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Update your products

Status: New Idea
by on ‎10-08-2011 04:27 PM

we need a wifi application for the mac there needs to be a update for the mac so it can support 10.7.1 lion im always on the go and only own a mac please speak to the product manager about this macs need to have wifi on the go having a wifi application or updating the wifi program to work with mac is very important.


Fios in the West Philadelphia area

Status: New Idea
by sirauron on ‎10-08-2011 02:29 PM

I've been wait for quite some time for Fios to be in my area in west philadelphia in the University City Area, what is taking so long for Fios to roll out in more areas.


Mac os x 10.7 software, bootcamp

Status: New Idea
by on ‎10-08-2011 01:10 PM

Macs need to be supported more they are getting more and more popular they are really good computers verizon should offer more support for them 10.7.1 lion is the newest operating system and it needs support their is the new mac app store and apple even released their own devloper tools called xcode 4 which is free verizon needs to add more products and support for macs and lion lion is $29 and is the most affordable operating system out on the market their needs to be more support for macs and the operating system lion window Cds are way to expensive $199 since macs cant use window upgrades their needs to be more support for the mac and original operating systems not bootcamp.


tv online

Status: New Idea
by on ‎10-08-2011 12:58 PM

add stars and nba league pass to the fios tv lineup dish network comcast and xfinity already have them 


Mac os x 10.7 software

Status: New Idea
by on ‎10-08-2011 12:53 PM

Verizon needs to add more software to the Mac a lot of Macs are being bought now Verizon should make a special gaming platform just for Macs Verizon should try making apps for the new Mac app store I see a lot of new modern video games in their also a app should be made in the Mac app store to support flex view on the Mac just like Verizon did with the iphone through itunes app store also Macs can support video games better then PC's Macs can handle more advanced graphics and hardly ever lag like PC's plus most Macs can support HD or even 3D games.


TV content

Status: New Idea
by dallasgal on ‎10-08-2011 08:05 AM

Let your customers know what is going on with your so called negotiations with the Tennis Channel. That was the ONLY channel that I wanted on that package, yet am still being charged extra. Keep your customers informed!  Wow... what a new idea!


FIOS TV Information Screen

Status: New Idea
by BJRJ on ‎10-07-2011 05:33 PM

Many of my friends are upset with the new FIOS Information format/screen We find the new information screen takes up about 40$ of the screen and is intrusive.  The screen is too bright and has a faded look.


Suggestion: Allow user adjustment of the information screen size and color contrast.


Internet Vacation Plan

Status: New Idea
by skuser on ‎10-07-2011 09:31 AM - last edited on ‎10-28-2011 09:30 AM by Moderator

The Internet Vacation plan should be at least 9 months.  At the current 6 months it is to be a money grab. 

I love to see a complete package with out sports and an ultimate package with all of the above

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Speed up the new guide

Status: New Idea
by zoppi7 on ‎10-06-2011 02:25 PM

The new guide is much slower to scroll through and navigate.  I like the old one better and it is much slower than the old guide.


Show Customers Respect!

Status: New Idea
by angryCustomer01 on ‎10-06-2011 12:04 PM

I just cancelled my order with Verizon.  Very disappointed, as I was looking very forward to having FIOS installed. I had a great setup with the 50/20mbps connection so was pretty excited.

The problem came, when not only did they miss their install date by over 3 days, is that they didn't even have the courtesy to notify me that it would not be installed. In fact, I had to call in at 3:50 (install time was 12-4) and inquire about my order.  Only at that time, was install was not going to happen today.  Now, when I contacted Verizon, they said, that it would be installed 2 days later, next day was going to be to do outside work, and the day after I MUST be home, because that was when install would take place.   Day of install... nothing. Yet, I get a call saying, they would like to "RESCHEDULE" for a new date, as they did not have anything in the computers for the install.  WTH!

I wish Verizon would appreciate their customers time. Much of my frustrations could have been handled if communication was taken place properly, and phone ops would do their job. 

Unfortunelty, now that I wished I had FIOS, I am cancelling my order and going back to Satellite/Cable, at least they treated me with respect and appreciated my business.  Enough rambling, I'll go start posting my FIOS experiences now on FB and forums.




Paper Free Billing

Status: New Idea
by refrus on ‎10-06-2011 10:13 AM

I enrolled in paper free billing and would like to de-enroll.  Have been trying for months.  When I select the de-enroll option on the appropriate page, there is no option to navigate to the bottom of the page to save my choice.  Very frustrating!  Tried minimizing.  Nothing helps.  This is not a very userfriendly website.


Geographical Ad

Status: Acknowledged
by JDK on ‎10-06-2011 06:13 AM - last edited on ‎10-06-2011 03:49 PM by Admin Emeritus

Asking customers to 'opt-out' from Verizon's new geographical ad (targeting residence area) should be changed to 'opt-in' system if Verizon really care for customers' privacy.  For customers like me, can Verizon set up a privacy option 'an opt-out default', which is always 'opt-out' unless customers opt -in.  Customers sess sensitive to privacy can choose 'opt-in default', which will be always opt-in unless customers opt-out.

Status: Acknowledged
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BBC America in HD

Status: New Idea
by caelumcrow on ‎10-05-2011 11:18 AM

I would love to see BBC America in HD on FiOS.


GameHD channels

Status: New Idea
by BluePoet on ‎10-05-2011 08:24 AM

I saw that this year, inDemand (the broadcaster of MLB Extra Innings/NHL Center Ice) is offering seven GameHD channels, but FiOS will only be carrying two of them.  As a subscriber to the Ultimate HD package as well as the Center Ice package, I am very disappointed that Verizon seems not to care about providing its inDemand customers all of the available HD channels.  Please rectify this situation or I may look for a provider that does provide these channels.

Occasionally when you are skipping forward on a recording, you will reach the end by mistake.  With 1.8 and if you used FF it slowed down or stopped first.  With 1.9 it doesn't slow down.


In order to find the last part you have to find the option to play again from the beginning and then have to try and ff to what you missed, with the chance that you will overshoot again.


Some other DVR's simply allow you  to rewind or skip back once you reach the end of your recording.  This should be allowed whether what you are watching is previously recorded or even if it is still in the process of being recorded.

Status: Acknowledged
fair ask. we'll pass it on to the developers

I was a Comcast customer for many MANY years and a Garden State Cable customer before that. But when these Comcast bandwidth limits started interferring with working at home and them actually having the gall to threaten me with a "DO THIS OR ELSE WE'LL KICK YOU OFF OUR SERVICE" phone call, after being a loyal customer since they stepped on the scene, without a single late bill,  I said enough was enough.


I been a Fios customer for more than 2 years now and I can't be happier. It's the best service I could've asked for, just fantastic. I have had subscriptions to plenty of ISPs through the years, from California to Central Pennsylvania to Arizona and back to New Jersey and worked with many more in my line of work. And by far Fios outperforms and outprices the competition by such a huge margin. It is an amazing service. I am almost tempted to up my internet speed again from the package we currently have. It's just that good of a service. Except for one flaw. TCN not being broadcast in HD.


I don't watch a ton of television... But starting in September I make sure I  don't miss a single Flyers game now that we had to dump our season tickets. It is a real bummer when the games are on The Comcast Network and a real letdown when I realized that it wasn't in HD (even though someone told me years back I had forgotten). It is a shame that they don't have this network in HD as you really get used to watching sports in HD. Its the one flaw I have found on the four services I have via Verizon.


I've requested this before and have heard the techincal reasons why the channel won't fit on the lineup yet they have it on their Delaware lineup. I am so tempted to switch to just Comcast Television again but I really do like Fios' TV so much better. Especially the utlimate package that we have now with the Media Manager which I use all the time for watching movies from my PC. Yes as far as the schedule goes the Flyers only play less than a dozen games on there at this point... but as any Flyers/Phillies/Sixers fan knows when there are scheduling conflicts with two Philly area teams or all teams playing at once, one of the teams gets sent to TCN. Plus they have AHL Games and other events that I miss out on HD from.


As I said I've made this request each year since I signed up. I've talked to plenty of potential customers (in all honesty) and told them how great the service is. But when they ask about the sports I always have to include that "..BUT..they don't have TCN in HD." and have heard plenty of people say, "I would sign up for the Fios triple play package but if I can't get both Comcast sports channels in HD forget it....". Its not worth losing even one customer on this issue let alone a couple hundred. We get new Spanish language channels in full HD it seems once a month. Plus we have literally tons of channels that are in HD that I know for a fact aren't getting the viewer levels that a sporting event would get.


So Please Verizon this year give us a gift that keeps on giving, THE COMCAST NETWORK IN HD. You won't be sorry.


Password names and compatibility

Status: Acknowledged
by BoardSailor on ‎10-04-2011 10:17 AM - last edited on ‎10-06-2011 03:53 PM by Admin Emeritus

I have Verizon DSL Internet service, Verizon hard-line copper-wire telephone service, and Verizon Wireless service. To use these services, I need passwords for:

 Password to retrieve e-mail. Password must contain letters and numbers and be at least six alphanumic characters.
 Password to examine and change Verizon DSL services.
 Password to examine and change Verizon wireless services.
 Password to retrieve Wireless line voice mail.
 Password to retrieve hard-line voice mail. I think this cannot be more than six digits.


The same password is not used for all of these places because I have not identified an easy to remember password that is compatible with all of the destinations.  When responding to Verizon messages, I'm frustrated by my inability to quickly identify which of the password is required for access.  Verizon keeps sending me to "MyVerizon," but I suspect that I have two "MyVerizon" destinations.  Then there is also the confusion of versus  There has been some merging of these, but it is still very confusing.  I'm aware that Verizon DSL/hard-line and Verizon wireless are two different companies, but they need to do a better job of coordination.


I'd like to see messages from Verizon contain a clear indication of which or my accounts requires my attention, so I can quickly enter it with the appropriate password.

Status: Acknowledged

I have basic (very basic) phone service and internet/DSL with Verizon. I also have a 3-phone VerizonWireless Account.  Clearly I do not need a landline (no home business, no faxing requirement, etc etc). So why can't I cancel my home telephone service and keep my DSL service? I've tried to do this online but it isn't allowed.  If I call in to do this, I'm told that my internet service fee will be increased. Why? Is it worth more money without a landline attached to it? What more do I get for that increased price?  Why do you make it so hard for a Verizon customer to save a little money? What good does it do to force a customer to have a landline when it clearly is not necessary? Here I am paying $150 a month for wireless service and another $52 a  month for landline and DSL (and the DSL is $32 alone on my bill).  Give me a break, Verizon.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for your comment. I honestly don't know the answer to your question, but I'll see if I can find the part of the company that would and ask them to comment. Thanks!
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I quote from




I even had/have a ticket with Verizon to DELETE all my WEB Files.   Was supposed to be completed by 10/2 - it was not.  So I got online with Verizon and they stated the SERVER Team would finish up the removal on Monday 10/3.  Well it is now 10/4 and I still have 13MB of files in my Personal Web Space which means I will be charged $5 for being over 10MB





Hey, Verizon.


Here is an idea, stop making broken promises.


If you promisse to do something, you better do it on schedule.


Failure to do what you are saying you are going to do when you say you are going to do it, is not an option.


If you fail to do so:


#1 Users seriously might consider canceling service with you.


#2 Users will go to other ISPs.


#3 And they will complain about the bad/horrible customer service, which makes your ship sink ever more. ex: Users will tell other users not to bother to sign up with you and tell other users who have Verizon Service to cancel too.


Get with it now, before it is to late!!!



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Foxphilly29 in Sussex county, Delaware?

Status: New Idea
by sussexjay on ‎10-03-2011 11:49 AM

Foxphilly29 is severely needed in Sussex County, DE.  Never in my life, living at the beach, have I been unable to watch the eagles, until I got Verizon fios.   Many people from the Philly area live and vacation in southern DE, not to mention the locals that support Philly sports.  Kent County in Delaware has Fox21 Delmarva out of Salisbury MD., and Foxphilly29.  NCCO has just Foxphilly29.   We in Sussex county only have Fox21 Delamarva and again, Foxphilly29 is severely needed.

All of your competitors in my area, provides Foxphilly.

I am frustrated by the fact that when I contact the Verizon Home Page I have to sign in twice to acess my account.  Once I am able to get an actual connection ( often does not respond the first couple of tries) there is the box to sign in to your verizon account by providing my "name" and password.  When I enter my name and password this then calls up a screen telling me I have to enter my "name" and password again!  Why should I, an account holding and paying customer have to enter the same Information TWICE to access my account?  This is annoying and a time wasting step to accessthe Services I PAY FOR.  Then there are the many times I have to resign in because Verizon has shut me down for inactivity, sometimes when I am in the middle of e-mail!

Suggestion- Don't make me sign in TWICE. I never had to before with the old e-mail. Also make customer service easy- don't send me to places like this where my concerns will never be read or questions answered, don't bounce me around to "forums" or Knowledge Facts or around and around clicking various ad-like targets that are supposed to help.  Most of the time I am taken to a splash page advertising your services, many of which are not even available in my area.

Finally, increase speeds for you DSL customers.  I'm ashamed to admit I have Verizon DSL but only have snail-like speeds.


New idea for the remote

Status: Maybe Later
by CPTHOOK on ‎10-02-2011 12:58 PM

I don't know if this is a new idea, but unable to find a blog on the idea, so here it is:


With the new remote....


Can we put in a little pager system (like your portable phones) so when the kids or dogs walk off with the remote, we can go to the box and push the pager button to see where the remote was last left?

Status: Maybe Later
Maybe later.. not because it isn't a good idea (I dig it)... but because it takes a long time to develop a new remote control.


Status: New Idea
by slowingdown on ‎10-02-2011 12:42 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong as I will be sometimes but if I understood the Fiberoptic demo right Fios speed versus cable speed was 20 mbps versus 3 mbps. I f this is correct Verizon how about 20 versus 20 and show me you really are faster?

New Guide defaults to 720p - make sure to change it to 1080i and adjust your aspect ratio accordingly


There should be a 'set up your new guide' tutorial or assisted setup process for furture market upgrades that makes you go through it the first time the box is turned on after the update.


After doing these things - the guide and picture is crystal clear again, I do not see any fuzzy white hard to read text.

Status: Acknowledged
There is a wizard that pop's up on after the upgrade that walks you through the config... did you not see that?
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