have been receiving a steady increase of "PHISHING EMAILS" in my Verizon email INBOX. I particularly Despise thieves trying to trick me into releasing my sensitive information and seriously compromising my identity. Verizon has excellent active methods for automatically eliminating SPAM, but nothing for "PHISHING EMAILS".  As far as I know "PHISHING EMAILS" can only be detected by human intervention. Please Provide a Way for Users to Identify "Phishing Email" for Verizon's Security Team so that Verizon will take effective action against these criminals and submit them to government authorities. I hope Verizon can set a precedent for IT by being the first to take steps to eliminate "PHISHING EMAILS".

Status: Acknowledged

Please Make Verizon Email SpellCheck as good as the one in "NEW IDEA FORUM". Verizon Email SpellCheck does not recognize nearly as many dictionary words. I just used the one in Verizon's "NEW IDEA FORUM" and it is much, much smarter.

Status: Acknowledged

Allow ALL Idea Posts on Single Page

Status: Acknowledged
by stevesue4 on ‎02-01-2012 12:20 PM

I just spent 20 laborious minutes combing through your New Ideas Comments to verify if my idea is a duplicate of someone else. Please Allow ALL Idea Posts on a Single Page. That way I/we can use Quick Search (ctrl+f) to quickly search through all of them with a KEYWORD to verify if our post would be unique. Our time is valuable to us well as as to Verizon. This will make a more efficient operation for both ends (customers AND Verizon).

Status: Acknowledged

Add ShortsTV, the short film channel

Status: New Idea
by coopgirl on ‎02-01-2012 11:06 AM

The subject line says it all.  


Please add ShortsTV, the short film channel.  DIRECTV offers the channel.


These are the folks that show the Oscar Nominated shorts each year.  


Check out their website at


Instead of free WiFi, Free LTE/3G

Status: Acknowledged
by xmnj on ‎02-01-2012 09:42 AM

Instead of giving the free WiFi access with FiOS internet bundles, which is pretty limited, how about offering free LTE/3G access.  Maybe allow a limit, such as 2 GB a month and offer the customer to buy the device outright.

Status: Acknowledged

Let ME Select the Local Channels

Status: Not Likely
by samtern on ‎02-01-2012 09:07 AM

I would like the option of selecting whether I get the New York local channels or the Philadelphia local channels instead of having one forced on me.

Status: Not Likely
We are required under the terms of our agreements with broadcasters to distribute specific signals within specific geographic areas. This allows for the broadcasters to then sell local advertising within their area of service, based on the knowledge that they will have exclusive access to viewers in that market. This is a core structural element of our current broadcast system and is unlilkely to change in the near to mid term future. As a result, we cannot meet this request.

Verizon should participate with DMARC . . .

Status: Acknowledged
by Bolt on ‎01-31-2012 06:02 AM

I couldn't find any press release or other indication that Verizon email service has agreed to participate with DMARC to verify that incoming messages purporting to be from participating banks and other companies (such as PayPal) are authentic.  Verizon could also participate as a sender of messages since it is possible that its sender domain will be spoofed by phishers.  Information about DMARC is here: .


Is Verizon participating in either capacity?  If not, does it have an intention to do so?  If not, my idea is:  PARTICIPATE, and help make email safer for all of us.



Status: Acknowledged

Multi Room DVR pause from non DVR box?

Status: Maybe Later
by dturano on ‎01-29-2012 01:54 PM

Everything i search points to complaints from a few years back, im sure this has been posted but i cannot find any info on this feature being added.


Im new to FIOS - i used to have dish and had two DVR boxes.  Multi room seems to be for most people but not me, i have no problem setting programs per room.


Does FIOS plan to add live tv pause from non DVR box in the multi room setup?  I think cable/comcase offers a 15 minute pause that would be nice, i cant confrim but i have heard you can create and edit recordings on other providers from non dvr boxes in the multi room setup.


Is this in the works?  A simple few minute pause would really help thats all i find useful but would love to edit and create new recordings form alternate boxes.


Can I drop multi room and have FIOS give me two independant DVR boxes? My package gives me free multi room for life which is a $19 add on i think.  I would prefer two DVR until this feature is added.  I read a great article about doing away with individual boxes, so i think they are working towards some great features but it could be years before it hits my area. (NY, long island area)


Overall happy with FIOS - only left dish becasue neither cable or fios would offer internet for $29 anymore.

Status: Maybe Later
You can have multiple dvr's in the home today. you cannot use the disk on a DVR from another box. that may come over time but is not part of the product today.

New Guide Shortcuts/Enhancements

Status: Acknowledged
by RosslynR on ‎01-29-2012 08:14 AM


UP ARROW TO QUICKTUNE  - On my old DirecTV box, pressing the up arrow brought up a tic-tac-toe box of my nine favorite channels.  It was a great way to get to my top channels without having to scroll through the favorites list. 


INFO BAND AT TOP OF SCREEN - Instead of having the info band (larger band with program information) as the third item down from the top in the guide, move that to the top so that as you are scrolling, the information is at the top of the screen.  When scrolling page by page, I tend to ignore the items above the band.  


SKIP AHEAD TIMELINE - When using the skip ahead 30 seconds button, suggest that the timeline bar at the bottom appears so I know where I am in the program.  It helps to know how much time is left in the show without having to hit the info button after skipping ahead.




Status: Acknowledged
we'll review these with our developers.
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