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Single website for all Online TV viewing

Status: New Idea
by mac122383 on ‎10-29-2011 10:58 PM

As it is right now, if I want to watch HBO content online, I have to go to and login with my verizon credentials. If I want to then watch a TBS show, I have to go to and login. Then if I want to watch cinemax, TNT, comedy central, etc., I have to go through the same process.  Having to visit multiple sites with repeated logins is annoying.


Verizon should create a site that acts as a TV portal where we can log in once and then access any available content from all participating networks.  Comcast already has this in place with their XFinity portal.  This would be appreciated, thanks.


Customer Service Support

Status: Acknowledged
by johnnyjoe on ‎10-29-2011 12:40 PM

Verizon customer service support is atrocious--by far the worst customer service company I've dealt with in the last 10 years.  The on-line chat program is rarely able to solve one's problems, nor are e-mail message  responses (when somebody bothers to respond)..  That leaves telephone communications which is simply terrible.  It takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to reach a live person on the phone.  When one does, the first contact is rarely able to resolve the problem so that the customer is transferred two or three times and each time involves a 15 to 30 minute wait.  I have spent hours trying to get my issues resolved and I have had many issues since switching to Verizon a few weeks ago.  If I had to do it over again, I would never have switched from Comcast.  While I like what FIOS has to offer, I absolutely hate dealing with Customer Service Support where problems are rarely resolved the first time around. 

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by bgood724 on ‎10-28-2011 07:15 AM

take verizon assumptive sales out of training its causing issues in alot of areas

Status: Acknowledged

"Wait" cursor on DVR

Status: New Idea
by ELaw on ‎10-28-2011 05:40 AM

I've had FIOS TV for about a month now, and boy was I spoiled with my old DirecTivo!


One of the worst things with the DVR is that probably 2/3 of the time when I press a button on the remote, nothing happens!  I've realized part of the problem is it seemingly only works in a narrow range of angles, but the main problem seems to be that when the DVR is "thinking" it gives you no indication!  Every computer OS, and most other smart devices, have a spinning cursor or "please wait" popup that tells you the device is busy and you have to wait.  Why was such a simple and basic feature left out of the FIOS equipment?


Manual Recordings in DVR List

Status: New Idea
by Silver Contributor III on ‎10-27-2011 07:41 PM

I have a manual recording set up to record part of Tonight Show (I go to bed after monologue and like to see guest interviews).

So I have a manual recording setup to record the last 40 minutes of the show. In 1.8 the recorded show list would show the recording title as Tonight Show and group them together. In 1.9, it just says manual recording. So for a test I set up a second manual recording. DVR grouped them all together.

Interesting enough, if I used remote DVR app on cellphone, it actually showed them separate by title like it did in 1.8.

Would like it to go back to that.


NHL Widget

Status: New Idea
by searingxheretic on ‎10-27-2011 07:29 PM

Why is there no widget for NHL scores?  There is baseball, football, basketball, and even international soccer.  No NHL? 

 I have set my 7232 for Native via the hidden menu, and can tell when the TV switches. It would be nice to have these option not be hidden. Also perhaps in the next F/W revision maybe have a 5 second display of the resolution when it changes in the digital display for the boxes that have one. 1.9.1 or 2.0? Native is one of the options I have been waiting for, and had on my TiVO. So it is a welcome addition. But a way to know the output would be nice.


Add the native resolution of the current program to the guide or guide info pages. There is nothing in the guide that tells us how the current content is provided. I know it could be a TV funtion to display the modes, But even my older TV would show it on the box.



Advance Router Filtering API

Status: New Idea
by ChazZeromus on ‎10-27-2011 02:38 AM

The advance filtering feature to drop packets from a specific source is amazing. I find that it's extremely effective against all types of DDOS attacks. It's worked so well for me, but I'd really like to programmatically block certain addresses through a web interface on my web server.


The API can be used as stateless HTTP requests. The protocol can involve receiving some kind of random salt from the router and then using SOAP or NVP encodings to send data. I would love this a lot.

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Add more features to Fios Internet

Status: New Idea
by masterchief75 ‎10-27-2011 12:11 AM - edited ‎10-27-2011 12:12 AM

Fios is insanely fast for american standards, considering that south korea is about to deploy 1 Gbps service nationwide next year, but I feel the speed is all it includes. With Roadrunner from time warner it included free virus software from computer associates and it also included free dial-up internet included. I had earthlink over time warner cable and that gave me 20 hours of free dial-up a month. I liked to use dial-up for the dreamcast to download game saves. It would be cool if Fios included verizon dial-up and virus scan.


Verizon Community access widget.

Status: New Idea
by on ‎10-26-2011 12:07 PM - last edited on ‎10-28-2011 08:25 PM by Moderator

I know there have been people that have suggested wireless keyboards and mice. It would be nice to have the optional slide out type remote keyboard that the other DVR supplier has. Gyro type positioning pointer for the mouse. Then access to the community.


Or a nice App that would work well with the Iphone and provide complete web access to the Community. I believe it would be cool to have a widget and STB access. But without a keyboard it would be rough.

I think it would be a good idea to offer a page linked to from the main portal that would allow the visitor to find out what stage FIOS is at in their own locale,  without giving out all their information.  Basically, if the visitor enters two three digit numbers, An area code and an Exchange,  the web page would bring up a web page describing FIOS at that locale.


Different statuses might be: 


1.  FIOS up and running with no known problems  (with a link to how to buy)


2. FIOS not yet available,  with a possible explanation of why and/or when it is projected to become available.


3.  FIOS is available, but there are current known problems.  Not minor glitches, but major outages. 


4.  None o fthe above,  with a custom descritpion. 


This offers you the chance to market to those who can buy,  and to set expectations for those who can't. 

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Verizon Fios Solicitation

Status: New Idea
by unasia on ‎10-26-2011 04:37 AM

Good Morning,  How many of you get tired of the solicitation phone calls to convert from you current cable provider to verizon fios?.I had one last evening and it was like being at an auction the price would go up and then back down. At the end of the conversation they hit you with activation fees that remained hidden until the final negotiation process, These cable people make us crazy. Why is it so difficult one service one fee is that too difficult?Its television, phone , and internet.  We are not trying to reshape the world..If u are frustrated trying to stay ahead of the cable TV internet and phone curve drop a note or 2.......Thanx 


Home Monitoring and Control Missing Features

Status: New Idea
by dmarciano on ‎10-25-2011 08:48 PM

So far I'm liking the home monitoring and control features.  However I find the android app lacking.  I think it should be able to do all the things the web-based interface could do; pan, tilt, turn on motion sensor, etc.  Also I think the cameras need to be used to their full potential.  The cameras I got have lights, a microphone, connection for external speakers, and zoom capabilities, but none of these features are available through the android app or web-based control panel.


Need better operations support

Status: New Idea
by davek102 on ‎10-25-2011 07:16 PM

Verizon operations support systems for repair appear woefully inadequate.  


I recently had a problem with slow FIOS Internet service.  It was clear that my network was working properly, as I had 65+ Mb/sec speeds available between local machines.  Furthermore, my neighbors with Verizon Internet were experiencing the same slowdown problems as myself.  When I reported the trouble, your rep took me through a script that produced the same results.  I asked the supervisor if they needed to have a CO  or transmission tech look at the problem.  He replied that the only people they could dispatch were the techs who come to the home to check out the router and fix set top boxes.    


Apparently, the center I talked with had no access to existing network outage information, nor a means of communicating this type of problem.  A dispatch was scheduled (4 days after the trouble report), and a tech will show up tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, my service has been back to normal for the last day - I guess by a network tech responding to an alarm from a network router, and fixing the problem.  I find it strange that in the twisted pair world, repair centers taking trouble reports have had access to network failure  information for at least the last 50 years, but somehow we have lost that ability today.


I have tried to go on-line to notify Verizon that the problem is resolved and that the scheduled dispatch is unnecessary, but the on-line system has no data on the trouble report, even though I have a ticket number.  


Verizon could both  reduce costs and improve service quality by providing its staff with systems that offer relevant  customer equipment, account, and network status to the service rep at the customer interface.  This must be supported by a set of workflows and the needed training to exploit this information.  


A serious operaions and systems plan is needed as the first step.


Please add access to BTN2Go

Status: New Idea
by jdlive on ‎10-25-2011 02:09 PM

Please consider adding access to It's similar to (now called WatchESPN) where a live streaming feed of sports is available, but the ISP must offer it, people cannot subscribe directly.



Hey, i love verizon. i get nothing but great support and amazing tv and internet. its wonderful.

That being said i have to take umbrage with when you guys preform maintenance for "on demand." Look, I am a man doesn't work the typical 9 to 5. I usually don't get off work til 11. I look forward to coming home and watching a new movie. I also notice that sometimes i can't watch a movie because i get this error message and it seems to always occure around the same time; midnight. I find this to be quite absurd frankly that you decided the best time to preform maintenace is 12AM. Midnight is prime time to be watching movies. Even people that work the 9 to 5 hours are up at midnight. Don't you think that maybe 3, or 4, or  even 5 in the morning would be the best time to preform your maintenace. Please, if anything, you have to fix this. it is really frustrating.

What else is frustrating is not know what is going on, i actually had to look up the code online to figure out that you guys were preforming maintiance. Don't you think that, at the very least, even if you couldn't change the time of maintanace that you could at least inform your costumers of when maintinance is taking place- i mean why even let me open "On Demand' if nothing is even usable.

Finally, the fact that i get kicked off 'On Demand' after i pause for more than 90 seconds. I understand it's through the internet and it's not fios but you have to give us a longer pause peroid. Especially since there has been times where i started watching a movie, pause, go downstairs to make a quick snack, come back to find out i've been kick out and upon logging back in i find i can't play the movie because verizon is preforming maintance at 12AM.

seriously guys, great service, i love it i really do, but please, pretty please change the maintenance time or at least let us know when so we can schedule around it. We as customers should be informed about these sort of things.

thanks for listening. peace!




Movie info

Status: Clarification Needed
by beechtym on ‎10-25-2011 01:12 PM

I would like to see the following added to the info for movies;

1. Critcal rating, such as a 1-5 star system. This would help me choose what to watch when I am not familiar with the movie.

2. Whether a movie is animated, live action, or a combination.

3. Actual run time for the movie, not the time slot. This would help in determining how much commercial time is included.

4. Whether or not the network is commercial free. With all the new movie networks on the air its hard to keep track, and I HATE commercials. That's why I pay extra for premium movie channels.

5. Whether the movie is black and white or color, letterbox or formatted, or otherwise  edited in any way, shape, or form.

6. Directorial credits.

As you can see, there is much work to do to get your guide up to my standards.

Thank you.

Status: Clarification Needed
we'd like to know more about how the needs of movie lovers might differ or be unique. Are there other movie specific requirements you can think of that would make your browsing and selection process more enjoyable?
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It would be very good to have a 'recycle bin' as on a PC to put recorded programs that are deleted.   There are times when something is deleted by mistake and it would be very helpful to be able to get it back.  The 'deleted' items in the recycle bin could be automatically deleted after some TBD number of days/weeks or it could be the users responsibility.   The 'recycle bin' could be part of the available DVR space.

It would be nice if you can go to any website using the DVR.  Right now you only support specific sites. 


One Time Exchange Fee on new MRDVR

Status: Acknowledged
by roadster35 on ‎10-25-2011 07:06 AM

Great news about the expanded capacity MRDVR!  however why are you charging a 39.99 exchange fee?  I have paid a rental fee for 3 boxes for over 3 years now and you are going to charge me to exchange to newer equipment?!?!?!  very unfair.  What if my MRDVR "breaks"?  are you going to charge me to get a new one? 


I will not be renewing my contract when it expires with FIOS.

Status: Acknowledged
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I appreciate the 32GB of free space, but it would be nice to have the option to add more space. Perhaps you could charge customers to add an additional 100GB, 200GB, or more of storage. If I had more space, I would never need to use my iPod again. My smart phone with MM is all I'd need. Of course there's the small issue of not being able to add all songs from an album, which I still don't understand why that is. In some cases, MM is only able to add about 50% of the songs from an album.


Thanks for the consideration.

Status: Acknowledged

Spam Punishment (no auto detect & forward)

Status: Acknowledged
by MVP dslr595148 MVP ‎10-23-2011 06:19 PM - edited ‎10-23-2011 06:24 PM

I don't like the idea in so here is my idea,


I'd suggest that reported SPAM be automatically forwarded to "". Perhaps that would help more spammers to be caught and dealt with.

Status: Acknowledged

On the forums, I was just trying to help another Fios member sift through his problem with the TV Guide Listing not being displayed properly at all on his TV and after a lot of going back and forth, we finally figured out that it's probably due to his older DVR 6416 which isn't equipped to accommodate the HD display of the TV Guide Listing.  I didn't even realize myself until enough going back and forth that the reason mine displays correctly but is hard on my eyes when I look at the main menu is because my TV is analog and it's a limitation of the pixels.


It would be nice to receive notification in the mail or by email in advance that such-and-such a change is going to occur, and that if our STB or DVR is older, it needs to be replaced with an uprade and if we have analog TVs, the display might not work as well.  I'm sure that would cut back on all the confusion and people getting upset.




Rhode Island Local Channels

Status: New Idea
by Steve-In-RI on ‎10-23-2011 10:39 AM

Hey Verizon.

How about adding all the Hartford - New Haven, CT local stations to the lineup in Westerly, RI? We use an over-the-air antenna to receive them now anyhow. Why not just add them to help us out so we don't need the antenna on the rooftop or in the attic any longer and they will also be in our set top box lineup in our guide. A lot of us from Westerly, RI, including myself, work and play in Connecticut and really have nothing to do with the rest of the state of RI because of our location, the immediate southwest section of RI. Please add these stations to our lineup here in Westerly, RI. It really helps out in the wintertime when we have go to work in snow storms and need to know if our places of business are open by the scrolling of the cancellations on the bottoms of the screens before we leave and we can see the Connecticut weather reports as well. These local channels I'm talking about are:

WFSB 3 Hartford (CBS)

WTNH 8 New Haven (ABC)

WCCT 20 Hartford (CW)

WHPX 26 New London (ION)

WVIT 30 New Britain (NBC)

WCTX 59 New Haven (MYTV)

WTIC 61 Hartford (FOX)

Thanks for your time and hopefully you will add these channels to our lineup here in Westerly, RI.

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