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Status: Acknowledged
by BeaDz on ‎12-03-2011 09:05 AM

Again today I encountered VERIZON using contact 1 800 Verizon which is very hard and slow to dial. I suggest that on ALL Sites numerical numbers be used or included -- such a 1 800 Verizon (1 800 837 4966) NOT JUST 1 800 Verizon.

Status: Acknowledged
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app for software programmable remote

Status: Not Likely
by fttp4me on ‎12-03-2011 06:54 AM

The best type of remote control would be one where I decide exactly which buttons do what I want them to do.  Of course its not reasonable to expect that from a physical remote control as their has to be some uniformity across those devices.


With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, and the availability of fios mobile remote, how about an app that lets me design exactly how I want the remote to operate.  I could create customized buttons to do some of the things I would like the box to do.  It could work similar to how I can create macros (i.e. Microsoft Office) in computer software to do a sequence of commands by entering in just 1 command. 


An app that lets me design a remote to work the way I want it could also help Verizon in that you no longer have to figure out what consumers want in their remote, which buttons should do what, where they should be located, etc.



Status: Not Likely
what you are describing seems like a sw version of a programmable remote. that should be doable today with publicly available information. We're probably not going to do something like that anytime soon, but that seems like an opportunity for you. Let us know if you decide to look into it further.

FiOS Movie Night

Status: Not Likely
by fttp4me on ‎12-02-2011 04:42 PM

Ok so my family has kind of gotten into the whole Friday night FiOS movie night thing, and we like the reduced rental price of $2.99 for the movies offered.


Some weeks though we don't like the selection being offered, and at other times we do want to watch the movie but we can't watch it specifically that Friday night because we might have other things going on.


I know I can rent the movie at anytime for the regular rental price of $5.99 for HD, but I refuse to pay that because I currently am subscribed to Ultimate HD with all the premium channels and I know eventually the movie will be on one of those networks and I can watch it for free.


My idea is this:

Can you let me choose any 1 movie I want from On Demand for the reduced price of $2.99 on FiOS Movie Night instead of forcing me to have to pick one from the selection Verizon chooses.  That way I never have to be concerned about whether there will be something worthwhile watching or whether I will miss an opportunity to view a movie I really want to watch at the reduced price.  To some the extra $3 a movie is no big deal, but I already pay Verizon over $200 per month, and giving me the option to pick any movie I want at a reduced price on Friday night would be a really nice gesture, plus you might actually get more On Demand rentals that way. 

Status: Not Likely
We work with many different programming partners so we may provide the most complete VOD offering. Movie Night is a really great opportunity for them, and us, to highlight great movies we together wish to promote to customers who may wish to watch them. It's important to understand this as what you are really seeking, the way I read it, is an across the board discount by day of week. This would not meet our needs, or those of our film partners, where we are seeking to draw attention to individual titles and understand that the volume of viewership which results will more than make up for the discount which is offered. SO while we understand what you are asking for, its pretty unlikely we will make an offer like the one you are asking for.

Add forums

Status: Acknowledged
by knighthawk111 on ‎12-02-2011 02:23 PM

How about adding a news/current events and/or a political forum? This is the ONE thing I miss from Comcast.  Your customers have much broader interests and discussion desires than "all things Verizon"!

Status: Acknowledged

finish wiring the state

Status: Acknowledged
by vztech on ‎12-01-2011 07:10 PM - last edited on ‎12-01-2011 07:23 PM by Moderator

  This may sound silly ,but why not install Fios in towns that do not have it yet!!!


 Friends and family constantly ask when they can get it,and all I can tell them is I hope someday

 these towns already have verizon copper telephone service and only 1 town away is one of the first

towns in the state to be wired.


 So to whomever may read this please pass it up the line   Ringwood Needs Fios!!!!!!

Status: Acknowledged
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When I look at the bundle options on I am presented with a comparison of what I currently have to what is being offered.  The deal looks great, it says it is $25 less than what my current bundle is showing up on the page.  The problem is that when I pull out my bill, my bundle price is less than the new offer.  This is completely misleading.  I hope this is an honest error and not something more sinister.  I was ready to upgrade because it was showing more bundle for less than what it said I was currently paying.  Shame on you - very misleading.

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Would it be possible to have the 'television shows' that I already pay a subscription fee for, accessable on all my mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) and at no extra cost?


I want the ability to watch my favorite shows regardless of where I am (at home or out-of-home).





Status: In Progress
We recently announced we will be bringing live Television to the xBox. Probably reasonable to expect more announcements of this type in the future.
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fios services

Status: Maybe Later
by justang203 on ‎11-30-2011 08:12 PM - last edited on ‎11-30-2011 08:38 PM by Moderator

i currently reside in nyc i am moving to brewster ny in 2 weeks & fios is not available when i found this out i almost passed out i cant imagine going back to cable after fios the neiboring towns around me have it please bring fios to brewster {edited for privacy}or at least a realistic timetable of when it will be there. also there is no dsl either to far from the central office so im picking vz for my home phone only & comcast for internet & cable reluctantly

Status: Maybe Later
we don't like that you have to go back to cable either. here's hoping that things work out for the best and we can hook up with you again in the future.

South Asia Hindi Package

Status: New Idea
by VzLion on ‎11-30-2011 10:38 AM

Verizon has been kind to allow me to try their South Asian Hindi Package a couple of times for free. Thanks.


But I wonder, whether $34.99 for that package is the correct price, I think it is very expensive.


Verizon should provide it for a cheaper price.

(Just to compare, Netflix comes for $10/month, which provides such a vast collection of streaming video, including some Bollywood stuff)


If reducing the cost is not an option, may be they can think of providing the individual channels (viz. Zee, Star, TVAsia, Sony) separately for a cheaper price say for $10 each. May be many customers might actually buy it, rather than just trying it for free, and then not buying it, after the promotion period.


While on the topic, may be Verizon can provide a Bollywood-On-Demand channel, where regularly movies/shows are added and  removed. I have seen that before from Comcast, and I loved it.


In addition, I would like to request Verizon to work with Willow TV, or ESPN or some other sports channel to provide Cricket. Again an On-Demand channel, where we can see archived games might also be interesting.


I will look forward to Verizon's response to my suggestions/requests.




only provide digital STB's

Status: Clarification Needed
by PJs on ‎11-30-2011 06:32 AM

Stop the practice of degrading the digital signal to analog. Everything is advertised as HD. The least package offered is claimed to be HD (Prime HD). Almost all tv's sold today are digital, virtually all stations transmit a digital signal. A digital signal brought all the way into my home, sent to an analog box to be degraded, then sent to my digital HD tv. If I want the signal the way it was delivered to my house, I have to pay extra. 

Thats like:  I bought this car that was advertised as 8 cylinders, but the dealer disabled two cylinders. I have to pay extra to get the 2 other cylinders active, as it was delivered to the dealer and as it is advertised.

Status: Clarification Needed
..."sent to an analog box to be degraded"... Our system is digital end to end. When you say 'analog box, I do not know what you are referring to. Can you help me understand?


Status: Acknowledged
by bdank on ‎11-30-2011 06:19 AM

I think it's way past their due..Verizon should be making Wireless set top boxes (HD and digital) available to their TV service customers. We, the home owners, should not be limited in our ability to place TVs in the household based on where builders place cable outlets. The technology is there. Why not make it available to your customers?

Status: Acknowledged
its a reasonable request

E-mail Font Size

Status: Acknowledged
by CBCYCLONE on ‎11-28-2011 08:04 PM

Why are there no applications in Verizon internet e-mail to change font size, bold, or itlaizice, etc,. or even change the font? Even AOL dial-up has this feature.

Status: Acknowledged

In the last version of the guide there was an option called "Cellphone Predictive" for entering text.  This option has been removed in 1.9.  The predictive option required a lot less clicks on the remote to find the same content.  Can this be brought back?


FIOS Parental Controls

Status: Acknowledged
by morettina on ‎11-28-2011 01:06 PM

We just recently had FIOS installed and I see that with the set-top box that we have, I can set parental controls based on time.  Previous to this, we had COX cable and using the time control, I could prevent my child from turning on the TV/cable box this way.  When my husband or I wanted to watch something, we'd put in our code and it would be unlocked just for that session.  As soon as we turned off the TV & cable box, it went back to being locked.


It looks to me as though with FIOS, once I unlock the time control, it stays unlocked forever unless I reactivate it.  This is a real pain - every time I turn on the TV, I need to go into setting, parental control, and reactivate the time control.


The way this works makes it a pretty useless setting.  I would like to suggest that you add in the option to reactivate it automatically every time the box is turned off.  That's the way a real time control setting ought to work.

Status: Acknowledged
I hear that you want a way to require a pin every time you turn the box on. We will look into that.
I would like to know step by step process on how to get Fios network to my area and how the process of negotiation works in order to get my community involved to inviting Fios in to our area. I don't discriminate on the companies given high speed internet service in my area but I would love for fios to be established in the area and make a deal with our local ISP in hopes of offering Verizon's FIOS premier internet service to my area. I hope to make a difference to small town sebring by being the first to get the community involved in helping Sebring network services which right now is very limited in connectivity compared to FIOS. Please!! if reading this forum and feel your not getting Fios in your area because it's not offered, Please!! Reply with your comments on how you can make a change to your area as well. Just think your concerns is an idea away from getting the best connectivity in your area with less internet problems and more sharing and caring made easier in your life. 

Win 7 Media Center streams via Media Manager

Status: Maybe Later
by JimmyL on ‎11-27-2011 05:12 PM

Why can't MS Windows 7 Media Center content be integrated with Media Manager?  I want to steam Netflix subscription content via Media Manager to TV's on my home network. I shouldn't have to add a Roku box to make this happen.

Status: Maybe Later
we are working with Microsoft on things like bringing video services to xBox, so this sort of thing may happen in the future.
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