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Operators Manual for DVRs and STBs. Not an install guide.

Status: Clarification Needed
by ‎11-12-2011 05:17 PM - edited ‎11-12-2011 05:23 PM

It would be nice to have an Operators Manual for DVRs and STBs. Not an installation guide, but a guide that shows the menus, and explains the function of each item. Software Guide and Release Notes for each img. Provide this in PDF prior to releasing changes and publish it for users to get the most from their FiOS TV experience.

Status: Clarification Needed
tell me more: is it a guide you are seeking, a 'missing manual' of tips and tricks, an instructables type of tutorial set for how to accomplish set ups of specific features, or all of the above?

Quick vote on the verizon home page

Status: New Idea
by on ‎11-12-2011 11:22 AM

the quick vote on the verizon home page no longer holds votes. in the past past if you voted on an article closed the website & brought the website back up it would tell me how i voted it no longer does that. it still tells you the total  number of votes it is receiving. but the current article shold kids have their cholesterol checked by age 11 is letting me vote multiple times for that article.


Home Control Digital Modules

Status: New Idea
by on ‎11-12-2011 07:22 AM

It would be nice if we could get Home Control Digital Modules, with say 4or8 binary inputs and outputs. Allow the user to program their function. Say status on the inputs and outputs, and notification on the inputs etc. I would like to control and monitor hard wired devices also.


Allow an interface for monitoring analog cameras already installed in the home.


Perhaps analog temperature sensors that can be places inside or outside.


With 15 year in the Commercial DDC Automation and Energy Management field, I see much potential here, but also see limits.

I would be great if we had the ability to select a scheduled recording (not a recorded program but the actual series or scheduled recording) and move it to another DVR in the house. This would allow accomplish the following:


  • Ability to fix scheduling conflicts by moving a conflicted scheduled recording to another DVR.
  • Ability to transfer scheduled recordings to a new DVR should an old DVR be upgraded or otherwise replaced. In this case, it would be nice to have an option to move all scheduled recordings to the new DVR.
Status: Under Review

On two recent trips, we had our mobile devices (iPad and Droid phone).  The selections in the hotel were poor and Verizon was not a cable provider in Smyrna, GA on the second trip.  We thought it would be a good idea to access more than HBO Go and Cinemax Go on our devices.  I would like the ability to view any of the content that I subscribe to through Verizon FiOS to be available on our mobile devices (iPad, iPod Touch, and/or Droid phone).  Our view is that we are paying for digital content that is a subscription service and that it should be available to customers.

Status: Acknowledged
we will continue to work with our content partners to see how we can make more content available to you when you are away from home.

Leave the IMG 1.8 as an option for now.

Status: Not Likely
by on ‎11-10-2011 02:38 PM

I have read a lot about this on the blogs for the new TV Guide Display and I think it's unfortunate the way other customers are being told that they are stuck with their older 6xxx DVRs or STBs which can't handle the new TV Guide Display.   Couldn't the old IMG 1.8 still be available as an option for everyone in the meantime, until replacement STBs and DVRs are available for those customers still stuck with the older models?  Isn't that only fair and a little more "humane"?  Thankfully I'm not in that predicament but I think it really stinks the way customers who don't have this upgrade available are basically being told to just deal with it.  From a customer service perspective, I think that's pretty rotten.  I know if that were me, I would seriously consider switching providers without question.


And think about it too:  When more replacement boxes become available for everyone, then the older TV Guide Display can be phased out.    

Status: Not Likely
" told that they are stuck with their older 6xxx DVRs or STBs which can't handle the new TV Guide Display" is possibly a bit of a stretch? While there may be some performance differences, we would not ship software that did not work, and work well, on equipment that we had provided to our customers. If there are specific featrures that you, or anyone else, feels perfrom inadequately on the equipment you have ,please let us know here or via PM so we can have a look at it.

Can you please bring back the progress bar that was behind the start/end times in the guide? In the current guide, there is no quick graphical cue to represent how much time has progressed in the selected show. Yes, you can look at the start, end, and current times, but when browsing through shows that start/end at different times, it really slows browsing down.


I've uploaded two images to illustrate the issue.


The first image below is a screenshot of the v1.9 guide. The second image is a mock-up that shows the feature that I am talking about. Note the progress bar for the currently selected show in the guide that appears behind the start and end times ("7:35 AM - 9:30 AM" on the right side of the screen, in the middle).


This was available in the previous guide, but was omitted in 1.9. It is a very useful feature. Please bring it back.


(NOTE: The white progress bar at the top of the screen does NOT represent the progress through the show selected in the guide. It just shows the current time.)


Screen grab of current v1.9 guide:

Screen shot 2011-11-01 at 8.43.27 AM.png


Mockup of v1.9 modified with program progress bar that was available in the previous guide. Note the colored bar behind "7:35 AM - 9:30 AM" on the right-center of the image. Also note that the white progress bar at the top represents the actual time (8:43a) and has nothing to do with the program selected in the guide.


v1.9 Mockup

Status: Under Review
we'll discuss this with the developers.

YouTUBE and IHeartRadio widgets question

Status: New Idea
by Steve-In-RI on ‎11-07-2011 01:26 PM

I was wondering when you were going to update both the YouTUBE and I Heart Radio widgets to their latest versions?  The YouTUBE widget won't stream anything beyond 15 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes, on either of my set top boxes and it is very stressing when I'm trying to watch a video conference that's scheduled to be on for an hour or longer and it just stops and then doesn't return to the last place when restarted.  I can play the videos on YouTUBE on my computer and phone with no problems. And the I Heart Radio widget does not have the "create" button like it does in the new app for android phones so we can make our own radio stations.  Can you please update these widgets so we can use them optimally?  Maybe you can add the Pandora widget and the TuneIN Radio widget as well? Thanks. Steve

  1. I'd like to see the option of displaying multiple set top boxes simultaneously.
  2. More interactive options than just "Cancel". The current design forces the user to use too many "clicks" to make adjustments.
  3. Suggest the ability to check Records settings such as: First Run Only, All Episodes etc from this screen. Add the ability to change from SD (standard definition) channel to HD (High Definition)

The current website is too cumbersome and slow and I'm a 35/35 user.

Status: Acknowledged
good feedback. Thanks.

When viewing the TV Listings on the website, it would be VERY helpful to see which shows are already set to record. This is usually visible on screen but not on-line.  


I'm also finding that the only efficient way to set up recordings for multiple STB's is to open multiple browser windows for each machine so that I can compare lists of scheduled recordings side by side and not record the same program on both machines.

Status: Under Review
we'll forward this to the developers and see what they can do...
prisaz scripts

Status: New Idea
by on ‎11-06-2011 01:05 PM

Get rid of scripts and Suggestions floater from your web pages. It destroys your performance and causes a big delay in your page loading.


Don't drop Universal Sports

Status: Acknowledged
by USportsfan on ‎11-06-2011 10:33 AM - last edited on ‎09-20-2013 09:57 AM by Administrator

I am concerned that Verizon Fios may be dropping the Universal Sports channel in January. This is one of my preferred channels that airs sports content you simply cannot get anywhere else. I would be greatly disappointed if this channel was no longer available. If anything, Verizon Fios should be moving to offer it in HD. I would hate to have to cancel my Fios subscription and move to DirectTV because Fios is dropping Universal Sports. 

Status: Acknowledged
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Status: New Idea
by Schnagel on ‎11-06-2011 05:13 AM

When will Hopedale, MA be added to the local programming channel so Town Meetings, etc. can be viewed from home.


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